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Double platinum for “Mazarin”

Written by tevensso on June 30, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - It was only one week ago when Per Gessle received a platinum award during his appearance at SVT’s Allsång på Skansen for selling over 60,000 copies of his new solo album “Mazarin”.

  Today we are glad to announce that, precisely two weeks after the album release, 120,000 “Cupcakes” have been sold, meaning Per sums up another platinum award to his collection.


Go, Gessle, go! Great news!

Yes, it’s called a CD. LOL! Seriously though, it must be some kind of Swedish record, I’ll look into it.

Time to order the next Ferrari!!! Congratulations from one of your sponsors....;)
My Bronchitis is gone by the way. Hope yours too! ;)

hope this great success motives him to continue with Roxette next.

Congrats Perrie :)

Yes, bad bad Per. Please don’t make any more money.

Or better, keep on making money, but I send you my bank account nr (see email ;)). Thanks! :P

...yeah baby *OWN3D*

What’s a wonderfull, great news. ... Wish you the best Pelle.

It’s really good, congratulation! :-))))))))
But... when will I get the CD and the DVD??????? :-(

but why does ROXETTE material is not sold as good as Per’s solo stuff?

Thanks Per for awe-inspiring ( :-) ) album.

If you want to see some translations of Mazarin go

A cool site from a cool person!!

That’s great!!!!
But I’ve listened only one new Per’s song - “Har Kommer Alla Kanslorna” because the “Mazarin” didn’t release in Russia yet. :-(


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