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Roxette rocks Halmstad with Gyllene!

Written by tevensso on August 15, 2010 to , , and .

HALMSTAD - Roxette in Halmstad, it's like seeing the Beatles in Liverpool, holy ground so to speak. The Daily Roxette will ignore the ticket problem, it seems it was solved somewhat easily after all.

So, how was this concert compared to Sundsvall? Much better. 100 % better I'd say. Roxette removed the two Per Gessle songs in the middle, Marie didn't take a break this time. The band was tighter and Marie sang with more confidence even though she did have the same problem with the lyrics.

This reporter still thinks the arrangements are too similar to the Gessle over Europe arrangements. It doesn't sound like Roxette. Granted, it has a nice, heavy touch, but it ain't Roxette enough. I want the hooks in the songs, like in "The Look" or "Joyride". Per removed them for his solo tour because that "wasn't Roxette, but him solo", but this is Roxette. Having said that, the band was in top shape! It felt like Per, Marie and the band liked being in Halmstad in front of 20,500 fans.

Anyways, the concert was very nice, and if this is Roxette at its worst, I don't see a problem with a world tour. However, if this is Roxette at its best… 

And holy moly! Gyllene Tider joined Roxette on stage here in Halmstad… Gyllene Tider came on stage instead of Roxette for the second encore. Gyllene performed "Juni, juli, augusti, "Sommartider" and "När alla vännerna gått hem", the latter together with Marie and the Roxette band. And to be honest, Gyllene Tider stole the show. Roxette was great, but Gyllene Tider was awesome.

After the show, The Daily Roxette met Per and Marie at a meet & greet photo op arranged by RoxetteBlog and The Daily Roxette.

Enjoy the setlist:

Dressed For Success
Sleeping In My Car
Opportunity Nox
Wish I Could Fly
She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Perfect Day
Things Will Never Be The Same
It Must Have Been Love
The Big L
Silver Blue
Fading Like a Flower
How Do You Do!


Listen To Your Heart
The Look

Extra extras (Gyllene Tider):

Juni, juli, augusti
När alla vännerna gått hem


Additional photos © Daniel Eliasson/Spotpix. Used with kind permission.


I... I think I just fangasmed.

I’m at AmeCon in the UK, but what I’m up to now is running VERRRRRRRY close with this story for sheer awesomeness...

Not Gyllene Tider again..... can we focus on Roxette guys??? I want MORE MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is magic, this is incredible! Well done, Per, you‘re going on right way! See ya in Moscow 10/09, already prepared Rox t-short, ha ha!

Not Gyllene Tider? Go away... you had to be there... this was Halmstad, Per’s birth place where Per’s music career was born, without Gyllene Tider there would be no ROXETTE, do some research...

Thomas looking forward to the review laters!

All I have to say is the crowd went nuts when Gyllene Tider came on the stage, some expected it (:p) for others it was a complete surprise... but much loved, and wanted!

The three songs went down a storm ’Juli, Augusti’, ’Sommartider’ and the performance of ’När Alla Vännerna’ with Marie and the bands of Roxette and Gyllene Tider were just perfect... there were lots of tears!

As for Roxette’s performance last night, it was perfect, I didn’t spot any errors like in Sundsvall, but we’ll see what the press have to say!

Now I wait you YouTube videos! :p

Alison \ Roxerally

GT was there for 3 last songs which I was really touching for Swedes there. And even though I am not a big fan of FG, they played the biggest GT hits and an amazingly touching version of Alla Vännerna.

What would be really cool is, for the closing song, Roxette and GT sing a Roxette song together and not GT song but, again, this is Halmstad concert and I understand a fair tribute to GT.

It was a great show, I though that Marie did even more than she possibly could on the vocals [a good thing :)].

It was a fantastic show last night! Marie was better than best!
She really is back! Looking forward to next year - what could happen 2011??

Touching for Swedes? Ha Ha... I’m betting half the first five rows were from outside Sweden and have liked Gyllene Tider longer than half the Swedes in the crowd... I’m guessing I’ve been a fan of GT longer than the age of half the crowd!!!! lol (God I feel old when I write that!) I’ve been listening to Roxette 19 years and Gyllene Tider for 18 years!

Yes, I am getting so old... although I was talking to a Swedish man in the queue about Per’s age who was with his mother, he was excited about the possibility of GT performing, because he had been a fan since GT first arrived in the charts in 70’s, so much so he copied Per’s image and the blonde hair!!! It was funny the story he was telling and he mother was laughing too!

Was It was the GT tour Återtåget 96 that Marie came on stage and sang ’När Alla Vännerna’ - I think I am right... if my memory serves me right, it’s still early the coffee has not kicked in!

this better not turn into a gt reunion that shelves roxette for another year if that happens i’m gonna jump ship permanently. so say we all

Yes, great show by everyone yesterday. And a really nice suprice with GT too,
Per mentioned they expected around 20 000 yesterday. Anyone knows the official numbers?

According to Aftonbladet we were 20 538 people
at the concert yesterday!!

Does anyone know the setlist? I’ve seen a video of TWNBTS, I’m glad they played it...

The concert was really fantastic,Marie was amazing and Per was very cool!Roxette is the best!
GT was real surprise for everyvone,but i was a little disapponted because wasn‘t Church of your heart in the end of the concert!

Awesome concert last night... Got all the tracks I wanted played... then to top it off GT comes out and plays Juni Juli Augusti which is my fav GT song..... Glad I made the trip from Australia..... now time to upload photos to Facebook!

Still waiting. :)
Tev, did you have opportunity to interview Per or Marie? Really curious about GT members pic after these long 6 years.

I didn’t get to talk to GT :( Setlist etc. will show up soonish.

What a great show!!!!

Tev, with all due respect and even though the suprice with 3 GT songs in the end was good , the real title for this concert review must be something like


I don’t know about first concerts but after halmstad there can’t be even a hint about question-mark in “Roxette reborn?”
Roxette reborn for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After NOTP an ill-bred man ,who didn’t know what happend with Marie last 8 years and the fact that she was ill in the beggining of NOTP,could want something more from the show.

But yesterday Marie sang ,moves , smiles, dance, acts like a goddess !!
I can’t even try to explain how good she was!!

She played with public , she improvised with music,she smiled at everyone , she made this concert better than our bigger dreams!!

I said “Roxette in best shape ever “cos if in 2001 Per didn’t dare to use all his potential as a singer ,now he was better than ever and combined with the great Marie it brings our favorite duet to new level of PERfection showing us to the music heaven.

I also like the new backsinger.
Really,really ,really good choice.
She sing and act in synchron with Marie and Per ,fitting the best way in Roxette band.

The GT suprice was very good and emotional.

The highlight of the evenning was when marie joined them to sing “Nar Alla Vanerna Gatt Hem”

The concert could be even more prefect if they end up with “Church of your heart” ,cos after all it was roxette concert ...

But the most important thing is that Roxette are back better than ever and i’m sure that the next year will be world tour!

A truly memorable concert. Per put in 100% effort and looked like he was enjoying every minute. It was wonderful to see Marie - something I thought I would never do. I loved it when GT came on - the crowd went crazy. The rain and mud didn’t even dampen people’s spirits. I thought Per was very thoughtful by thanking his international fans for coming. A truly magical night. Lets hope there will be many more to come. Thank you Per and Marie!

Yeah the thanks for the international fans was great.... If you heard a cry of “Aussie Aussie Aussie” at about that time, then it was me! lol

Not sure if I can post these here, but will add the link to a collection of my photos... Mods feel free to remove the link if you wish.

There are no words that can describe what I experienced last night.
It´s was way beyond wonderful, great and fantastic!
Marie really touched me when she sang ´Perfect day‘. It was so beautiful. Tears kept falling down my cheeks during the whole song.
I couldn´t sing along. I just listened to Marie. Wow.....
GT´s performance was a huge surprise to me. The possibility of seeing GT live never crossed my mind so the surprise couldn´t have been any bigger for me. I have met Micke ´Syd´ and Mats Persson at the Tylosand hotel. Especially Micke was really kind. I stood next to him while he was talking with and posing for others but I got my picture anyway. But when I left he called me back and said I had to come again for a decent picture because I had probably travelled a long way and then he asked me where I came from. Real nice.Well, there´s so much more to tell. Maybe OI have time to make a story of it and share it somewhere.

To say the least: I’m absolutely overwhelmed with everything that’s been going on in the Rox Universe recently. I’m so thrilled the two of them are back again. For real and at least as good as ever! Can’t wait for more live videos, pics and concert reviews. @tevensso: Thanks so much for all the work you’ve been putting in to keep us up to date! @rezmad: Great pics! They’re just magical!

I was there. Incredible! UNBELIEVABLE! GT longawaited comeback has finally happened!!! Give me more! God, I’m happy. Per, thank you!

Question of the day: “Do you know who was the support act to the Gyllene Tider performance in Halmstad Aug 14?”
Right answer: “Roxette”.

And, yes that was cool to meet the band in Tylosand after the show. Thank you guys!

Things Will Never Be The Same was performed, but I can’t see it on the setlist, am I blind?

Yes of course, I just missed it. :)

That was an incredible evening!!! Although it was raining, the 1st support act was great and the band did a best live during the last 10 years, I s’pose.
GT were amazing, after that we had met them in Tylösand, where Mycke Syd was soooooo damn kind to take pictures, sign the stuff and of course Mr. Lundquist is a really nice guy, for that we love him MORE and MORE!!!!)))))
Sorry for bothering you guys, but you rock!))
Marie sang great. She forgot lyrics in Things will never be the same and FLAF, but anyway she did it perfect.
Putre magic.
Thank you to all the international fans, and even Per, who told us “Hello” in English, that was nice.
Thank you to everyone, who made that Perfect Day happen!!!!
Cheers from Israel..

Can‘t wait for Sept 10 +12!
Can‘t wait for Silver blue live first time in my life! :)))))
Ahhh! )))))

Silver blue live is brilliant - I know you’ll enjoy it

Why did I choose to go to Sundsvall? That setlist is so much better.

i think now i see what the critics were talking aout with sundavall...marie goes flat or horse often it’s a shame :(

so say we all

I am surprised not more people worked out Gyllene Tider were coming on stage! I was more excited about Gyllene Tider (and seeing if it was the original line up or just MP who appeared!) than Roxette! {Sorry Per...!) I tried to get some decent photos of GT but my hands were shaking from the excitement especially when Micke appeared.... phew I was in seventh heaven!!!!

Wow two Roxette concerts and three live songs by Gyllene Tider, life doesn’t get any better... I am just uploading my Halmstad pictures to FB!

Of course I don’t think the GT rendezvous will cause problems for Roxette, GT just appeared as a ‘We are still around, ignore the rumours...’ and of course it was Halmstad after all said and done!

I cannot say it enough, Gessle and Co rock and Marie’s performance on Saturday was fabulous! :p

Very fair review tev, thanks!

After listening to the songs on YouTube, it’s great that Roxette are back, but their ’sound’ isn’t there. As Thomas says in the review, it’s very much Per solo rather than Roxette. Hopefully this will change for a further tour: The first step has been taken, they’ve returned to the live stage, now lets make it more ’Roxette-ish’ please!

I think that there will be changes for tour, they will have new material to play with and I don’t think it’ll be in this ’power-pop’ style. I may be wrong, but I can’t see a full album in this genre.

Anyway, great that Roxette are back.

Thomas, thanks for this balanced review (and for all your Rox-related work in general, but that aside).

Question: What exactly do you mean with the “hooks” in the songs? I realised that it might be difficult to explain certain sounds in a song, but maybe you can try to?

_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

It is hard to explain, but there is a certain ’hook’ to Roxette songs. Namely the keyboard sound in the background of The Look and Joyride as examples... They were missing from Per’s solo tour, and they haven’t been brought back for Roxette’s live dates. I think this is what Thomas was referring too. That certain Roxette ’sound’...

Yes, like Paul says, I want the distinctive intro guitar on “The Look” for instance, I want the whistling (keyboard or real doesn’t matter” in “Joyride” and little things like that. Now the songs sound great, make no mistake, but they don’t sound Roxettish enough (for me), if you know what I mean? I know Per says all the click tracks and the sequencers are gone, but the guitar is still there and Clarence could probably do a little flourish on the Nord (keyboard) to mimic the whistling etc. :)

Bring the click tracks and the sequencers Per!! :-)

*tut tut All these demanding fans again. ha ha*

Hi tev! Nice review of the concert! would be a dream to see Rox & Gyllene together... i just don’t have a clear concept about what you mean when you wrote “...if this is Roxette at its worst, I don’t see a problem with a world tour. However, if this is Roxette at its best… “

It’s just about the sound or the whole perception of the performance?

OK, I’ll try to explain: I think this is great, but I’m biased, I almost always like Roxette. But would a non-fan love it? I don’t know, I hope so. Look at the Danish reviews (awful). I have no idea if they are fair or not. According to people I know they aren’t. I just want to try to stay as objective as possible here. Rox fans will love if they take this on tour, no doubt. But I also want everyone to like it.

the mainstay of roxette has been their live shows. they’ve managed to takethe prodouced pop of their albums and put a little more power into the songs without eliminating the parts that made the songs fun ( whistles, hand claps etc). the gessle over europe set up was geared more towards live sets with his material, when he did roxette songs it sounded really bad to me. That being said it’s kinda funny how per went at length to emphasize that the guitar sound for roxette was dead in terms of recording albums and yet goes on to make it the core of their live shows. Maybe if this parlays into their recordings its a good thing.

so say we all

No the comments in the danish press weren’t fair at all. I have no idea why they have been soooo mean!!! Skanderborg was even better than my opinion. Maybe it was because of the rain but in Halmstad the audience was calmer. Skanderborg really was a firework. And there have been lots of non-fans. So it seems to work for non-fans too! I heard that even people standing behind knew all the lyrics by heart and made a great party. (You just don’t see that in the front but a friend told me afterwards) I really got angry when I read the danish press. They just wanted to be mean. I also thought that Sanne Salomonsen rocked! And so did the audience. The athmosphere was great. But they just wrote that she was embarrasing. Why made all the other visitors just a big party then??? Have they all been deaf and silly?
And now almost the same with the swedish press. All they can write about is a summary about Maries illness from 2002. I can’t hear it anymore. When do they finally stop to see her as the person who got sick with cancer once? When do they start to see her as an artist again? Maries voice already turned lower even before she got ill. Why do they write that she can’t reach the higher notes anymore?? Even if...WHO CARES. She still sings wonderful and I have never expected to hear her singing “Perfect day” again which is a very difficult song with so many different pitches. And she just did a great job. The people who even wrote that she is singing false are liars. I’m a fan, yes but I have working ears too!!! I guess the people should forget the time in the nineties the way..did the first concerts from 1989 really sound that nice??? When I listen to the Oldenburg concert from 1989 nowadays I must say: NO they didn’t!
...AMEN ;)

I just totally agree with you!! You wrote down exactely what I’ m feeling! Why can’t they stop talking about the past and instead focus on what Roxette is about today??

Quote: “This reporter still thinks the arrangements are too similar to the Gessle over Europe arrangements. It doesn’t sound like Roxette. Granted, it has a nice, heavy touch, but it ain’t Roxette enough. I want the hooks in the songs, like in “The Look” or “Joyride”. Per removed them for his solo tour because that “wasn’t Roxette, but him solo”, but this is Roxette.”

This echoes my sentiments PRECISELY. Thanks for this terrific review.

Does anyone think having Jonas on lead guitar might go a long way towards changing this issue? I’m just curious what others think.

The comments to the Danish reviews are actually mostly positive and also wondering where the reporters had been during the concert. And no, I doubt those are “fans”.
I think anyway a reporter should also review about the atmosphere. If people have fun, then the concert is good to my eyes, if people just stand around bored, then it’s not. As simple as that. Missing lyrics or playing wrong tunes/chords just belongs to a live performance, for perfect sound and text then listen to the album.

I must agree though about the “hooks”, I am glad WE took over the clapping in Dressed and the baloons in Joyride. I realised Marie did this typical 2-claps in Dangerous, I think she didn’t in other shows... but yes, The Look intro IS missing. On the other hand, I love this rockier sound, the feeling that it’s more improvised (even though I am sure it isn’t) and not that full of light/sound effects. And maybe we should all look into the future and not the past, if this is Roxette 2010, then I am also all for it.

Maybe I am just thankful, or see things another way. All I know is that I haven’t had so much fun in a Roxette concert as in Leif’s and on Saturday, it even topped the Showcase in Barcelona 01, which to date I thought was the best show I had attended with Rox :)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I brought my mother, who isn’t a Roxette fan, to both this consert and Per’s consert in Stockholm last year. While she didn’t like the consert last year at all, she really enjoyed this one. This means that yes, non-fans do like the show.

@Criz I totally agree with you . And I also think Marie sings better now than she did in 1989 at the Oldenburg gig. Perfect day and Things will never be the same just can’t be better, Marie did a perfect job!

I am going to put my two pennies worth in now, having seen both the show in Sundsvall and Halmstad... I love the new sound, I have no complaints on that score, I even have a very old school friend who didn’t like Roxette when I did, but who keeps asking me when they are coming to the UK because she wants to see them live (she listens to their music now!).

As for a World Tour, then it depends on what kind of venue’s you are talking about. I personally love big concerts but I prefer the smaller more intimate Roxette concerts like when Marie joined Per on stage in Amsterdam and Stockholm... As much as Sundsvall and Stockholm were packed out, I think Roxette as a group are better to consider doing this ‘possible’ world tour in smaller venues... I don’t think a large world tour is practical, despite the fact as much as how we know fans from places like South America, America and Australia want to see them! I have my reasons for saying that and ones I am not going into, but after being a fan for 19 years you see changes and Roxette are and will never be the same as they were pre Marie’s illness.

What just happened the past two weekends for me was amazing... I never thoughts I would stand and enjoy the night away with friends at a full Roxette concert again... but to do it twice in a week was fabulous... precious memories I shall keep for a long time to come!

This was truly one of the best nights of my life. When Per said they had a surprise I thought they were gonna play an extra song or two. But when he introduced Gyllene Tider I was in heaven. I could not believe my eyes. Now I’m even more sure than before that GT will do a tour (long or short) in 2012, but that’s another subject.

I was at the show with a couple of friends, they don’t listen to Roxette a lot, but know many of the songs anyway. Like pretty much anyone. They loved the gig! Especially Marie. I liked the show a lot too. Per’s voice is so much better now than in the past. Per after Mazarin is a great singer.

Almost all the songs sound the same, too much crashing guitars. Especially in Joyride. But overall, a great concert! A totally packed arena. Must have been more than 20000...

Edit: the part between 2:55-3:10 is what I miss.

I think the Danish reviews were completely unfair. Whitney Houston toured Australia earlier this year & she was completely panned by the media & the audience!!! I think to me her performance was BAD!!! Her voice was totally off, she completely lost it several times & seemed completely out of sorts & out of breath. Considering the reviews Roxette got in Denmark I would have expected the same thing but watching the YouTube videos that is NOT the case at all!!! Not only that but most significant i think is that to me (and i could be wrong) the audience for the most part totally enjoyed themselves & loved the show but with Whitney almost everyone was demanding a refund!!! So I think the reviewers got it totally wrong, at least they shouldn’t have been soooo harsh!!

It’s ridiculous to expect her to sing & perform like she did in 1989 it just wont happen!! Although i do miss the confidence & control she once had in her voice, watching her performance of “Perfect Day” on YouTube from the weekend brought a tear to my eye. She still has so much emotion, heart & a beautiful vulnerability to her voice!! She also has some decent power when she’s feeling confident. I think her lyric problems affect her & it does tend to throw her confidence a bit but all things considered she is doing a brilliant job up there & she has such a presence on stage that for me & I’m hoping the greater public they will overlook the little imperfections & be drawn into her magic (& Per’s!!) : P

While they were not perfect in these last shows (who wants perfect anyway??) they were certainly not embarrassing & bad like the media made out nowhere near! I would love to see a World Tour & I’d imagine them only getting better with more shows.

@TEV: Got some photos of the shows?? can’t you make like a “photobucket” on this site and post nice BIG Roxette photos here or on their official site?
Gosh...I really want to SEE Roxette...hahaha.

I really hope they will release some live DVD of some of these shows in the near future.

From what I’ve seen on YouTube, Marie is in TOP shape!!

There are a few photos on that are quite big. TDR’s interface doesn’t really allow that big photos, which is sad. I’ll put up a few more when I’ve “developed” them. There are SO many... (and not all of them excellent).

@Paul, Thomas,

Thanks for your explanantion, I get it now. I compared TL and Joyride using the originals, the Tourism versions and PG in Amsterdam of last year, and think that “hooks” just means something like “bells and whistles”? The PG (and appararently recent Roxette versions, but can’t judge about that myself) version is indeed a “stripped down” version - I now fully understand (and agree with) your point. Thanks!

Greetings from Shanghai!
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

would like Roxette, in one of their upcoming concerts, run the live version of “A Thing About You”, which is perhaps the only song that never performed live.

It‘s great to have Roxette back! To have over 20.000 people at the concert after all this years of absence says much! Means that you’re still BIG ! The Big Love Never Ends !
Marie has evolved. Her voice took on new shades that give her a particular charm .She is the QUEEN ! Per is like the wine : as time goes gets better! It‘s a bright new beginning. I prepare myself for the new album I hope it will be ...well Roxette because I like whatever they sing.

Thanx TEV!! Hope you will share those millions of photos!!

I dreamt last night I met Marie - my dream came true in my dreams....haha. If they ever come to S.A. again, I will do whatever I can to meet the Queen from Sweden - Marie Fredriksson!!!

I agree with Tev - Joyride sounds “lame” without the whistling and DFS sound weird with the instrumental intro - I like the “YEA YEA YEA” from the original version!!!!

By the way - I LOVE Marie’s outfits!!!! I just wish she’d grow her hair a bit longer -the short hair makes her look 10 years older. That’s the only “critic” I have!

Keep on Roxetting guys!!! Can’t wait for the new album!!

Can we please have the forum back now that Roxette are back again, there’s so much going on and so much to come it would be good to have the forum back again.

@CoyRoy: I agree! Loving Marie’s stage outfits but I really wish she’d grow her hair that little bit more, she would look a lot better, not that she doesn’t now but I’ve always liked her look more when her short hair is a little longer ; ) I liked the direction she was going with in the ATAY video!

I agree, Marie’s hair is too white and too short :-)

But what would a Roxette site be without a few complaints ey? :-p

From the clips (vids) that I’ve seen with Roxette, everyone seems to be having a grand ’ole time! It’s awesome to see Per and Marie doing what they do best.. perform on stage again.. smiling away. ’Silver Blue’ has absolutely a great new sound... Enjoying what Chris has done geet-wise.. Still wish Roxette would give ’Breathe’ an attempt.. I believe with everyone harmonizing on that would just be truly amazing.. To me, ’Breathe’ is right up there with ’IMHBL’, ’LTYH’.. Chris hits those high notes rather well.. I apologize for not knowing the new back-up singers name, but dang what a voice on her as well..

If I had ’one wish’ as a Rox fan; dedicated since LS! came out; that would be it. To hear ’Breathe’.. and if I may be selfish here, even ’Beautiful Things’ would be grand. it totally has that Beatlesque vibe... thnx to Pelle’s drumming.. Either way, it’s sublime with Roxette back.. And to be honest for how long we don’t know.. so I am enjoying every clip, minute, blog etc..

In regards to ’critics’ and how they perceive Roxette, it’s rather simple, ignore ’them’. Roxette has given most of us so much joy with their creativity over such a long span of time. There are many radio stations that won’t play Rox tunes because they are considered too ’poppy’ and/or their lyrics are too simplicit; I beg to differ on the latter part; and yet, it hasn’t stopped new people from discovering them. But I tell you this.. I’d rather follow Roxette all the way until I’m on my death bed than listen to ’wannabe’ bands/musicians or even bands that have been around longer than Roxette yet, became sell-outs to follow the next ’fad’..

Roxette are MY Beatles.. continuously making beautiful tunes that are either heartwrenching yet, with a wonderous meaning or where you roll down your windows of your car and blare the tunes because it just simply ROCKS! (thnx to dear Jonas–we miss you!)

Short story.. I promise because I’ve already written too much.. I was born with a severe learning a point where when I was younger my mom (love yea Mom!) took me to therapist/specialists who told my mom that it would be years before I would learn how to read and my discovery of Roxette has never left my heart and mind–period. Found ’Look Sharp!’ in my sisters cassette collection and was awe struck by the intro of ’The Look’.. a few months later; mind you I never truly knew anything about music; my parents were more A.M. radio listeners and no one really was around–at the time–to ’introduce’ me to music officially..discovery bands/musicians; like a brother who forced you to: “listen to this band!”; I was helping my father clean gutters on our house in mid-Sept and it started.. everything around me: weather, falling leaves, birds singing; created this tune.. I had everything in my head and on that day I started writing my own lyric(s). I can honestly say, if I hadn’t found Roxette’s music; thank the Lord it wasn’t the Howard Jone’s cassette tape; I don’t believe I would have discovered my own niche. 18yrs later.. I still write lyrics and I will ALWAYS listen to Roxette.. Maybe one day.. if I’m fortunate, I will get to meet Per and Marie and personally thank them because I truly believe it was them; who opened my mind to doors I didn’t know I had–in regards to music; but if this is as close as I can get to saying this then.. heck, “Thank You” for being such a blessing in my life. p.s. I apologize for writing so much and in no way would I want to take away from Roxette.. cheers and peace! W.

Hotblooded said: I liked the direction she was going with in the ATAY video!

Yeah, really nice look for Marie. Maybe she could try it again.

@SouthernBeatBox: you might want to consider adding a few paragraphs to that, it’s very hard to read.

Guys, how long did the concert go? 2 hours?

YEA!!! I REALLY loved Marie’s look on the video of “A Thing About You”!! She looked like she was 25!!! I hear they call that haircut, the “university” cut. It was funky and immediate and “in-your-face”.

I hope you won’t get angry, but a lesbian friend of mine (she’s not a great Roxette fan), she told me Marie looks like a butch old lesbian with her hair so short and so extra white. She really does look 65 with her hair so short.

I wonder if Marie ever considered a face-lift..... But her outfits are GREAT!!

@CoyRoy :-(

I’m sure Marie’s suffered enough surgeries for one life time - disgustingly inappropriate comment dude, shame.

Think before you type, imagine Per read this and thinks “wow, this mother of two survives brain cancer, recovers from near death, gets back on stage to please her fans and they now want her back in hospital for a face lift?”

Whoa man, low blow.

And we wonder why “Small Talk Forums” will NEVER return! Rightfully so!

Rox played 1.20 about. GT 15.

Marie forgot the lyrics?This no problem,we know sure she sang live and no playback!:)
She likes sing,the fans love her,so all critics go to hell!

@CoyRoy: No, no!! No plastic surgery for Marie I want her to age gracefully!!! Not like those hideous Hollywood types!! As far as the haircut goes, that i’d be happy if she played around with a bit. Right now she totally looks like a butch lesbian lol which is totally fine if that’s what she wants but in terms of looking better & having more sex appeal than the ATAY hair would be great : ) That’s more young sophisticated lesbian : P

@CoyRoy/Hotblooded: I really wonder if you guys would like to be talked about like that in Marie’s place. Both Marie and Per have given us so much I think they deserve to be treated with respect. Knowing that Per browses this site on occasions, I feel very unpleasantly ashamed if so-called “fans” leave inconsiderate messages like that. I can only apologise on your behalf. If we criticise Danish newspapers for being rude and unfair, at least we as fans should stick to the rules of respect and politeness. I don’t have anything against discussing outfits and hairdos (even if neither matters to me), but this was getting personal - and I do disagree with that. No offence, just my humble opinion.

Keep the radio on ’cos this is the perfect song

It’s great to see TDR being used again!! Thanks to all the ’returning’ fans to this site :-)

Two things:

@SouthernBeatBox - I edited your post with prargraphs! I was giving me a headache reading it! ha ha

@David - I don’t think the forums will ever re-open. The forums over at are still open where you can chat...

Thanks for reading :-)


I was hoping for some clarification on the setlist - there is a video on youtube that is unedited and starts with the end of “The Big L.” and then goes into Per introducing “Silver Blue”
As this differs from the list that is currently posted, Is there any way of confirming the correct order for Halmstad?

Many thanks :-)

Aggggg, c’mon! We’re just having a bit of fun.

Marie herself said in an interview that you have to look “YOUNG and FRESH” if you want to stay in the POP industry. So, I was just wondering if she ever considered a face-lift.... Gosh! I personally don’t want her to have one. I’m sure she’s fed-up with hospitals, and I certainly wouldn’t want her to get back to a hospital. hahaha.

Don’t be too serious, guys. But I DO think she can change her hairdo a bit. That alone can take 10 years off.

Personally i think the “small talk” section from this site should never return, for everyone climbs down everyone’s throat for just saying what they think, even though it’s harmless.

Don’t take everything so darn serious, people. We’re all here to have fun with Per and Marie!!

As far as I remember Silver Blue didn’t come after The Big L, but who knows, I may be mistaken.

I may have answered my own question with a little further research….

It would appear that “The Big L.” was played after “IMHBL” and before “Silver Blue”? And yes I am a little obsessive ;-) I probably would have no clear recollection had I been there myself (I probably would still be reeling from the adrenaline) I’m just trying to piece together the show as best as I can using all the available clips

I wish Roxette would perform “The Rain” again - I LOVE that song.... And I think they should consider performing “Small Talk” also - LOVE that song...very bouncy!! Wonder what happened to “Spending My Time”..... the best Rox song ever....


Of course, It was “Wish I could fly” which came after “Opportunity nox”. I thought The Big L. was dropped, but then it reappeared in a different place of the setlist. I know we posted the same playlist on RoxetteBlog, but it’s obviously wrong .Anyway - all songs posted above were performed on that night :-)

about the facelift or the haircut.
I’m a gay girl myself, and Marie doesn’t look like a lesbian at all!
She looks like an artist! and she ages perfectly in my opinion!
I don’t understand the discussion about this, by the way!
I think we all want Marie to feel good and be healthy! For me it is all that matters.

Rox on 4-ever!

I wonder where Marie shops for her outfits. Damn, she looks HOT in them!!

I thought it was pretty obvious thah Marie had had a plastic surgery before the One Wish video. When I saw that video and the promotional pictures I found her face refreshed and quite different. I think after all she went through she has to do whatever makes her feel good about herself. I preffer her without any surgery or botox so her features remain as natural as possible. Who cares about a few wrinckles? But again, she´s been through so much that having her touring and performing songs like Silver Blue and How Do You Do! is enough miracle for me. Trank you P& M!
Oh yes, and I would love A THING ABOUT YOU live too! It´s perfect! And Marie wouldn´t have to memorize new lyrics. Please, think about it Per!

My goodness there are some sensitive people out there!!! I love Marie & at the end of the day I couldn’t give a crap about anything but her health. As long as she is healthy & happy the rest is an after thought including Roxette!! However we were merely having a light hearted discussion about her current hairstyle & how we think she looks a lot better with the longer hair. Is that such a crime?? I’ve been a huge Roxette fan since 1990 but that doesn’t mean I have to like everything they wear or hairstyles they have etc.. it’s just my opinion nothing else. Marie obviously likes her look now & good on her (& i’m not saying she looks bad, she definitely looks like a rock star!) just that for me personally she looks more attractive with longer & less whiter hair. I think you’ll find most people would agree.

There’s a big difference between being sensitive and being a drama-maker. Most of the people here fits in the 2nd category, sadly. Every time there’s a hint of irony, you have a league of politically correct fans who appear out of nothing to patronize the others. Where did your sense of humour go? Don’t take it so seriously, dears!

Hotblooded: I think the discussion is more about the suggestion she should do plastic surgery. I think this is a quite rude thing to say to somebody (whatever her health background might be). But also not worth mentioning any further. As one user said above, SmallTalk won’t come back ;) Luckily.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Ripples of effect....haha... I just asked a question about plastic surgery and now it’s a BIG fight. I wasn’t being insensitive.... It was just a question on my mind.
But the hairdo...I agree....Marie looks like the ultimate Rock star she is, by the way....She did look young and fresh on the “A Thing About You” video and in the Room Service photo shoots. There her hair was longer and looked a “natural blonde”.

Something interesting..... On a local radio station, OFM, here in central South Africa, they were talking about celebrity FEET. (you read right!!) And to my total surprise, one of the guys said he thinks Marie Fredriksson of Roxette has the sexiest feet he has ever seen. Interesting!!

@Jud: I know : ) It’s just that as soon as someone says a thing wrong people jump on them and start throwing around the “so called fans” phrase just because they don’t agree with everything Per & Marie do!! For this reason thank God SmallTalk wont be back ;-)

@Hotblooded: Seems we can be friends. At least you and I didn’t take it too serious and we should just laugh it off... Hahaha.

Yeah, well, I admit I was probably taking a sledgehammer to crack the nut. Didn’t intend to play moralizer, but one or two statements on here really put me off. Sorry about overstating the case - I just didn’t want the conversations to take the tabloid turn. Btw, I personally do think Marie would look younger if her hair was a bit longer (and maybe even brown instead of blond), but as long as she’s fine with her looks, I am. So let’s all be nice and happy again!

Keep the radio on ’cos this is the perfect song

@ Mr. Jefferson: We can be friends too!

How nice is this. Me being sensitive..übersensitive is better i think ;-)
I only reacted on the butch thing (Lesbian)
About her feet..they actually are very sexy. I once bought a magazine where was written she was more sexy than madonna (that’s not so difficult anywayzz).
So marie was & is f#cking hot. :P
I think everybody agrees on that!

@Cvanbroekhoven: You wanna be friends too??

By the way - I love the new pics on this article - the last one with Marie with her hand in the air is HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Let’s all be friends : )

No hard feelings, we’re all here essentially for our love of Roxette!! Give or take a few little things : P

I know this is not SmallTalk, but I’ve been wondering whether there are any fans who can be bothered to write to D&D about getting Roxette into German TV show “Wetten, dass...?” (,_dass) People may have tried this before, but Marie and Per have never been on the show and as it’s got 8 - 10 million viewers (especially German, Swiss and Austrian) I think this would be a great opportunity of making a genuine comeback with a new single! They’ve always got big-selling pop stars on the show: Take That, Shakira, Madonna, you know what I mean ;-)

@Thomas: Feel free to delete this post if you think it’s out of place here. Maybe you could talk to Per about it :)

marie had chemotherapy hair tends to grow back finer in in less volume afterward and with sometimes no pigmet or colour so don’t be so harsh on her appearance. tom petty looks like a corpse and he still sells records so say we all

Would Wetten Dass be interested at all?

I saw Marie one day before the concert with her family on Tylosand beach.
She looks great!!
Magnificent woman!!

So stop discuss it.
Back to the subject of this article.

Thee is a great unforgetable show to talk about!

No they would not be interested. The song has to be a premiere, at least in Germany. But to be honest isn’t Wetten Dass a little bit worn out, just look at Thomas Gottschalk, the moderator.

@tevensso: Well, I think they would be if Roxette had a new single. There’s this entry from joyrider on TDR from 2006 after writing to Wetten Dass about getting Roxette on the show. It said in the reply that the problem was they didn’t have a single at that time and that their record company would have to “offer” them to Wetten, Dass in order for them to cover the costs for the performance. I guess that just means they don’t “invite” (and pay) their music acts but the record companies (or maybe, their managements?) pay for them to be on the show in the course of promoting a single.

@RoXoR: If they performed a song from their new album, it would be a premiere, wouldn’t it? And I think Wetten Dass still has quite a respectable image (popular music acts/film stars, millions of viewers). It could definitely do no harm to Roxette and they’d bring themselves back into public awareness.

I just thought it would be good to have a go at writing letters some months prior to the release of their new single, not only 2 weeks before that. (Sorry for the length!) ;-)

Keep the radio on ’cos this is the perfect song

What a great show! Shame it’s not been recorded, I had so much fun and I felt really emotional. Roxette & GT together, speechless!

Wow!!! What a pleasant surprise...’sweet as sweet can be’...14 August is Pakistan’s independence day and this concert makes the day ’DOUBLE SPECIAL”....Marie looks as fresh and perfect as’s wonderful...when Roxette’s at it’s best so am I energetic...they are sun, they are energy, they radiate love.............

I wish I could see them next year in Australlia....wishing if they could take some south Asia tour and probably do a concert like Bryan Adams did in Karachi/Pakistan some years back......
That’s Where I’ll Meet You

As a long-time Roxette fan from the US (YES WE DO EXIST!!), I can’t express how much it means to me that Roxette is back together. How I wish I could have seen this concert! We don’t get much news about them over here, you know, and after Marie’s illness I’d almost given up hope of ever hearing from them again until I ran across this article. For 19 years I’ve dreamed of going to a Roxette concert. I never got to see them perform when they were here in the 90’s, and being of humble means, unless a miracle happens and they come back to the US (yeah right), I never will get to fly overseas to see them live. But to know that somewhere in this world, these two musicians whom I’ve sung along with, dreamed about and adored, whose music has been with me through the heartbreak, glee, passion, loneliness and joy of my life, and who have contributed in no insignificant manner to the person I am today, are once again entrancing audiences and conjuring up their magic in the studio, at least part of my dream has come true.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Per and Marie for returning to us.

And thank you so much to those who have posted clips of this concert on YouTube. They are a beautiful and welcome sight.

And to those who criticize Marie’s still-enchanting voice or Roxette’s updated sound, frankly, I’d be happy to listen to Per or Marie reading the phone book. Appreciate what you were privileged to experience.


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