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“Känslorna” falls to #3

Written by tevensso on September 6, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - After an incredible reign of in total 9 weeks as double #1:s “Här kommer alla känslorna” finally releases the #1 spot and falls to #3. “Mazarin” on the other hand keeps the #1 spot in a firm grip. “Mazarin” entered the charts as #1 in June and has remained there for 11 weeks, so far.

  Monday Sept. 8th the next single, “På promenad genom stan”, will be released to the radio, and it has already entered the Rix FM’s chart “Topp 6 at 6”, at #5. Official release is Sept. 17, as reported before.

  Per is also indirectly #4 on the singles charts with female duo Miio’s cover of Gyllene Tider’s 1980 super hit “När vi två blir en”.


it’s sad, that he didn’t make 10 weeks, but it means, that new single could be released soon ;-) I know that it is planned on 09/17, but what about 1 week earlier?

the single will be released at the 17th...

Daniel: radio release: 8th. Commercial release: 17th :)

about bloody time LOL ;-) , i like the next single best off the album .

yeah i thought he meant the com release, it’s maybe to late to relesase it to radio a week earlier because it’s just 2 dats left...

he also fell on tracks to no. 5

i guess it was a summer thing.

no, it’s still no. 1 on many radiocharts, and the summer here is gone...


Well, Thomas, it is a record already. I am hoping that Per, Marie or Roxette will soon manage to achieve such status again. I can’t wait for branu Roxette stuff. Take care!

well, shit happens )-; On the other hand it’s a new record and the new single is also comming. So stop complaining, people!!!

hkak is still no. 1 on svensktoppen

and mazarin is still selling...

and äntligen sold more then 240000 ex.

ok, with such statistics I put a smile back on my face ;)


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