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“Mazarin” still #1

Written by tevensso on July 4, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per Gessle is golden right now, the single “Här kommer alla känslorna” is the most played song in Sweden at the moment, and it’s at #1 on the radio show Svensktoppen. The gap, in points, between #1 and #2 has never been bigger.

  And now “Mazarin” shoots directly into the top of the official album charts in Sweden. “I’m speechless, I’ve never ever received such a unified response on an album before!” says Per to Aftonbladet.

  The superstar doesn’t take anything for granted, even though he’s had all his success with Gyllene Tider and Roxette. “Success like this is not common for anyone anymore. The climate is a lot harder and you don’t sell as much.”

  What are the expectations before the tour?

 “It feels like it’s gonna be demanding…” he laughs.

  “Mazarin” is still #1 in Sweden. Per is also #1 on the Aftonbladet “What’s in and what’s not” list. “Här kommer alla känslorna” enters the singles charts at #2 after Sertab from Turkey.


Congrats Per!

now you know a tour DVD is gonna sell well.... so think about it :D

congratulations Per !!!!!!

who are u? one of the guys who ordered tickets on monday morning in hundred packs maybe, because of them they started to give away not more than 5 tickets to one caller later? After monday afternoon there were no tickets available...not in Sweden...maybe that changed later again...but ur critics dear anonymus seems to be a little bit out of place.

What´s your problem?
The article about the tickets in Halmstad was based on “according to Ticnet system” it said the article...

And since you seem to know everything and be an expert, do you know exactly how many CDs Per has sold or?

last but not least: nice and coward way to write in German thinking nobody would understand eh? ;)

Try this Put the cd in your cd drive.

wait for the player to come up.

close the player and restart the computer without takingo ut the disk.

then u should be able to rip the cd.


Mazarin is on the 9th place in Norway...

The CD is not detected in my computer either as my computer operates with Windows NTv4.0 - I even had to restart the computer to remove the CD! - I paid good money for the CD to play it at home on my CD player and at work on my CD drive, but I can’t do this - how are we expected to be persuaded to buy the CDs when they do not play on what is fairly standard media these days - I’M VERY GLAD THE TRACKS ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD, THANKS!!! - I helped Mazarin to get to #1 in Sweden by importing a copy for me and a copy for my Dad but I’m not inspired to buy more CDs with copy protection - I did NOT want to copy the CD, but it seems that now I can’t even play it when I want to - Rich-UK

Several of my friends have problems with NT4. I think it may be hopeless.

Hi Tevensso - hope you’re well - cheers, but I was trying to make a slightly different point...

I have no problem with my computer at all: it is a 40GB machine, which is extremely capable of operating the equipment in my laboratory, and I have never had any problems with Real Player, any CD, or any other music or video media.

The point I’m trying (maybe badly!) to make is that the CD states that the copy protection is compatible with Windows 95 etc. - so it seems that what has happened is that the copy protection has not been developed to include all standard operating systems - my point is that this is wrong because NT4 is not so uncommon and those with such computers now cannot play the CD.

When I spend money on a CD I expect to be able to play it !!!

So all in all it is less appealing for me to spend money on a copy protected CD, even though I have no intention of copying it, hence for me the copy protection has backfired, which is sad - I can see why the copy protection exists but I basically just want to say that I was asked for money to buy what is essentially a sub-standard product, on the basis that I can’t play the CD on what is a very capable and not uncommon computer.

All the best, Rich-UK - PS Great news about Per’s success, the man is on top of his game!!

@Rich - I know, I followed your point and I agree fully. This is a waste of time and (our) money.

just for your information, other Swedish newspapers have reported about the tourpremiere being sold out, later than tdr of course ;)


mazarin har sålt 100000 ex...

och på ticnet var de slut, men sedan avbokades biljetter och därför kunde man köpa biljetter igen....

nu är de slut igen

Congratulations Per - you deserve it!!! Enjoy.

It seems that Mazarin sold more copies in sweden than TBH in germany..*g*

Äntligen entered the charts at #1, too, was #1 for seven weeks, stayed in the Top 10 for 22 weeks and in the Top 50 for 30 weeks - three months after the release, the album had sold close to 160000 copies and gotten double platinum! I don’t know how many copies have been sold since then, though...
But I doubt Äntligen managed to sell that many copies in such a short time like Mazarin did...

Äntligen got 3 platina (and then platina was 80000 ex)

Of course he’ s number #1!!!!
It’s the best album I’ ve ever listened to...better than roxette songs...even if I understand only few swedish...GREAT PER

Per, way to go!!!
You deserve it, your performance at the release-party was great and the CD is very nice too!

Congrats Per!!!!

Wow it’s strange how we only heard about this album a few weeks before release and now it is taking Sweden by storm and I was expecting it to be a quite year! What a pleasent surprise it has been, I can’t wait to get the album and DVD from the fanclub.

Hope Marie releases something equally as successful next year, with a DVD too of course :)

i hope the both marie and GT makes new things next year, and maybe a tour together!

i also thought bad things about mazarin, first i didnät even know if i would buy it, but since hkak is one of the best songs ever made i made up my mind to do that... this gonna be a great summer!!

@ Rich-UK... you and I appear to be in exactly the same boat! This has been a pet-peeve of mine for a long time now as I listen to 90% of my music on PC’s or MP3 players. It’s bad enough when the packaged players work because they usually only play at lower bit-rates. But when they don’t play at all (like Ace of Base’s “Da Capo” all of Scooter’s recent CD’s), that is a complete waste of money for me because I can rarely listen to them.
And something that I’ve yet to hear a good explaination for is that almost every copy protection has been broken by hackers, and if 1 person breaks it, it’s up on Grokster, Nutella, etc. for the entire world to download anyway! So, the only thing they’re really doing with this copy protection is hurting the people that are already buying the CD’s.
My last big CD purchase from Europe (Sweden & Germany) about 2 months ago will most likely be my last 8 of the 10 CD’s were copy protected and 2 or 3 of those wouldn’t even play on my PC. So I am now forced to either download new songs or find countries that are not heavily protecting their CD’s yet. I did get a few from Poland that had no protection and Japaneese CD’s also seem to be pretty safe still (although a bit expensive).
These record company execs need to get off their asses and find a real solution because their recent actions have only reduced their sales further!

I am so happy for Per’s success!! But, I do miss Marie’s music - I hope she is recovering well and working on some new stuff!

Agreed, we need to download the tracks to hear them despite buying Mazarin!!
I wonder if Per is reading this, seeing as he has his opinions about downloads?!

Just record the tracks via your computer’s soundcard hooked into a regular CD player. It’s not that hard.

That’s how I put Roxette’s latest Greatest Hits CD on my iPod. It sounds great.

@ Anonymous 7/4/2003 14:30

Ok, bye!

camillarox what was that good for???

well i got my copy a couple of days ago with the dvd sent over here to australia from repeat records in halmstad. it was a little more expensive but i needed it now not in 6-8 weeks! well what can i say???? awsome!!!!:-) id like it to sell about the same as “moderna tider” so fingers crossed!

p.s. i just had a thought! why dont all those people who have problems with copy protected cd’s just go and buy “adaptec east cd creator 5” and you be able to burn them easy as shit!!!! then get the burned cd and use that to add tracks to you pc to listen to and put on mp3 players!!!!!!

p.p.s per how much for your roxette bycicle????

Nobody has talked about how well the single has done yet. Its a pity its not number one, but I didn’t even expect it to debut at No2. With the amount of success behind the album, does it have a good chance of being number 1 next week!?

Hej... I liked Per’s new solo very much... I mean, not as much as I like when Marie releases her music, but I liked it.. It’s, ah, groovy. Cheesy, but groovy. Like they say ” Hallå, den är här. Börja andas och sätt på den ” Cheers!

Ok! But when will the “Mazarin” be in Russian’s music shops??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Does anybody know?
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