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“Opportunity Nox” goes straight to #2 and #11 on Swedish charts

Written by roxeteer on March 6, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Roxette’s latest single, “Opportunity Nox”, goes straight to the top positions on the Swedish radio show “Tracks” charts.

  “This is great,” says Per to Aftonbladet. “We’ve been around since 1986, which is amazingly long in this business and I’m happy every time something works out like this. It’s especially nice this time, because the song is an honest 3-chord track, a descendant of the songs I wrote when I was a teenager.” Roxette has had over 40 songs on that radio show and is the biggest act ever on “Tracks”.

  The single also enters the sales chart, at #11, which is ten spots below “The Centre of the Heart” which shot straight into #1.

  Currently, Per is writing songs in both English and Swedish. He also says it really looks like there is going to be yet another Gyllene Tider tour in summer 2004, when the band is celebrating their 25th anniversary. Gyllene Tider will have a meeting this fall to discuss further about a possible reunion.

(Daniel_Alv contributed to this article.)


that’s amazing! congratulations per for your >> 3 accord

Wasn´t that *next* summer? *wondering*

Oh great!

It seems that ppl just like to listen to the ballads on the radio but actually go and buy the up-tempo singles..This is quite clear when we look at the chart history from Sweden, for instance:
Opportunity Nox #2 while ATAY #14
Centre #1 while Wish #4

Like Daniel_Alv said - it isn’t actually the sales chart! Ooh, bloody hell! :-(

yeah, the article sais next summer

and i can’t find that they say that it is no. 2 on the single charts, it sais that they are no, 2 on TRACKS....


Roxette is always doing very well in the Swedish charts, but what about the foreign charts? What about Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, UK, USA, South-America, Japan, China, South Africa,...?

@ Pascal

Well, the latest Finnish sales charts were published today and as expected Opportunity Nox did not chart. The same happened with ATAY...ON isn’t played on the radio and you can’t find it in the majority of the record stores. They have always charted well with the opening single from each album but not any more! Even YDUM made no. 7!

animalkingdom: Yes, it’s sad, but true...

But ON is a great song!

If GT reunions, I’ll the one going to Sweden!

Yeah, me too!!!! :-) That’s gonna be a great (and expensive) summer for sure! Never seen GT live, so maybe a dream is coming true next summer.
Det är GT för Rock ’n’ roll ;-)


haven’t seen GT live me neither, but i have seen the video återtåget live, and it’s is so great....

Alchemiste a.o.: yes, it’s next summer, not this. :) And it’s “Tracks”, not the official sales charts. I’ve changed the translation accordingly.

Cool! I really hope ON will be successful here in Germany. But I think it won’t. Why the hell do radio stations refuse to play it?? Promotion would be a really good idea! Will there be any? If not we can’t expect good chart positions :-( And I think this is gonna be the case.

I honestly cannot understand what this sort of verve is all about. It’s just another radio chart! Isn’t this Tracks just the same chart where Per got the idea for “Vulnerable” being one of the “Greatest Hits” (hit no. 2 in 1995)...

In all honesty, the Tracks chart is THE radio chart in Sweden, but after all it is just a radio chart.

what do you think they should call the tour? Återtåget 2?

Great news that ON is doing so well in Sweden.

And it seems like there is going to be a dutch invasion in Sweden this summer, I’m also going there.

why not number one ??/ what was no. 1?

no 1 on tracks was cardigans

yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! thats wicked!

and ooooooooh! GYLLENE TIDER!!! woohoooo! that rules!

So what is the fuzz about?? Roxette is Number 1 in other countries too. (Radio Charts) But somehow they still manage to flop the sale charts. :-(

tracks is a radiochart.... voted by the audience.... everyone that has a swedish ID no can vote at

the singleschart is published on friday

Th_Th: who the hell needs sales-charts ;-P

does anybody know, btw, when the picture was taken???
nice one, isnt it?

it hasn’t even got a chance to get in to the salescharts... it was released a week ago...


I do hope that GT will go on stage again...and I do hope to stay there to see my blue eyed angel playing!!!

i still don’t get whats so wonderful about the cardigans at all :)

Cardingans are ok... great song their last one...But NOX is better...Still don’t get it why we couldn’t see it on VH1 for ex. I remember ATAY was there very early...

Cardigans are great but Roxette is so much more successful...But it seems they compete in the same category nowadays.

link please!

does anyone have a link to the worldcharts?

No. 11 eh?

Looks like Rox can’t do with no promo.

I’m curious if all singles released in Sweden now have copy protection. Surely if I was a record buyer and saw a copy of a single I intended to buy with a “copy protection” sticker on it I would be less inclined to buy it and more inclined to download it for FREE from the Internet. If such is the case, in addition to the lame 3 tracks listing, #11 isn’t too bad, in my opinion.

Yes, as far as I have seen, this is the first and only single to be protected here in Sweden. Stupid, I agree!

LOL. Leave it to Capitol to f*ck up things for Roxette with this copy protection. I guess they really don’t want them to sell after all. Makes one wonder if this copy protection is hurting sales more so than not having copy protection at all. As for myself, I was going to buy the ’Opportunity Nox’ maxi-single but I decided against it because of the copy protection. I already have the 3 tracks downloaded from the Internet. I would love to have actual CD quality bitrate rips of the songs, but with copy protection, can’t do that. I guess I’ll just hope for a U.K. release with no copy protection. :/ Thanks again Capitol!!!

Hello everyone,

Opportunity nox is a great song and i partucarly like the FLAF live track because I was on that concert. Of course, i can’t hear my voice (so much the better, lol) but in such a way I couldn’t expect a better “present” from Roxette. Thanks Marie and Per.

Congratulations for the second position on the charts (who’s is the number one ?) next week it will be OPPORTUNITY NOX (and you’re not living in a box ...)



Could you please tell me if there is a videoclip to Opportunity Nox on the single? It is not listed there and I will buy the single only if I find the clip also there.
And if anyone knows, what does the word NOX mean?

nox equals knocks

It’s realy intresting .... but can anyone tell me about Europ chart too ?? :)

I think that the boxset would be a hit if it was
released world wide.

EMI should get right on it-
Marie too, they are her recordings.

I live in Iran. And In my country we ahve no charts like this! Actualy they are forbiden in my country! *It’s Islamic republic*..... I wish I could have an idea about how Roxette is famous in Iran :(

hellow i live in Belgium and i just love the single opportunity nox !!
lots of luck and congratulations roxette!!


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