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Gyllene Tider for Halmstad museum next summer

Written by tevensso on July 2, 2003 to .

HALMSTAD - Next summer, when Gyllene Tider celebrates their 25th anniversary, the Halmstad museum plans to mount a major Gyllene Tider exhibition. The members of GT met with the curators the other day to brood over what should be placed on display.
They were all very positive about the future exhibit.

  Bosse Eriksson, antiquary at the museum, came up with the idea and he tells Sveriges Radio Halland that he expects the exhibit to be well attended – and by a slightly younger crowd than what the museum usually gets.

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Bra idé, tycker jag!! Lite bildning för tyska buslast nästa år och nåt att göra när det regnar... hi, hi.
Gläder mig Hoppas att det blir också lite Madame Tussaud med killarna! ;-)

was ist das? Swe-germ-ish? ;)

Cool! Now I know what I’ ll do in my vacation next year! :)

How cool is this! Is this the first time a music act has been in a museum, ever? I’ve never heard of it being done before...perhaps a world first?

Kiwijazza, what? First time? Of course not. For example, there is many rockmuseums all around the world and some bands like The Beatles etc. has own museum.

Yeah, this is AWESOME!! And Kiwi, ever hear of the Rock + Roll Hall Of Fame museum in Cleveland, Ohio?? That place is amzing, and I’m sure this exhibit will be as well...

Ah, I had no idea. :)

Hard Rock is really a museum only you can eat!

@ camillarox: lalala...lalala.... det bor en sorg i ditt hjärta som är svåååååår att förstååååå.... hur kom den dit?....lalalalala....lalala
Om du vill får du väldigt gärna komma och skriva mitt svensk-prov nästa tisdag!! Går det bra? Det blir en översättning tyska till svenska!!! Det klarar du utmärkt!!
Kanske skulle vi bättre ta en promenad genom stan när jag är i Sverige nästa gång??? Om du bara vill så säg till!!! ;-)

@Kristiane: sicher ;)


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