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Ballad Hits climb high on UK Charts

Written by steven on February 16, 2003 to .

LONDON - Roxette’s “Ballad Hits” has rocketed to the dizzy heights of number 11 on the UK album charts. It’s a massive jump of 12 places from last week’s position.

  Most of this success is undoubtedly attributed to the successful Valentine’s Day promotion, which has seen love struck Britons flock en masse to their local music stores in search of that special gift for the special someone in their lives. Some credit also has to be awarded to EMI UK who has uncharacteristically re-invested confidence in the band, not to mention a sizeable amount of money on some very expensive prime-time television advertising. Whatever the reasons, it’s an impressive result, especially when you consider that Per & Marie understandably weren’t able to visit the country in order to assist with the promotion of their release.

  Whether any significant meaning can be drawn from all this is difficult to predict. It will at the very least, however, send all the right signals to the other EMI franchises in other Roxette-deprived countries. Especially coming from a country that is notoriously stubborn in welcoming back what it wrongly perceives to be stars of yesteryear.


Excellent news! What else is there to say? Big cheesy grin :)

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! oh the cheesy grins are MASSIVE at the moment!!! woooooh!!!!

yeah... same here... really good to see.

Well, that´s Great! :o) nice to read it.....ROXETTE RULES

Hopefully Capitol UK and Capitol USA realize by now that Roxette albums should be promoted by TV commercials in the first place. A promotour in these 2 countries could help increase the sales.

OMGGG!! Is this really true!?!??!?!?! JIPPI JIPPI!!!

excellent news for Roxette and Roxette fans in the UK, I hope this is ht ebeginning of a new trend by EMI. Today the UK, tomorrow the world!!!!

So this is their highest position since????????? Anyone who can help please?

1995 (DBUGTTC - #5)

YaAAAy this is Great news
This made my day



Excelent news :)

what? #11? I want more!!!!!! hehehehe GR8 NEWS indeed!


Fantastic news - Let’s keep going!!
I hope this will give Roxette the come back that they deserve!!! I’m sure that the best of Roxette is still yet to come!
Well done P&M and record companies! It’s nice to see EMI UK do something positive for Roxette for a change! xx

I am soooo glad I get to eat humble pie!!!!!

number 16 / 17 pah!


Can I just say..*Clears throat*. UP YOURS all those who said Roxette were ’Past its’!!
*Two finger salute whilst doing a moony* ;)

Let’s hope this ia a sign that Roxette will return to their rightful place on this side of the Atlantic!

I say a big up yours to EMI UK .....this is what happens when you promote things!! amazing isn’t it! oh and they’re above your beloved Robbie too!!! (even if it might just be for one week) ;)


Now give TPH and Opp Nox the same amount of promo and who knows....we might even break the top 10!!!

Just a little hint.....release the single before the album ;)

I’m glad they spent monay on them and it was worth it for a change.....atleast now they can’t turn round and say it was wasted.

’AVE IT! ;)

It’s about time EMI UK woke up.

The album reaching 11 will be probably mean it’s gonna get shops storing in widely and (at last !) properly...which means it’s gonna be easier to get meaning they may crack the Top 10 next week.
If it does, maybe EMI UK should consider re-release “A Thing About You” (with decent number of copies this time, please !!) or release “Opportunity Nox” earlier than what they probably thought to surf on that success and set welcome for an even more successfull “The Pop Hits”...
Don’t you all agree ???

As I kept saying (Smalltalkers: feel free to switch off at this point..), I’d rather see The Centre Of The Heart released instead of Opportunity Nox.

TCOTH was never a single release over here, and it’s much stronger than Opportunity Nox (in my most humble opinion)

Yeah I totally agree.
“Opportunity Nox” is that kind of Roxette tune (like “The Big L., “She doesn’t live here anymore”,...) in which the UK market sees no appeal.
“The Centre Of The Heart” should have been released there and would have done good (had it been promoted).
But I can’t see why EMI would release it as the opening single for “The Pop Hits”. I think they HAVE TO release “ON” even though it doesn’t have the same chart potential.

I’d have to disagree on the TCOTH issue....its old hat now......should’ve been released at the time of Room Service....Opp Nox would fair better with the correct promo.

What can I say?? I would not have guessed such a success!! Even Germany, which is one of the bigges Roxette loving countries, didn’t brnig TBH higher than 11! Such news is just great. I can just imagine Per and Marie sitting at home and smiling at this news!
Does anyone know hoe ATAY charted??
I have to say, I think, TBH are going to fall in the brittish charts from now on though. What could it be promoted with now?? Valentines Day has passed...
I hope I am going to be prooven wrong... but this is just how I feel.
Shouldn’t this success have prooven enough for the US, to actually release TBH in their country now?

i really, really hope emi OZ has taken notes on this

I think EMI Aus will take notice alot of notice if it goes top 10. Its so close to the top 10 its painful!

TBH hit #10 in Germany in November, quite a tough christmas market. Anyway #11 in UK is huuuge for any non anglo-american band!

A Thing About You made 77.

@LEO:Heard anything about a US release? Are they looking at what is happening in UK?

YAY! :)
ATAY 77????????????????????

Yes, “A thing about you” couldn’t do better than #77.
But that’s no suprise considering many shops in UK didn’t have proper stock for the single.
As for the US release of “The Ballad Hits”, it is scheduled for April 22.
I don’t if EMI USA will release it or if it’s going to be another label but apparently the album is going to get an official release in the States.

Take a look at, they posted a press release by EMI earlier today!

Breathe is on the top 100 Brazil. see:
This is not the first time that EMI brazil release non single songs for example: I’m sorry, I don’t want to get hurt, Paint, From one heart to another...

wow... this is really a great news. I was actually doubt that they will make it, especially with compilation album which have songs that everybody already listened. But bow I know I’m wrong. Hopefully the Pop hits will be success too...
I love you Roxette!!!! (especially Marie!!!!)

Love ’breathe’ I have played it over & over again.
The background harmonies are exceptional in both the album & demo versions.


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