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Written by tevensso on September 8, 2010 to , and . Source: Harmonix.

WORLDWIDE - Rock Band 3, the latest installation of Harmonix' huge hit series Rock Band will feature 1.5 Gessle songs!. 1.5? Yes, the full song is Roxette's "The Look," so grab your guitars, bass, drums, mic and for the first time ever; keyboards and rock the night away. So what's the second, half, song? Tom Petty's "I Need to Know" which was recorded by Gyllene Tider featuring Swedish lyrics written by Per Gessle. Gyllene Tider's version was released in 1981 and is called "Vill ha ett svar!"("I Want an Answer").

This is what Harmonix writes about the game: "Rock Band 3 doesn't just feature an amazing 83-song setlist. Its deep Career Mode takes the band on a journey to gain new levels of status while the environment around them changes from streets and subways to tour stops and venues. The game also features a streamlined experience, with easy drop-in and drop-out, easier no-fail accessibility and an all-new Party Shuffle letting you jump right into gameplay. Rock Band 3 also introduces Rock Band Pro, bridging the world of gaming and real musicianship through a suite of new instrument controllers, trainers and game play options that open the door to real-world guitar, bass, keyboard and drum skills.

Rock Band 3 will be available October 26 in North America and October 29 in the rest of the world for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS."

Timur contributed to this article.


This is good PR for them. RB is huge in the US. I play it myself and have always wished they would add a few Roxette songs. The Look is good for starters, I hope for more.

It’s a shame that this site is called “The Daily Roxette”. They had two concert in Russia last weekend and there’s nothing here about. If you don’t have a time to edit this site you might think about bringing back to life “SMALL TALK” to let fans share some pieces of information about some important Roxette events on their own... I think it would be great in this occasion.

Agree. It’s stupid to talk about X under the article about A. Small Talk was great forum until some spammers had started moaning about s*its. Roxette is back, so maybe it’s good time to talk about Small Talk ressurection.
And regarding news and just finished summer tour and return to the studio, just one question to Tev / Per. Any (great, full of news - as always) TDR interview? ;)

So what do you want us to do? Make up news? We certainly must have Russian readers on TDR, why haven’t they submitted any articles? Personally I don’t read or write Russian. Here’s your article:


@Abysmo: I’ll try to find Per.


News from Russia

Roxette steals show in St.Pete
Tags: concert, Culture, World, Russia, Roxette, News
Sep 13, 2010 09:30 Moscow Time

Roxette. Photo: RIA Novosti
The world famous Swedish pop duo, Roxette, performed in St.Petersburg on Sunday in a one and only gig that made a splash among the audience, media reports said.

The beginning of the concert saw Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle welcomed by their numerous fans, who waved national flags of Russia and Sweden.

The duo presented their brand-new program which included twenty songs, with two of them performed as an encore during the Sunday show.

Another article, from Moscow Gig (original in russian, but it was roughly translated by google - sorry, I don´t speak russian too)

Adriano (in russian)

Roxette concert in Moscow: - old men take place!

Elena LAPTEV - 10.09.2010
Roxette - not the group, which necessarily have to go - such as Rolling Stones in there or the same U2. Not great, say so. But the sign for the current generation of thirty years. Go it was only necessary for the memories - the first slow dance, kiss, yes the very first disco. But not for good sound and cool show. But, strictly speaking. Roxette not pretend it. Everything was more than modestly. A huge poster with Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson, so a good light - that’s all.

From the first chord it seemed that the whole parsley ventured for the sake of one man - Marie. And what Gessle, who is friend with Fredriksson from time immemorial, is ready to embark on a tedious round of the cities and villages - only because his partner in Roxette was happy and knew that she is still loved by the audience. Soloist Roxette suffered several years ago, surgery to remove a brain tumor. They say that after this, she will never be the same. Looking for Marie, it’s easy to believe. It was really hard - it does not actually moved, sang, it seemed, with great difficulty and without emotion, half do not even try to pull it out. As soon as the concert began, it seemed that everyone - hit will not be any songs with the old, “corporate vocals”. But no - sold out to the middle.

Were almost all the major hits of the group - «It must have been love», «The look», «Joyride», «Fading like a flower» and others.

Per worked for two. Tried with might and main to please the hall and support Marie in all possible ways. It seemed as if he tries to fill the stage to distract attention from virtually motionless figures of his co-worker. When she managed to pull a high note, saluted her, showing the room - He says: Hey see what kind of good! Curled like a snake, dancing like Elvis in his youth, which, of course, very bribed the hall. Which, I must say, the duo took a very worthy - clapping, when necessary, sang all the songs. Maybe a few people were grumbled - they say, Roxette-it is not the same, but in general everyone was happy, which is felt. At the scene are constantly flying flowers, which Marie is very carefully collected and piled in a corner. It seemed that every bouquet she is really very important.

It is worth noting backing singer with a tambourine. If you’ve seen the popular web video, “How nice to leave the theater crowd”, then you can roughly imagine what was going on there. A girl with a tambourine burned so that it sometimes seemed that sober so would not work. Which, of course, it is unlikely - the foreigners in this regard, people faithful.

Group twice reached the “encore” - shows that they enjoyed a warm reception from Moscow. In fact - despite the fact that Megasport holds a sufficient number of people, but that night there was a chamber, an intimate setting, something that had never been able to get the musicians in the “stone bag” - the Olympic, which occur most frequently these concerts.

Concert in St. Petersburg was much better concert in Moscow. Marie was great! Arenas were filled.


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