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“Nox” plummets

Written by tevensso on March 14, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - “Opportunity Nox” falls from #11 to #23 today on the official Swedish singles charts, after only two weeks on the charts. Lack of promotion is most probably the key element here. The single is still #2 on the noted radio show “Tracks”.


Well at least it’s charting *pointing out to Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Finland*

...but what’s really stupid is that A-teens’ floorfiller is above Roxette. That song was released such a long time ago! And look who’s just entered the top-10 at 6...Sh*t!

This is not really surprising. No promotion, no success. That’s the way this business works. if Per doesn’t want to do promo without Marie, well, that’s the result. Maybe he should think about it again.

It’s sad really...

“Lack of promotion...”

No suprise, but understandable, with marie being ill though, i dont care, the albums going to do well anyway, so people wil hear ON that way . :-))

@ Anononymous above

#11 is bad for Roxette in SWEDEN. Look, it’s the opening single from the forthcoming compilation.

#23 the next week is even worse...

In holland we have to wait untill March 24 to buy the ON single, I havent heard the song either...

The only reason why ON gets video airplay is the video.

And who’s *really* surprised?
Hey, thast was to expect!!!
Shame, ’cause ON is a great song!


i hope theres not a correlation between ON’s lack of success and TPH’s potential success

Stupid EMI, start some promotion for ON!
The promotion for TBH was good, which directly had positive effect on the chart positions of TBH.

I think it’s sad the fact the ON falls in the swedich chart but I also think this goes to prove (just by a quick look to the chart) that no matter how tasteful and good a band’s music is there’s always room for crap in the music business, I wouldn’t be so worried for this little downfall but instead I am more concerned that Roxette keeps up the good work and pleases us all with quality material, as someone has already said in the comments.Roxette’s history and career is something that no chart or crappy one-night act can ever rival so we fans can rest assured that even when rankings fail to report it or bribed websites diminish their accomplishments, Per and Marie will always find buyers for their albums and singles, at least they have one sure buyer in me :) and as for US “picky charts” concerns....screw you, Roxette is too good for you, u don’t know what you are missing >:=P

But didn’t “A Thing About You” take a plummet the 2nd week as well? I thought it did. So, this is really not much of a surpise, is it? There’s so much talk about the single performing poorly and so much blame on promotion, but what about the single itself? I’m referring to the horrible tracklisting and the copy protection. With “The Centre Of The Heart,” there was a 2-track single and a 6-track remix maxi single release and NO copy protection. With both “A Thing About You” and “Opportunity Nox,” there is a 2-track single and 3-track maxi single. Quite a difference. Perhaps if Capitol made the singles a bit more interesting in terms of tracks and scrapped the horrible copy protection, their singles just *might* sell better. But what do I know? LOL. I’m just a fan who tries to think of logical marketing/promotion strategies.

Too bad......such a GREAT song. I was hoping that the single may be released in North America - maybe I’m a bit of a dreamer - but maybe ON will rise again next week :0)

Of course, itsn´t surprising, the song is not good enough, to be on top of the cart. C´mon everybody, Roxette can make much more better songs!!!!!. Besides this, it wasn´t the best choice for the first single of the album. Still loving Roxette after all....

Wasn’t the best choice for the first single? Hmmm. Unless you have heard “Little Miss Sorrow,” I don’t understand how you can say that. Also, by reading so many posts here at TDR, “Opportunity Nox” seems to be a fan favorite.

I know not a single non-Rox fan who likes Opportunity Nox. I don’t understand how this song could be called “great” either, for me it’s just a loud noise. And even though I like the video, it still can not save the song.

when i first heard the song i was LIKE yea this is so cool... but now... kinda cheasy... just bring the fuckin guitars back an get rid of the fake drums lol cant per just take sum advice from the fans for once?!?!!!

Anyway, as I said before, I still think that itsn´t a great song. In fact, I believe that this song can only be loved by Rox-fans, but not for the “ordinary people”. And even that, not all of us love it

I agree with the comment above about the song being a very TWATG song. Personally, I think it’s the best power-pop tune since “Sleeping In My Car.” When I first heard it, I was surprised at how much “Per” was put into the song. It does sound like it could have been taken from TWATG album. In any case, as I stated above, why so much fuss over the song hitting #11 in Sweden? Like I said, ATAY hit #14 and fell the next week as well. Yet somehow this is a bigger disappointment? Is the song officially over everywhere? I’m curious to know this, considering ’The Pop Hits’ hasn’t even hit stores yet.

I agree with the opinion from above. It’s a very Gessle-ish song and it might sound strange to non rox-fans like the TWATG album as well. It’s a fact that you can’t mess roxette by their charts-success only. They do much more for their fans than any other act i know and i don’t mean signing autographs only. I think that the fans in sweden aren’t the best, but the world is big and you never know where the songs will chart! Keep it up!

Is the new song out in Australia yet? I heard that the song has dropped on the charts, but how do I know if its good if I havent heard it?

Is there, or will there be a new album out?

@cruise - sadly, ON isn’t gonna be released here in Australia, but according the the EMI website they will be releasing TPH on April 15, keep an eye on it as the date is always changing.

BTW what part of aus are u from? it’s nice to see a new rox fan from OZ

I don’t care what people say about ON, I think it’s quite catchy, and I love it!! The single may not be available in Malaysia but I’ll definitely get TPH!

I don’t agree with the author. The key element is that this song is weak, boring and lacks any ideas or anything new.
That’s all.


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