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Per Gessle’s web design company lays off employees

Written by tevensso on November 27, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - The web design company Famestudios, owned in part by Per Gessle along with Bonnier, “IT-Guru” Christer Sturmark, and ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus, has fired their project managers and programmers. The reason is, according to the company’s CEO, Ludvig Werner, an isolation of core business.

 “We won’t manage the web productions ourselves anymore but outsource it to other companies. We will focus entirely on digital events,” says Ludvig Werner to Dagens Media, a trade publication.

 In this area of digital events, Famestudios offers, among other things, consultative services for interactive events that can be connected to physical events.

 Famestudios earned a modest 1.5 million Swedish crowns last year, while they, at the same time, lost 6 million.

 Among their clients are the record companies behind Roxette and ABBA, whose official sites are designed by Famestudios.

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guess this is why has not been updated in content for a long time!

I am not having a job at the moment, do you need a new webmaster for ;)

I’d like to work with You, to You, for You!!!!! :-))

yah, me too........ :)

I will do your pr! - It’s the only thing I can do :(

Does anyone else find that the quiz on the .se site is really dodgy with some questions and some answers missing? Rich

Famestudios has a REALLY crappy website. I’m not surprised noone wants to work with them :-)))

All the web designers lets do this together!! I will contribute with the flash/photoshop work and someone can do the development server side scrpiting. We will do it cheap and it will be fun plus a great thing to show in our profiles! :D


Yes i did not see the answers or the questions many times in that quiz, i fill it by ear, so i hope i have luck.
I was wondering myself what is wrong with why it has updates only someytimes?
It was a good concept at the begining.
Please Per, let’s all be the next year MTV’s Best web site winners!!!!!
So ppl, wich site should we say it’s the best one, and let’s support it!

It seems Telecom & IT crisis has reached Fame Studios. Thousands of engineers, designers and programmers are being fired all around Europe, FameStudios is just another one that bites the dust.
I can’t say that this piece of news has surprised me, specially because quite probably i’ll become one of these unemployed engineers in a couple of months! :( Hey, Jud, let’s found a brand new consulting group! Any other wanna join? :)

I am thinking!!! Eric always knows what he and his team is doing!


Hi Agus,

The crisis you mentionned is similar here in Canada. I have graduated lately and guess what, it’s so damn hard to find a job! I’m not a telecom engineer, but it affects me in some way...

Bonne journée! Have a nice day!

@Rich-UK: I totally agree with you.
I thought my computer was not working well, but now I know there’s something wrong with the website.

Dear Bunny,

i gave you a letter @ TOTP 2001....

what did i write?

FIRE THE F*CKING HEAD OF LAMESTUDIOS CUZ HE AIN’T GOT A CLUE! (t’was about usability of a website for promotional purposes)

(dun’ remember his name anymore) well...

FINALLY you did :P~

Give Judith and pietRO the Job, they’ll blast the co.

I think it is really depressing that so many people get made redundant these days... I don’t think anybody in todays world is save in what kind of job they are in...


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