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“Ballad Hits” enters top 10 in Holland

Written by stevier on February 10, 2003 to .

AMSTERDAM - “The Ballad Hits” has entered the Dutch album Top 10 at number nine this week, jumping from number 39 where the album entered the top 100 last week.

  EMI/Capitol has decided to re-release the single “A Thing About You” in The Netherlands in order to re-create interest in the ballads compilation. The record company also launched a big promotional campaign with commercials on radio and television. In addition, The Netherlands’ most popular radio station - Sky Radio - made “The Ballad Hits” this week’s “Album of the week”.

  The ninth place for “The Ballad Hits” is the best chart position Roxette reaches in The Netherlands since “Crash! Boom! Bang!” in 1994. All the other albums since failed to make the top 10. In November last year, “The Ballad Hits” was first released in The Netherlands but the album didn’t even make to the first 100 positions.


I hope EMI/Capitol in the States are watching all this.

well with a bit of promotion just look what happens

finally sucees after so long shame with all thats going on with marie

WOW!! #23 in UK & #9 in Holland!!! These are great Roxette days. Both Roxette and we, the hardcore fans, deserves this after the hard times with Maries illness last year. US, wake up ,wake up!!!

Any info about the re-release of the single? Are those singles just the old ones, put on the shelves again? Or do we get something interesting? *g*

This is Great News! Rox is back on track in Europe! Does anyone knows how the album is going in Sweden?
Rox on! and remember that Opportunity Nox!

Almost Unreal....
I hope there will be some more airplay and showing of the videoclips on MTV/TMF/The Box
and then Roxette is really back.
Great news.

Heeeeeeeeeejsan everyone who congratulates us, the dutchies! Thanx! We deserve it (just like aaaaall other countries)
I’ve mailed MTV, and today i got the reply that they didn’t receive the ATAY and ON clip yet... that’s strange.. don’t know what is the new release date of ATAY, i would think its strange when they release it AFTER valentines day.....

A shame that the album didn´t entered the top-10 a lot earlier!

It’s great to hear that The Ballad Hits are doing great over there. I just wish some promotion would happen here in Canada so that we can finally get in on some of the action.
The last song released on radio here was WICF and it got no promotion which caused it to disappear as quickly as it came.

I’m sure if they released Breathe over here it would take off with a little promotion. Opportunity Nox would also be a perfect song to blast their way back onto the charts in Canada.

Come on EMI.....Promote! Promote! Do something to help us see the light over here.

I am very happy to hear that TBH is doing so well. I just hope that EMI Canada and EMI USA see this, and do more promotion for this great album. I am in Canada, and I bought mine from HMV, but there was no promotion for it. The day it was released, they didn’t even have it on the shelves, it was in the back still. They had only 5 copies at the one location I went to.

I agree, if Breathe or (and) Opportunity Nox was released here in Canada, and received airplay, I bet it would do great on the charts!

Promote it EMI!

Woah. Maybe these strong chart showings will actually give Capitol the *hint* that it needs to do some more promotional work next time around. If people do not know it’s out, they will not buy it. They need to create awareness, even if it’s a little work here and there. And it’s even better when the fans take action as well. Thumbs up to everyone who is helping!

I’m so happy that the album has charted and there will be a re-release of ATAY!

I don’t understand how this album has climbed up after being released back in November?

Hopefully EMI OZ will pickup on the idea that promotion helps sales figures. I haven’t seen a Rox promo campaign here since CBB!


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