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Marie working on new songs

Written by tevensso on July 8, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle mentioned a while ago that Marie Fredriksson was working on a new solo album. Sources tell The Daily Roxette that she’s been working on new songs when her strength and recovery permit, as there is no established timetable for this project. According to Capitol, she’s currently on vacation with her family. She will continue working on her solo material this fall.


Enjoy your vacation Marie, you deserve it... Rich-UK

WOW!! That’s great news. After having TONS of news about Per it feels great to hear something good from Marie...


yay :D

great to hear, she must indeed feel better. I am sure this will be her best album ever!

and.. is this time for my dream come true? (dream: Eva Dahlgren + Marie duet!) Please, if sb from “above” reads this, give her this advice, tack! :D


YAY!!! :)

This is terrible news! Where is new ROXETTE album?!

Roxette is on a break during all of 2003.

Älskar dig Marie, du är bäst!

Now will it be it english , as per is doing a swedish album !!! god i hope, or will it be mixed , now that would be good. :-D

I would LOVE to hear BAD MOON on that album!!

This is a fantastic day, really! It’s the 11th anniversary today, when I saw them live in Budapest. :-)

and 2004, and 2005 and... :(

That´s fantastic news!
I just hope that the album will be in swedish and not in english.
I want her to save her english songs for Roxette.
But anyway: Great news!!!!
Elskar dig, Marie!

MARIE I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the best from Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx God that’s true!!!!!!!!!!!
We love you dear! You’re best!!!!!

S:t Petersburg

*breathesdeeplyinrelief* you’re amazing, marie

Great to hear! Still praying for you! Take your time to come back!

How wonderful!! continued best wishes for a full recovery. I cannot wait to hear new music from a healthy, strong Marie!! I hope she and her family are enjoying their holiday.

Äntligen!!!...I love you marie!!!! enjoy your vacation!!!! ...

this is the best new in months...thanks GOD!!!!!!!!
Love & greetings from Stockholm-Sweden!!!!!

Thats great!!!!!! I love you Marie!!!!!!

this is great news im so glad that she is feeling a lot better i cant wait for maries new cd wow/wow

OH MY GOD!!!!!


Marie you are my life!!!


God Bless you Marie, love you loads!!!!

Great news Marie.!!!
Hope to listen soon this songs :)

Fernanda - Brazil

ALRIGHT !!!! i am so happy marie is doing well - i’ve been hoping to hear some good news like this. look forward to a new cd also, but i’m just so glad she is better !

This is great news!

I hope Marie comes out with a great album that sells well and maybe she can do a little tour :)))))

This is a GREAT news!!! I want BAD MOON on it!!!!!!!

GREAT NEWS!!! it will be a good album for sure. Maybe something like Den Ständiga resan, full of personal experiences.
I´m wating forward.
I really missed some news about her.
I hope she enjoy her vacations.
We love you Marie!

The only thing that’s important to me is that Marie is getting better. I don’t care if the album comes out in 2020 so long as she’s ok.

Year!!! this is great news. I reely look forward to an album with marie wathever kind, solo, swedish or an roxette. its great with some news about marie among all the news about per. I hope the recovery still will be going great and that she has an great vacation with her family

thats great...
marie you have all time!!!
enjoy your vacations with micke, josefin and oscar.
you are the best!

Great news ... very good news for all Marie´s fans!
Is a dream come true for me ...


that is fab news, it would be also good if roxette brought out a new album, but can’t wait for marie’s new album because she is just fantastic xxxxx

so glad that roxette are back

Fantastic news!!!

It would be great if her new album had a mixture of English and Swedish tracks....that way..everyones happy :)

Take care Marie xxx

Hey, guys, of course she’s working on some new stuff. They removed a brain tumor, they didn’t cut her head off! Get a life - and new subjects! Take care!

marie, we just cant wait!
really good that you are back!!

øyvind from norway

Enjoy your vacation Marie!
Why don’t you release your Solo Album in Germany?
Your Fan Kathrin Chadbourne from Tauberbischofsheim (near Würzburg)


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