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Gessle sets new album/single chart record

Written by daniel_alv on August 22, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle has set a new record with “Mazarin” and “Här kommer alla känslorna”, he is the first person that has been #1 on both the single and album charts in Sweden for 7 weeks (and they’re still #1). “Mazarin” - which has been #1 for a total of 9 weeks - has sold an amazing 200,000 copies without any commercial spots at all. (Plus 10,000 in Norway).

 There are only eight times someone has been #1 on both those lists at the same time, and two of them are Gyllene Tider and Roxette.

 Per also says that the second single won’t come before everyone has stopped playing the damn first single.

  Here’s the tally:

Seven weeks!

Per Gessle - “Mazarin” and “Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)”

Five weeks

The Offspring - “Americana” and “Pretty Fly”

Three weeks

Melanie C - “Northern Star” and “I Turn to You”

Shakira - “Laundry Service” and “Whenever Wherever”

Two weeks

Roxette - “Room Service” and “The Centre of the Heart”

Magnus Uggla - “Klassiska mästerverk” and “Vi ska till VM”

One week

Aqua - “Aquarium” and “Barbie”

Gyllene Tider - “Halmstads Pärlor” and “e.p.”

Supernatural - “Dreamcatcher” and “Supernatural”


Well done Per, who’s a clever boy then!!

well dont shoot me for saying , but how he manage it . Dont think it that good . :-O.

10,000 in Norway & one in America. Great album, Per, even if I understand only half of the lyrics (I’m working on it!).

Make that 2 in America. ;) Even though I don’t understand any of the lyrics.

Give me a roxette album anyday . :-P


During all years,, this is not a record! And there are lots of more artists that have managed to have both a single and an album in top of those lists at the same time! Wasn’t for example När vi två blir en and Moderna Tider both number one for quite some time?

PerAndren >> In the booklet to MT it sais that NVTBE was released long time before MT....


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