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Hospital leak will be investigated

Written by tevensso on August 28, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Sweden’s chancelor of justice, Göran Lambertz, suspects that someone at the Karolinska hospital leaked information about Marie Fredriksson’s health condition to Expressen while she was being treated there. Swedish news bureau TT reports that the chancelor of justice has therefore decided to initiate a preliminary investigation to determine if there was a breach of professional privacy standards by the hospital.


I think this is awful... the person that has done this must be a sick and twisted person, to cause such pain to Marie and her family. Medical records and indeed many other records are kept private for very good reason. They should find out who has done this and sack there sorrow a***.


No comment here either!

:-O I really don’t know what to say about it.

I think it’s about time someone looked A LOT closer at the hospital. I can’t say that yes, there was a leak. I wasn’t there. But the information got out SOME HOW. So good on the Chancellor for taking a closer look.

It’s a tough call. Yeah, maybe it was a leak. Maybe someone from Expressen was really sneaky and got the info without Karolinska’s knowing they were being’s a tough one.

So this means that the medical information about Marie was true after all? OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO, this does not mean it was true! It means only that someone has spread info and that Expressen has written a story about it.

they are talking bout information about Marie in general, because there was MORE info (bout treatment and such) that leaked...

Jeez, if you would know how cancer works, you would know that a year under treatment is the normal, if not more...

Now I understand why such “newspapers” exist.

the wholr health service in Sweden sux!

Since this story broke I decided to put my own investigation together. I’ve been putting together a team of hand picked speacialist from all sectors of the globe. I assure you that we are very resourceful, and we want to know how Expressen could go so low.

I have called Tinytim, Markuz, Sweetstalker, Littlespooky and Ferdan.

This is a very thorough team and we will get to the bottom of this and when we fan... will be the first to know.

*grins* In case anyone is wondering, Royal has enlisted my aid as “Attack Dog”.

News like this really isn’t anything new in America. Frequently, you see articles about someone’s drug tratment or something like that splashed over “The National Enquirer”, “The Sun” or some other garbage like that. It’s sensationalism at its “finest”. People read it mostly to satisfy their curiosity about the stars. Sometimes they use it as an excuse to feel better about the sad and pathetic existence they they find themselves in. It’s a perverted industry and the masses suck it up. Not everyone’s life is like that, it just seems to be a common factor, at least here in the States.

don’t know how it works in Sweden, but there must be an appeal!


I don’t like it when Newspapers bring out Lies!!!!!!!!
Realy,I hate that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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