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“Ballad Hits” enters UK album chart

Written by steven on February 9, 2003 to .

LONDON - Roxette’s attempt to capitalize on the British’s love affair with Valentine’s Day has got off to an encouraging start. “The Ballad Hits” has entered the UK sales chart at a respectable #23. This is Roxette’s highest position on the chart since “Don’t Bore Us - Get To The Chorus!” went to #5 in November 1995.

  In addition, it is EMI/Capitol’s second highest new album entry and their third highest selling album last week.

  Continuing with the Valentine’s Day tie-in, the excitement continues tomorrow (Monday) with the UK release of the single “A Thing About You.”

(xarrrr and animalkingdom contributed to this article.)


See what a little promotion can do EMI?


We knew it anyway, but to see it officially here -GREAT NEWS! Now, if only they’d play the tv ad a bit more often ...

Yes, encouraging is the word here.
Glad they peaked at #23.
Don’t think “A Thing About You” will make the Top 75.
I’d love to be wrong though.

all is about promotion....

i think you can sell anything to anyone with a little promotion

I fully agree, promotion does wonders...and Roxette needs LOTS ’cuz ATAY is a GREAT SONG!!! THE VIDEO TOO!!! C’mon all ye radio stations... LET US HEAR ATAY!!!

Hey! This is great! It is nice that UK finally gets some good Swedish music! Rox on!

If EMI were to repeat that great little telly ad again tomorrow evening (Monday) and again during Corrie, then I’m certain ATAY would break the top 40 next weekend.

I agree. And they sure would deserve cause “A Thing About You” is probably one of their best singles ever and WAY better than most singles featured in the UK Top 40 these days. Personally I think it should be a Top 10 hit no less.

everything has to do with PROMOTION.SO EMI WAKE UP!!

We at The Daily Roxette believe that Capitol USA has taken a “let’s see what happens in the UK” approach to the Roxette release(s)... as the US release was “delayed.” Therefore, anyone (like me!) hoping to see a release in the States had best encourage the fans in the UK to continue – or even increase – their support of Capitol’s marketing efforts there. Beside the obvious (getting all your friends to help call the radio stations [just no e-mail spamming]), make sure the record stores have the album displayed at eye-level [if possible, without making the record store employees too mad]. LOTS of other groups have so-called “street teams” that go out to promote THEIR favorite band... so if a couple of you can get together... it can be a lot of fun to go OUT and take some action. Putting stickers up (as we did once in NYC) can be problematic because a) you’ve got to get them printed and b) they tend to deface property... but... I’ve got what I think is a GREAT idea!

CHALK!! Get some red/pink chalk... go to high traffic areas (where LOTS of people pass by)... and draw a big heart on the sidewalk (“pavement” in the UK) with “I’VE GOT A THING ABOUT YOU!” written inside.... and perhaps “New Roxette CD” outside the heart. Chalk will wash away... so it’s not permanent graffitti. How about the sidewalk in front of a radio station? WOW! Please play “A Thing About You” for my girlfriend/boyfriend (who cares whether you REALLY have one... it doesn’t matter... it’s just to get a DJ’s attention... and maybe give them something to mention “on the air”) ... with only “ATAY” inside the heart.

Wow. Brilliant ideas Lars! I encourage all of you UK fans to keep the promo going! :)

that really is great news. personally i dont think ATAY is going to do very well, because of the total lack of promotion, however now that the ballad hits has reawakened interest in roxette, things might start to get better...

this is great! to see roxette in UK again! i hoppe that ATAY could be a success in uk! roxette need get more success in important places like UK!!!
rox on!!! lol!!! i´m happy!!!

wow! gr8 news! they “entered” the charts at a respectable position of 23. Lets hope this position climbs more!!!


#1 on SWR3

lars great idea i also don’t know if its illegal int he uk but i put up self made flyer to the ny gig at virgin megastore in my place of work and at all the bus stops i used...i managed to get 3 people to go

ok, this is kinda weird. i’m glad that its number 23 in the charts here. but in my hometown its number 21 in the woolworths chart. its number 52 in the HMV chart. number 27 in the ASDA chart. and its not even available in the virgin store.

in addition the only place where you can buy the single from is virgin.

whats going on here in telford?!

I bought the single from HMV

nice one Lars!

i got ATAY this afternoon :)

I work in a HMV store and i would just like to say that there chart is just simply “made up”. roxette went in low down in the chart before it was even realeased!!!! went in to chart on a monday morning even though it came out that day!!!! How that is justified is beyond me!
Roxette rule, the new video and song are absolutely superb!!!!!

Later all.

Best wishes Marie.

TBH is Radio 2 album of the week, so a bit more promotion.

Oh Lars, really... encouraging us roxers to do such a thing! Tsk! ;)
Isn’t that illegal in the UK peeps? Street graffiti?
Curses! LOL!

just shows there are fans out there!

YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSS !!! As of today Ballad Hits is at no 17!!!!! and ATAY is selling well!!!!!


You can see it at Wh Smith Official top 40 Albums....I went into their shop in Kingston yesterday and the chart was there, and the album itself had a big NO 17 next to it!!! I will check out the HMV listing tomorrow...fingers crossed!!! And while I was running around, I left serviettes with Hearts and ATAY written on them!!!hehehehehe c’mon Uk fans tomorrow is Valentines Day!!!!

Today (Wed), the album is placed at 53 in HMV, but really, you should pay no attention to shop charts. The official UK top 40 on BBC TV/Radio is considered the industry standard...

...and so far, indications are positive, at least for the album.

Now it is Nº 13 in the Official UK Album Chart according to


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