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Expressen gets lawsuit

Written by tevensso on March 17, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Today, Monday, Marie Fredriksson and her lawyer Leif Silbersky served Expressen the lawsuit that was prepared last week. As previously reported by The Daily Roxette, Expressen’s chief editor Otto Sjöberg is being sued for libel and incorrect information.

 The legal definitions are libel or coarse libel, alternatively offence or coarse offence, Silbersky tells

  At least one witness will be called, and that is Marie Dimberg, Marie’s manager. “We have received new information that they [Expressen] knew that their information was incorrect even before publishing it,” Leif states.


You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO MARIE, I hope you’ll win, you deserve it! And Expressen deserves it even more!!! :o)

Smash them up, Marie!!!
Give a lesson of good manners for yellow press!


is there anyone who finds it just a bit annoying that theobnlything in the press about roxette is this lawsuit..nothing about the music...

we have it too:
but they’ve also got some other rox news on their site...

Well done Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m sure you’re gonna win!!!!!


The website claims that Marie herself will be testifying in court.

I really admire her - Expressen went too far and Marie is holding them accountable. Being subjected to media lies is the “un-fun” part of being a celebrity and she handling it very well - she is standing up for what she believes in and making a statement that the media cannot make money at the expense of a person’s personal life and health.

I hope other tabloids are paying attention.

Expressen was sued by a swedish politician Gudrun Schyman too, ´cos they claimed on the cover that she will make a porn movie.
She won and Expressen has to pay for her now.
I am sure that Marie will win too.


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