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Gyllene Tider and Per on Halmstad compilation

Written by roxeteer on April 25, 2007 to , and . Source: Hallandsposten.

HALMSTAD - Gyllene Tider's "Småstad" and Per Gessle's "På en promenad genom stan" are featured on the compilation album "Halmstads Greatest vol 1." All the songs on the album are performed by artists from the city of Halmstad, reports the local newspaper Hallandsposten. The album is the first release by Halmstad Records, a new label founded by Per's friend, Gyllene Tider guitarist Mats "M.P." Persson and businessman Bengt Petersson.

"Halmstads Greatest" will be released in mid-May. A big release party will be held in Hotel Tylösand with all the artists featured on the album invited.

Editor's note: Hallandsposten article also has a nice picture of the famous T&A Studio in M.P.'s basement where many of Per's demos are recorded.

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So through this song Marie is featured as well... Nice! :-)

They need more keyboards in the studio.

Yes, but the ceiling is already low! ;-)

you can listen to a interview with MP and Bengt here starts around 1545- click on 15,30-16.00

wow someones put alot of weight on !

Even though it’s just a compilation, I’m very happy.
By the way, will all the artists perform during the party?

The moon is alright

Nope, none of the artists performed live at the relaseparty. It was more of a “Meet-and-greet” kind of thing.

Where can this album be bought? I want it!


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