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Manager: “Marie writes songs whenever she’s able to”

Written by roxeteer on July 13, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Aftonbladet has published a story about Marie who’s now working on new songs, as we told earlier this week. “She writes and records songs whenever she’s able to,” says manager Marie Dimberg to Aftonbladet. “She works when she feels like it. Sometimes it’s more intensive, sometimes less. Just like it always goes.”

  “She’s been talking about the album a long time. I suppose she’s now started to work on it,” says Per. “She has a studio at home, so she can record an album in her attic if she wants to.”

  “We decided that we’ll do solo albums after we finished ’Room Service’ in 2001. But after that Marie became ill,” Per sighs. “Lately I’ve been in contact with her quite a lot. She has a house in Halmstad and she’s been here for a couple of weeks now.”

  “Her condition hasn’t changed so much from the beginning of the year. She’s quite alright, spirited and fit, but everything that happened still affects her. All of us, in fact. It’s been a tough year for her, heavy medication and all.”

  Naturally Marie’s album doesn’t have a release date yet. Manager Dimberg also says that it’s not even clear if the album will be in Swedish or English. According to Dimberg, Marie has written songs in both languages.



All this incomplete information about Marie’s health is really pissing me off. I mean, I study medicine, if at least I knew what kind of cancer she had, I could know about what’s going on with her, and I would be more secure about the future.
But this kind of “whenever she’s able to” means nothing at all.
I’m really worried... I know she wants to keep her privacy, but I love her and I can’t live in peace without knowing what’s going on.
Sad... :(

Great news!!! Marie’s health is the top priority, but I cannot wait to hear her new songs!!! My best to Marie.

May it please be an english album!


I want a swedish one, pleaaaase! :-))
Yeah, but LoneGunman is right I think. Is it just to say something... to say more than nothing!? Of course has Marie’s health the priority (!!!!), all the fans understand and support this. But... they also want little information which mean something.
Or is it just “a story”? Aftonbladet needs some summer-stuff to get the paper full?
We remember Expressen....

Swedish please!

I’m sure it’ll be in Swedish.

Let her do it the way she wants it. I don’t care if she sings in Chinese if I can listen to her voice...

The top priority is her health! Let’s pray for her constantly... :-)

I agree with you Lonegunman! It’s very hard to be kept in the dark. I 100% respect Marie’s privacy but it’s so hard when we don’t know how advanced her cancer was or how much her life is in danger. Here in Australia, a famous singer called Delta Goodrum was just diagnosed with cancer. She is being so open about it, we even know what day she is having her chemotherapy and all the details. The singer Anastasia even made a cancer documentary to let her fans know what she went through. I wish we knew a little more about Marie’s situation, but I guess she is more private than Delta and Anastasia. It’s so hard for us because we really care about her and we worry so much!

Marie we miss you! Get well soon!


Wath a wonderfull new!!!
Marie, be fine!!! you´ll sale more than mazarin...i´m sure!!!

Yes....i’m sure that will get a great matter if in englisch, swedish or swenglish ;o) Marie, take you the time you need...we will wait patiently!

Hej Marie let’s go!!!! Do you have by your side people that really love’s you like your family, Per....and you have all us your fans supporting you.
We still are praying for you and I’m sure as soon as you imagine you will be 100%
Try to rest a lot and do only what you want.
We will be here waiting for you when you decide to come back. Don’t be in a hurry to do it ok? We want the best for you ;)
Best wishes,
Fernanda - Brazil

I agree that it would be cool to hear and official album from Marie in English. I, also, really enjoyed those Demos that somehow found their way to the internet. But realistically, I think Marie is more comfortable doing solo work in Swedish. Either way, I’ll be a happy camper!

San Francisco, USA

I hope Marie is ok thats all

I agree with marre.
But new album would be great.. in Swedish I hope. :)
But dear Marie, take your time, I’ll wait :)

A mix of English and Swedish would be great .... that way..everyone’s happy! :) xxxx

Hi, marie and per!
I’d like to say very big success for your (both) new solo albums, but i really hope that roxette aren’t dismissed due to these albums and the problems you are guys facing now! (especially on what marie’s facing)
I wish you guys could stay on duo/group track, besides solo!



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