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Expressen refuses to pay damages

Written by tevensso on February 27, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - “We’ll sue Expressen if Marie has the energy to,” states Silbersky in an article published today in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

  Peter Danowsky, Expressen’s legal ombudsman, answered Marie’s letter yesterday. The tabloid feels the apology published last Monday is enough.

  “Personally I feel it’s the height of impudence,” Leif Silbersky says to Aftonbladet. “Marie is in Thailand now, but I’m in continuous phone contact with her. I will recommend her to sue [Expressen]. It has been her intention from the start,” Silbersky continues. “The problem lies in her being in a delicate phase of her illness. But if she says she has the physical and psychological strength, then there will be no doubts.”

  This kind of personal slander is protected via the new EU rules. Silbersky will quote both Swedish and EU legislature.

  “It’s a deep violation of the personal integrity to publish false information of her illness like this. This is a crime of integrity,” Silbersky says.

(Camillarox contributed to this article.)


Marie - KICK ASS!

Walking like a man,
hitting like a hammer,
she’s a juvenile scam.
Never was a quitter,
tasty like a raindrop,
she’s got to sue!.

I think she has got to sue Expressen! She HAS to! They have gone much too far.

It is the responsibility and obligation of a newspaper to write the facts and the truth. If politicians or anybody else do something which is at least a bit unusual, press can blow it up.
But when a newspaper makes a big mistake, (and we know, not for the first time) this reaction, a pure apology should be enough? Maybe I am an idealist, but I do not understand!

The truth is the most important thing . It is very important to get real facts,and giving info is a right, honnor but also responsibillity.If “expressen” was aware of what ’s publishing so had to pay the price of its irresponsibillity.
Marie if you feel good enough , if you feel strong enough, if you and your familly can do this ....?
Than go ahead!!! Kick some asses!!! I am with You ready to help.

Yes. I actually think this is going to far.
Yea, wow...Marie for once in her life wants to donate money to charity... BUT, what if Expressen doesn’t pay? Will she then?
An apology I honestly think is enough... how can she be damaged if there is a formal apology and now EVERYONE knows it was false... no damages there I think...

The lawyer is obviously in for the money and prestige of working at a national level and on papers...

Once again: stinks.

IT is not the lawyer, he can’t lie ’cos he simple would get fired, right?
now look what he said “I will recommend her to sue [Expressen]. IT HAS BEEN HER INTENTION FROM A START.”

I am so mad right now I could just deck these people. I hope that you sew them big time Marie.

Marie wouldn’t want to sue them if she hadn’t the stength to do so. Of course the lawyer will benefit from it and maybe not buying that so-called newspaper would hurt Expressen much more than just having to pay that absurdly low amout of money. But people will always buy Expressen, they would never boycott it because they seem to be wanting to read things like that. So that’s probably the only chance Marie has. She’ll win, no doubt. Let’s support her instead of telling her what we want her to do. She knows very well what she’s doing and she would’t do it if she knew she would loose. The whole thing is about dignity not about money. Marie’s dignity is worth more than money! She’s got the right to fight about it.

”..delicate phase of her illness...”????

what does he mean??? :-(((


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