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“Ballad Hits” goes Silver in U.K.

Written by onlywhenidream on February 21, 2003 to .

LONDON - Roxette continues the crusade of Europe; EMI UK confirms today that the UK version of Roxette’s “The Ballad Hits” has gone silver, which is more than 60,000 units sold.

  Whilst the album still looks to remain on the UK top 40 for another week (somewhere around #35), this is still the most successful Roxette album in the UK since the first greatest hits collection, “Don’t Bore Us - Get to the Chorus!”, in 1995.


Great news! yet ANOTHER reason for EMI U.S. consider promoting Roxette in U.S. when TBH makes it to U.S.A

this is great!!!

i hope the same in the US!!!

viva Roxette!!!

ok, Now The Ballads Hits! must to be released in USA!!!!

true, but with people buying that, they can also get to hear the newer roxette aswell, so sales of rs/hand should sell abit better :-))

WOOOW GREAT NEWS in facts its UK so its really gre

thats really great, but i dont understand why in my local town none of the record stores have it listed any higher than number 50... i mean virgin has it at something like 73, whats goin on???? hehe

virgin, in a response to an email have said that their charts reflects sales in their outlets only. that’s why it is so low there.

The UK sales makes up roughly 7% of all copies sold of TBH so far - pretty impressive! considering its’s been just three weeks released!

May be EMI now feel that there is money to be made from the established artists (if promoted) as well as the newbies.

Need to pay the £80million contract for Robbie somehow!



and it has to sell some more in the uk

This i GREAT news! Roxette is BACK Dressed 4 SUCESS! :)

don’t get me wrong but maybe that result is what was expected - i mean using st valentine’s day as a mean to increase the sells. or maybe i’m just to pesimistic.

This is great!

i think Opportunity Nox will hit...

i have only one friend that disliked it... and he hates roxette

“Have a Nice Day” sold 75 000 copies so there’s still something to reach.


Now let Opportunity R O X!!!!!!!! hehehehehehehe

what a relief


Although it’s great ofcourse, I can’t help but feeling sorry that you need this amount of advertising to sell an already good product.
That said I must admit I haven’t got it myself I have almost al tgracks on CD already. But I’ll get it in due time.

why don´t all those Anonymous log in?

great album but y was’nt “i don’t wanna get hurt” not on it!!!!!thats a classic roxette ballard!!!!

I ´d like to know it too.

I agree that yeah, they came in and have been in the charts for three weeks and are likely no to be in the top 40 next week. But, over 60K of units sold is very impressive in just over two weeks. Virgin have said that TBH is Grade 1 material, meaning that it has a very good selling potential.

This is arguably what the UK needed - some kind of short sharp hit from Roxette. When it comes to it, USA are gonna release off the back of the UK success. It has sold large amounts in a VERY short space of time, it peaked at #11....these are what EMI UK will look at when thinking about promoting Roxette in the future, and I think the figures speak for themselves.

After I spoke with my contact at EMI UK, I was left with the definite impression that they were shocked as to how well it had done... almost going as far as to suggest that noone would have ever though it! So, whilst I agree with your predictions, I don’t think your reasoning is hitting the mark. IMHO


@Anon: your first Rox cd? :) Are u a new fan?


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