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Mats “MP” Persson writes song for Swedish film

Written by Jud on December 10, 2002 to .

HALMSTAD - Gyllene Tider member Mats “MP” Persson and the Swedish chart-king Ben Olander are writing a song for the upcoming Swedish feature film “I Skuggan av Värmen.”

  The movie is a screen adaptation of Lotta Thell’s best-selling novel of the same title and filming will begin early next year. It’s the story of a narco-dependent night guard, and her fighting man, a police chief.

  “It feels great. I am doing the music and Ben is writing the lyrics. We have some songs from which to choose. But it feels right now that it will be a poppy, mid-tempo song,” explains Mats to Expressen.

  “We have been thinking of making the song a duet. Actually we have thought of having Ben and Anna Lönnberg sing it - they are locally well-known here in Halmstad - but we are also considering other options. This is a new and exciting experience,” says Mats. One of those “other options” appears to be the popular Swedish singer Eva Dahlgren (best known to TDR readers as one of Marie’s closest friends). She’s at the top of their list of possibilities.

  In addition to this project, Mats has produced and co-written Ben Olander’s new album, “Insikter”, which has been recorded in Per and Mats’ studio Tits&Ass in Halmstad. You can listen to the snippets of the songs on Ben’s website.

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Wow! That was very sucessful for the composer. I hope that this Swedish film was also released internationally. I wish I could watch the movie maybe someday


It’s a blog only with some brasilian fans It’s very funny


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