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Lawsuit postponed as Expressen claims their story about Marie was correct

Written by roxeteer on August 21, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - The lawsuit between Marie Fredriksson and Expressen has taken a sudden turn. Just days before the case was to go to trial, Expressen suddenly claims they where right after all – that their story was factual – even though they had issued an apology earlier.
  According to Marie’s lawyer, Leif Silbersky, this means that the court case will need to be postponed to a later date.

  Expressen published an article in the spring that Marie had an additional tumor. Marie and her lawyer denied this and Expressen later apologized. This wasn’t enough for Marie, who has sued Expressen for a half-million kronor ($62,000).

  Marie has also, via her attorneys, filed a report to the police about her hospital breaking their professional secrecy about her condition. “The information given to Expressen is of the nature that it can only come from someone employed at the hospital, and with access to Marie’s files,” Silbersky states. Karolinska sjukhuset, the hospital in question, welcomes the report. “Our clients’ integrity is one of our corner stones,” Margareta Hamark, information manager of the hospital, says to Journalisten.

  “Criz” contributed to this article.


Uhhh, can I be the first to say “Uh-Oh” ?

I was quite worried when I realized that Marie has been out nearly a year. With one small tumor and immediate surgery, Marie should have been close to normal by now. But continuing treatment and home-care? Now I’m really worried.

It’s her business, and I’m sure we all respect her privacy... but what good can come of it when you’re trying to cover up something like this?

It´s much to read about it on They now will sue the hospital for leaking.

If you have cancer the treatment and the bodys rest can very easy take a year eaven if it is going the right way all the time. and i dont belive the Marie will cover some thing up that is not something she normaly does and she has been very honest about the desease all the way so why should she stop now?
I hope Expressen is gonna pay the mony because the case is not fair to marie her family or her fans

I think Marie is doing the right thing (filing a complaint against the hospital) - quite likely an employee leaked some information about her, then Expressen embellished it and blew it out of proportion.

I am quite impressed with Marie’s recovery so far - she is out and about and looks great.

Got me alittle worried, was it worse than has been let on ???
ps stunning pic of marie havent seen it before.

Just all the best for Marie!

In case someone doesn’t like my chioce of language, I apologise...but, they’re such bastards. They should leave Marie alone already. :(

i believe she’ll pull through this alright. :D

Could someone be so nice and translate the “journalisten article”? PLEASE! :-)

@Anon: Yes, basically that’s it. The key point is that Expressen now says they weren’t wrong publishing it. Marie disagrees, and so does probably the rest of the world. And no, she isn’t any sicker.

“Enligt Silbersky skulle rättegången troligen ändå skjutas upp på grund av Fredrikssons hälsa.”

When do we get good news again?

a**holes!!! (didn’t come up with a lighter word >:|)

Yes, what a wonderful photo of the wonderful lady.

Aftonbladet also has an article today saying that Maries doctor ask them to change the date for lawsuit, because Marie did not have the strenth for it right now. And Marie Dimberg also says that she can´t coupe being in the court now.

I love Marie hate them
If there is a hacker out there you should hack expressen website send virus and mailbomb them for being such shi*dorks

Like P& M sings:

Liiii iiieee ees- lala lala lies- its all lies!

“Expressens ombud Peter Danowsky ser Fredrikssons polisanmälan som en bekräftelse på att de uppgifter han hänvisar till i brevet till Silbersky är korrekta, angående Marie Fredrikssons sjukdomstillstånd. “

I think this is very CRUEL of Danowsky! He published an article saying “Marie has breast cancer” Basically it was this the article in Expressen was about. Now this same asshole Danowsky says something like this: ” Ha you see! She HAS breast cancer indeed because she starts a lawsuit against some doctor at Karolinska! So it has to be true about the breast cancer otherwise she woulsn’t suite Karolinska Institutet!!”

Mister Danowsky!! I really hate you for this! I hope YOU will die of the most painful cancer I can imagine!!! And hopefully your stinking paper will write much shit about your illness!!

Danowsky is only the lawyer!! HE hasn’t written the article! You have to read more carefully!

Sorry, wrong name! But the name really doesn’t matter! What does matter is the attitude of Expressen! Whatever this person is called, it does not change my point of view!

To anonymous, it was in the paper. Almost a half side. but I also saw that it was not on the webside. But the important facts in it is that Marie Dimberg says that Marie still going through the treathment that was ment from the beginning. She says it‘s notmal that you sometimes feel better, sometimes worse and right Marie does not feel strong enought to sit in a courtroom

Sorry, I write some words wrong here. It should be “normal ” and “right now she does not feel strong enough”
Just wanted to clear things.

@Nettan: Thank you for posting this information!!

That all sounds pretty worrying to me. :-|

I don’t care what is going on with Expressen, all I wanted to see is Marie back in track. All I wanted to hear is that she’s feeling alright and get to see a nice face from her, for Chrissake! All this speculation is useless.


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