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The Ballad Hits reaches Top 10 in Portugal

Written by Heart_2002 on December 1, 2002 to .

The latest compilation release “The Ballad Hits” by Roxette has now landed to the Portuguese top 10 album chart at #9. The last time they reached the top 10 was with the Spanish ballad compilation “Baladas en Español” back in 1997.

  The album “Have A Nice Day” in 1999 only managed to reach #12. Two years later “Milk And Toast And Honey” received huge radio airplay and the listeners loved the song but that didn’t allow them to chart with “Room Service”.


Can anyone please tell me about Portugal charts and their importance? Does this means something BIG!?


@Anonymous 12/1/2002 23:03:
What you say is to talk with roxette: almost unreal.

can i just say that the person that the person above me mention is either american or austrialian or english cause we only type like that!!

well any way i have a load of friends in portugal and they recon rox can still hit no1 yet if they want to!”
but i dont see what difference it makes either way cause it should be the uk or american that they should hit properly,, cause we export the most music!!
* if anyone disagree’s then sorry, im just putting my point across!!

laters mark andrew fredriksson-gessle!!

p.s. my name is this one! i had it changed by law!!

I’m not sure if you are talking about me or an “Anonymous” above here, but I am not
American, Australian or UK.
I’m from The Netherlands.

This article is incomplete. You forgot to mention DBUGTTC, which remained at the top at nr. ONE during 4 or 5 weeks (mostly because YDUM was endlessly played on all radios). No other Roxette album did this well on the Portuguese chart.

As to what relevance this piece of news has, it is as important as knowing that Belgian fans got to meet Per or that the album won’t get released in the UK.

It’s still sad that knowing how well (compared to other countries) Roxette do in Portugal, they still haven’t come to play a concert here.

Qual é a importancia se o album e ou nao numero um no nosso pais? Ja deviamos saber k a mentalidade consumista do nosso publico e comprar um cd que tenhas tdas as cançoes conhecidas e nao um k seja alvo de um pensamento mais medrioce pois pode so conter 1 ou 2 cancoes boas e o resto nao presta. As pessoas nao kerem gastar dinheiro em Cds por isso compram so Best Ofs...noa me surprende por isso k o DBU tenha sido numero 1 nem ke o TH estaja no top ten....isso a mim nao diz nada, mas sim diria que um album com musicas novas pudesse cativar atencao de mtos sem se queixarem do dinheiro k gastam...mas a nossa mentalidade musical e esta (minha de certeza...nae é!!!)

Francisco: nao axei petinente dizer k o DBU foi numero 1 porque isso era um dado adquirido, o facto de o TBH ter chegado ao top ten foi uma info k dei por comparação as vendas dos albuns anteriores terem sido mais isso...

Na vida é importante saber gostar de fazer o que se faz... os Roxette adoram fazer musica nao importa como nem porque...mas sim fazer o que coração manda...ser numero 1 ou nao ser nao e um objectivo, pode ser apenas uma pequena vitoria mas o mais importante e continuar sem pensar nos resultados...os Roxette sabem k ainda tem mtos fans..isso e mais gratificante do que tudo n importa se vendem 10 milhoes ou se so vendem 1 milhao...a musica acima de tudo. Kem gosta td bem kem nao...paciencia...

that was agood news for me at least it entered the top ten not like here
were in their fans are no longer active .But still I already hjave the copy .
bye !!!!!!!!!
It doesn’t matter if it reached what no. in the charts so as for me they’re
always no.1 in my heart and they continue to make music for us

Mabuhay ang Roxette forever!!!!!!!!


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