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Carola sings “Tro” at Skansen

Written by Nox1983 on June 7, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - On June 6th Swedes celebrated their National Day. During one of the activities programmed for this day, Carl XVI Gustaf, the King of Sweden, gives national flags to the most dedicated civil organizations of the Kingdom of Sweden.

  By the end of the celebration a very familiar melody started to sound, for many Marie Fredriksson fans’ surprise, this song was “Tro”, which was interpreted by the Swedish singer Carola accompanied by the Arméns Musikkår (the Army Music Corps).

  The text, though, was modified and instead of “i en vintervärld” (“in a winter world”) Carola sang “i en sommarvärld” (“in a summer world”), to give it a special summer spirit.

  Carola celebrates this year her 20th anniversary as an artist and has released a greatest hits album which is currently #1 on the Swedish charts. “The Carola hysteria of the 80s is back,” wrote Aftonbladet in a recent article.


I thought Marie and Carola hate each other..... Menuda una fresca!!!

oh Jesus Christ...

don’t bitch

an artist covering a Marie song just means more money for marie, and more reputation for her as a song writer....

Don’t we has to be proud that another singer sung Marie’s song? I don’t know about Carola very well, why makes she hate Marie?

Cool! Although I don’t understand the lyrics, TRO is a real hymn for me. Quite ironic that it’s Carola who’s perfoming Marie’s song, looks like that bitching last year was totally exaggerated by the media.

can´t stand that b***h
she´s one of most hated celebrities in Sweden

Oh no, this beautiful song is sung by Carola?!

Yuk. I hate Carola too.
She is ugly and stupid.


Menuda una fresca!!!
what does this mean?

another Greatest Hits? She already released My Story album.

how perfectly awful - no one could ever sing it like marie !

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW carola that homophobe biyatch

Whether or not one “likes” Carola [or statements she’s made], her decision to perform this song at this event was intended to be a small tribute to Marie (and to set their previous differences aside).

Also, songwriters receive a royalty payment when another artist performs one of their songs... put these things together, and I’m rather certain Marie was pleased her song was sung.

Why do so many people here hate Carola? I can say that she is one of the most famous people in Sweden and without a doubt the most sucessfull female artist in Sweden. She is much bigger in Sweden than for example Marie is. And the gay-people is her biggest fans.

thank you lars-erik olson, i wondered if anybody in here would maybe get the idea that it was i sign of good will towards marie...

Is she bigger in sweden that marie.
Its strange that i went on to look up carola = 0
then tried marie = alot more than 0 lol :-P,
ps , same on amazon uk, and hmv. interesting.
Carola music not going far is it LOL.

“Where will it end, where will it END!!!!?????”

Well... Carola is very famous IN SWEDEN. I don’t think she has ever bothered to get famous in the rest of the world. So maybe that’s why you could not find anything from her at or those other places.
But when you search for Marie, her records come up, ecause she has an international career with Roxette, which makes her famous in other countries than Sweden, which also leeds to a bigger interest of her solowork outside of sweden.

I think that’s why Carola seem to be more famous in Sweden than Marie is, but it’s the other way arround in the rest of the world.



No no Carola is not gay. The thing is, Carola is extremely religious and said about two years ago in an interview, that gay people could be made healthy with the help of prayers! She received a lot of criticism in Sweden after this interview and later withdrawed what she had said. I lived in Stockholm for about 6 months because I made a work placement there and I got the experience that she is still very controversial, on the one hand she is called “The Virgin of Östermalm” (Östermalm is a part of Stockholm). On the other side, in a public survey a few months ago, she was voted “most popular Swede” and left Marie, Per and all the ABBA members behind her. By the way, although she said the stupid things about gays, her music is very popular in the gay scene. Hard to understand!

she withdrawed what she had said just for this reason, because a big part of her audience is gay and she was in danger to loose their support.. but anyway, I don’t really understand how people believed her. As things are, she will be performing at Stockholm Pride in short :(

Carola is a realy realy bad artist! And not so kind that som people think.

Doesn’t she has an own song to sing?????
I guess the whole meaning of this song includes “winter world”, It could sound stupid...


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