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“Charm School” snippets leaked

Written by tevensso on January 24, 2011 to , and .

(Updated) - This weekend Roxette's forthcoming album Charm School leaked from French online store Qobuz which put up snippets of all songs from both CDs. Fans were fast and recorded them. Subsequently the snippets have been removed on EMI's request although the snippets are now all over YouTube and this reporter thinks that EMI is fighting a losing battle. Judging from the circa 30 second long snippets, fans are in for a treat!

Update: (Some different) snippets are now available on iTunes and JPC.


well if the album is sent out to various people outside EMI, what do they expect?
And seeing that some DJs and reporters got it too, and who knows who else.. I am afraid the album will leak, fully, somewhen.... :(

And i cannot say anything about the snippets because I haven’t heard them yet. Will wait until I have the album :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

The clips are overall a dissapointment, too many songs in the “underproduced” style of Entering your heart... which was a nice song but I don’t feel we need more... anyway... the album seems weird to me... LOVE Big Black Cadilac! Marie Rocks that song! Anyway overall judging to the clips the album feels weak... but at the same time it is nice that we have new music to listen to :)

Half of the songs appealed to me instantly. The other half I know will grow and grow on me. I know I am going to love this album.

Loking forward to hearing the full tracks... you cant tell by clips.

I listented to the snippets once, and loved most of the songs. Only When I Dream stands out still for me...

As for the leaking of the snippets, I agree with Thomas and that EMI are fighting a losing battle. I don’t really see what harm having 30 secs snippets out will do though? Surely it just makes people more excited to listen to the album? It made me want more thats for sure!


I think the snippets sound really good! I´m sure we´ll love the album!
Thank you so much Marie and Per ! ! !

Puh, the headline made me afraid the full album is on the net! Can you call the snippets a leak at all? I mean they’re naturally meant for promotion and should appear on the shops in 1 or 2 weeks anyway. Is there a standard timeframe to put out snippets for a release?

The 3 clips I heard sound fantastic!!


I’ve missed that so much: people who don’t like the video and want a new one, people who don’t like the style of the new single and wish for a better version and of course those people who listen to 30 sec snippets and are able to judge the whole song.
Funny Roxette fan world – always interesting ;-)

Everyone loves these snippets on FB. Ill try not to listen to them and wait for the whole album. For me its more fun that way....but its hard to resist he snippets..

@Sascha: One would hope...

I was disappointed when I heard the snippets. None of the songs moved me. However, it’s nice that Per & Marie are still rockin’ and having fun!

just LOVE EM
Marie Vocals r just SO F********************** Amazing
dear good :)


You know what’s interesting? I would’ve never known, or heard that these snippets had leaked online if it wasn’t for TDR...but I think we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later...I think it was more of a question of “When will it leak online?”

Not a total loss, it’s only the snippets.

Agree that 30 seconds are not reflection of the song’s potential...You see the 30 seconds of She’s got nothing in this clip is very boring but the song is much pop and energetic....I liked the preview....Well it makes me smile and above of all it’s such a miracle to hear Marie’s voice again....I liked “Nobody makes it on her own”....and I want to dedicate it to some very special friend living by the sea as the song mentions about sea
“In my own way” seems like Part II of Crash! Boom! Bang!

By the way can anyone please tell would Charm School (the song) would be released as bonus or B-side? See this Wikipedia page and click “Outtake”
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

In truth, I did not know what to expect from a new studio Roxette album after a 10-year break but I think I was one of the first to hear the snippets in the early hours of Sunday morning and I loved what I heard. Each track sounded fresh and very Roxette... I think the crew have done a fantastic job with the production of this album. Marie’s voice sounded heavenly in some tracks that it brought tears to my eyes. I also love the high quality of the live CD, people buying the deluxe album will most definitely want to see Roxette on tour, and it is something you cannot miss! Roll on the February release date... this UK fan is not waiting till April...

As for the snippets I can’t stop playing them, off to tackle the ironing now and listen again on my iPod! :p

Oh no, I won’t listen to low-quality-Snippets. You have to be dissapointed by doing so, because the whole concept of a song with all it’s augmentations and special moments gets lost when you ripp 30 seconds out of its context. Not mentioning the quality of those snippets - it just tells you nothing about the song!

So, I think I will walk the old-fashioned way to the CD-Store, come home, switch of the phone and listen to uncut songs in stereo-quality :-)

Coolbluez, Per talked about the song in the last TDR interview. He thinks it’s a top song but the production didn’t work somehow. It won’t be a b-side for now, but will probably appear on a record in the future. So they might record a new version of it.


I haven’t heard the snippets yet, due to the same self-control that some of you are trying to maintain.

However, TDR seems to be the only place with some negative valorations about the album... all I read in Roxetteblog and in Youtube is totally thumbs up... strange, but everyone has his/her own opinion. Anyway, less production and acoustic treatment would be perfect for me. I want to hear the whole albummmmmmmmmmmm


The album somehow feel very country and it feels like they have given Marie alot of creatve control to sing the songs in her own style like her solo albums (hard to explain) to me all the albums Per has made with proper demos sounded way better than the ones he did just accoustic... Mazarin was the last Amazing album he did (according to me) in the style of Pop Rock that they are in and after that all songs was just luke warm...

He must go back to the old style of doing things... there is a reason why that style made him successfull


I suppose they just didn’t want to repeat themselves and, of course, make Marie feel free and important for the band. I have heard some of her solo stuff and I think I understand what you mean.

I just like a lot the somewhat raw SOAP album and I’m imagining something like that in terms of production. Don’t know, I’ll tell you when I listen to it!

I’m starting to understand what Clarence meant when he claimed this to be the best since Joyride. I can’t say that it is, since I haven’t accually heard the album, but judging by the snippets I say that he might be right.

@Lennon People like you speak utter crap... ’you can’t tell anything from a 30 second song snippet’ Trust me you can tell a lot!

I didn’t have to many expectations for new songs and i was really surprised as i heard those magical songs on sunday morning! it sounds realy fresh and interessting. I would call this as new son-of-a-plumber creation with maries voice. It is different to the old stuff but of course welcome in a music gaga-world like now

I have to admit to being one of the people who couldn’t resist to listen to the snippets - and I was very impressed with what I heard. The fact that SGNO seems to be the song with the heaviest production on the album appeals to me - all in all the songs sound very warm and organic. Of course, this is a matter of taste. Besides, I think hardly any fillers have made it on the album and the songs boast a great deal of diversity - there are obvious Gessle-ish references to the 60s/70s (“After All”) as well as songs which couldn’t sound more contemporary and heavy-rotation-made (“Only When I Dream” - a potential #1 in my book, which I can’t get out of my head), ballad gems (“Speak to Me”) and power pop (“Way Out,” “Big Black Cadillac”). I was especially surprised with Marie’s vocal performance on “Speak to Me” and “Only When I Dream” - as brilliant as ever! I think we’ve got a good reason for looking forward to the release of the album. Can’t wait!

PS: If you’d like to help Roxette stay on #1 with German’s biggest radio station (Per himself liked this on Facebook!), hop over to, click on “Abstimmen” and enter your details. You can listen to the SWR 3 charts online every Sunday from 7 to 8 pm (

Sounds good!
it’s a mix of all their styles they have produced over the years.
when i should compare this sound with an album, then i would say it sounds like “RS”.

big black taxi sounds really fresh! Should be a single, just like “Way out”.
Can’t wait for the whole album!

I’m in total love with it.....
Let’s start comments on every song:
1.Way out:

Cool lyrics but to my opinion, shouldn’t been an album opener. Somehow drumming reminds me of the drum sounds in Stupid but bit slower or NKOTB’s hanging tough....

2.Nobody does it on her own:

What a beautiful song, strong title, beautiful vocals and amazing lyrics ’did u ever catch sunset right across the ocean?” wow....I miss my stay in Karachi sea side and time spent with a very good friend there....I dedicate it to my golden time spent there...

3.Nothing on but radio:

Good guitaring....nice uptempo song....

4.Speak to me:

Nice hopeful song, I love when Marie uplifts the song. Brings the thrill and smiles to my face, wish I could play it loud while driving on autumn road in night.

5. I’m glad that you called:

Oh what a lovely perfect ’even when it doesn’t matter now’

6. Only when I dream:

Cranberries type song...very very fresh....lovely..

7. Dream on:

Hmmm, it’s also such a fresh song..somehow it reflects Roxette is recollecting all the experiences they have had over past decades and explaining it in form of some lesson.

8. Big black cadillac:

Hmm...don’t like it that much...again ’digging for gold’ ...reminds me of not so favorite Jefferson.

9. In my own way:

Sounds like Crash! Boom! Bang! but it’s highly romantic song to me...what perfectly written lyrics.....”I’ve painted the sunset” amazing.

10. Afterall:

Really wanted Roxette to do this type of song. So philosphical. Tells that what is written in destiny happens:-) ...

11. Happy on the outside:

Looks like ’they could’ve been SO HAPPY TOGETHER” or like Looking for Jane has “As time has gone by, it’s always harder to laugh”..and as before ’what can I do about it?” comes again in the form of ’there’s nothing I can do”...

12. Sitting on top of the world:

Sequel to Almost unreal starting stanza...what a perfect winter night song....I certainly start to miss my mother who is in UK these days as I hear this piano tune...I wish I could sleep in my mother’s warm arms...while I can sing this song to her as I would feel the comfort and security there in

Wish this album be released tomorrow
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I think it sounds fantastic (no I do not have superpowers, but I do know what I will like when I hear a piece of it!!!).

WAY OUT sounds awesome, can already imagine live at those stadiums :-)) And another fave of mine is Dream On, very Son-of-plumberish style that I like.

So yeah, shame on me, but I am way more excited now that I´ve heard those snippets.. :-P

I must say - it’s a MASTERPIECE this album, from what I can hear.... The only thing strange to me is that they would start the album with a song like Way’s too....mid-temp?? And “No One Makes It On Her Own” might take “Spending My Time” off the throne as the best Roxette song ever!! Can’t wait to hear the rest.

This album will ROCK!!

I would have started the album with “Big Black Cadillac” - GREAT song - GREAT, in fact.

And Marie shows she can still kick ass!! You go, girl!!!!!!

I wish to God that Roxette will make a few more albums in the coming years - they still have so much to give!!!

Yeah, “Big Black Cadillac” is great, “Dream On” sounds like “Om Du Bara Vill” from Mazarin and “Speak To Me” makes me think of “I’m Sorry” from the CBB album.

@Coyroy: Do you remember the early review by Italian website?
“The first one, starting with an acoustic mood – almost country – turns then more electric, with nice guitar sections” may be it changes to upbeat like Things will never be the same or I do believe.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I think its really hard to judge about songs when you only have heard short snippets in low quality. Normally I´m not the one doing this, but this time I have to ...
I´m really impressed and a bit suprised - in a very positive way. I have suspected the worst for the new Roxette-Album but this sounds just awesome! Im sure that this Album is the very best Roxette Album of all times. To me it seems that both - Per & Marie - doesn´t care about what people think and say. And thats what you can hear - it sounds just real, eben the snippets!! And I think the whole songs - and especially the complete Album - will sound even more real. I´m proud of being a Roxette fan!
I just love the text which is inside the actual KID ROCK-Album, it says:
If it looks good - you´ll see it! If sounds good, you´ll hear it! If it´s marketed right, you´ll buy it ... BUT ... If it´s real YOU‘LL FEEL IT.

Per & Marie — YOU ROCK!
Thank you so much, see you on Tour!

Love to all the fans around the globe!

From what I’ve heard on the snippets I’m liking the sound of the album, it’s a bit like Look Sharp! Joyride, Crash! Boom! Bang! and Have A Nice Day all mashed up.

So far my favourites are

1. Big Black Cadillac
2. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
3. Only When I Dream
4. Sitting On Top Of The World
5. Way Out
6. No One Makes It On Her Own
7. Speak To Me
8. Dream On
9. I’m Glad You Called
10. After All
11. Happy On The Outside
12. In My Own Way


The UK Shouldn’t Get Left Behind!


I have to sya I was very apprehensive as to what the new album might sound like. Marie sounded hollow and very uncomfortable on the change( english solo) and it broke my heart hearing her struggler at times to sing notes she did in her sleep. that being said if the snippets are any clue this album is going to blow rs out of the water. it’s a mash of the stones, bob dylan, abba, solo per and marie with roxette gluing it all together. like it or not here is my breakdown

1. Way Out... per lied no more guitars yeah shouldn’t be the album opener tho in my eyes....this song would be huge on radio
2. No One Makes it on Her Own ...reminds me alot of the carpenters the strings simple rythmn and marie is heaven
3. She’s Got Nothing on (But The Radio) ....should be the album openers where it’s sequenced on the album doesn’t work
4. Speak to Me there’s an interesting dynamic in the song and as always marie owns it ace of base ish in production kinda
5. I’m Glad You Called almost unplugged different from the party crasher production which i liked alot..if they don’t duet this on tour with just acoustic guitars i’d be disapointed
6. Only when I Dream it’s apowerful duet very very nice production
7. Dream on woulda been great on twatg it’s got that beatles vibe
8. Big Black Cadillac an odd yet cool song
9. In My Own Way i loved the jill johnson version this is more subdued, it’s 60’s girl group kinda it’s something that woulda made a great background song to a 60’s love story
10. After All more twatg influence oddly i could see british or adult contemporary radio loving this
11. Happy on the Outside a very subdued ballad i like how you can kinda hear maries swedish accent more for some reason
12.sitting on top of the world it’s got an entering your heart vibe and reminiscent of the ballads on partycrasher more of a closer like go to sleep than my world

overall it’s a hell of alot better than room service which frankly had a few songs that should been held over as box set filler....if this album doesn’t eclipse room service in sales then the music industy is obviously dead...i hope they make a different single choice if the release in the states....overall i am simple so happy hearing them together again and actualyl sounding content and ..i dont’ even know how to describe it’s as if this was their first album the first spark of magic returned from back in the pop/ls days and said hey remember me lets make some music together :)

so say we all

@Coyroy: Excellent review...I truly agree with Way out and radio position could be problematic...Rearrangments have a altogether very different impact, for instance PAP, CBB, HAND and RS were released with diferent positions of songs in our country and that list makes it better listening than the original playlist,...

But really friend, happiness is beyond any explanation. Room service doesn’t compare at all with this amazing album...Room Service was very boring and weak
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

“In my own way” made me burst into tears all of a sudden. No idea why, but not ahsamed either.

They did it again.

PS: Somebody else likes “Way out”?

Directly from the top drawer.

You’re not alone, Way Out seems to be a fan favorite!

I’m fascinated by the album. I didn’t think I could put my favorite album into doubt. But now I have to do it. Charm School will be as good as Joyride and Hand. Or better!

Many people has already said, but i have to agree that “Radio” didn’t explain what the album is about. However, I do like the new single. I really do.

Every song has it different power. The delightfully magic of Sitting on Top of The World can bring tears in any eye in this world! I’m not lieing.

The up-tempo numbers are so good and mature. After All is my favorite. I can see a Rox-Beatles squeeze! Dream on and Way Out still in the same vein.

Big Black Cadillac is more powerfull. Marie proves (well, she didn’t need to prove anything to anyone) that her voice and her talent is untouchable. What a song!

The Ballads are slower than the old ones. Some are under-produced in a good way. It’s undoubtly not bad in “I’m Glad You Called” and “In My Own Way”.

No One Makes it on her Own and Happy on the Outside is the type of songs that I need to hear completely. But i’m already in love!

Now, my favorites. I’m Shocked. I can’t believe they did these 2 songs. I can’t believe they did it again. Speak To Me seems to be a masterpiece. Marie again takes us to another level of music. It SHOULD be better than IMHBL or Spending My Time or LTYH. I can’t wait to hear the full thing.

Only In My dreams is a gen. A mid-tempo that turned me back to “Fading Like a Flower”. It’s a kind of song that could be number one in 1991 and 2011. I’m proud to hear that!

Roxette is on top, After All!

Agree with edufs. Speak To Me and Only When I Dream sounds like they were recorded in 1990. Absolutely superb. Big Black Cadillac sounds good, really promising, Way Out too. I really like Dream On, everytime I hear it I remember Clarence’s cembalo solo video on Snowfish. I love I’m Glad You Called PC version and I was scared about how it will sound, when it’s about 45 secs shorter. But Rox version is really nice. Hope there’ s more strings in the end of the song, hope that song grows. Happy On The Outside sounds promising too. She’s Got Nothing On is good first single.
I think that combination of singles in order SGNO (jan), Speak To Me (apr), Big Black Cadillac (jul) and Only When I Dream (oct) could smash the hitparades. Don’t believe that very retroish songs or subdued ballads can win the charts.

Wish really Speak to me is as good and as powerful as IMHBL, FLAF or LYTH...
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

As far as one can judge from 30sec-snippets, I have to say I’m totally blown away from the new songs !!!!
There is only one out of twelve, which is not my cup of tea (Big Black Cadillac). The rest is totally amazing and overwhelming!

Like some other’s, I didn’t expect too much, but now we are back on the Joyride again... That just feels so right!
Hopefully it’s not too early (before I heard the entire album), but: thanks Per & Marie for the great music!

So much great ballads! The ballads of the past 10 years were ok (M&T&H, Breathe, Reveal, ...), but I was missing on them. These are way better! They are closer to the classic Roxette ballads from 1988 to 1994. The whole album seems to me, that it’s a continuation of the years 1994/95 and that we are now back in 1997 or 98 with this album.

My thoughts:

1. Way Out: A typical Rox-album opener, but maybe “She’s got nothing on” would fit better on position #1 because “Way Out” seems to be mid tempo. Not an obvious single-candidate like “Crush on you” or “Real sugar”. But when the guitars chime in, it really kicks ass!

2. No One Makes it on Her Own: A classic ballad. Very clear and pure sound. Great vocal performance by Marie. The most obvious single #2.

3. She’s Got Nothing on (But The Radio): Great catchy chorus! Big hit potential (maybe not nowadays in this crazy music business). But the music during the verses is a little bit too overproduced for my taste. I also wished Marie would have more vocal parts in this lead single. To most of the people from the outside Roxette is Marie plus this guitar-playing-guy (even if Per did take the lead vocals in at least half of all Roxette singles, and curiously mainly on the lead singles).

4. Speak to Me: Not my favourite, but a really nice pop tune! Have to hear the full song to judge. At least M&P singing together.

5. I’m Glad You Called: 1000 times better than Per’s solo version! So acoustic, so pure and so warm. The strings are just fantastic in this song. Marie sings outstanding on this one! They couldn’t have done it better! One of my favourits! Would be a nice single in my little world.

6. Only when I Dream: A great pop tune. I always loved the songs, where P&M both sing a verse. The last second of this snippet one can hear, that Per sings the second verse. Very promising! (I would also love to hear the original demo - maybe on the next single?).

7. Dream on: Very 60’s style. I love it. You can’t compare it to “Church of your heart” but this song first came to my mind by listening to “Dream on”.

8. Big Black Cadillac: “Make my head go pop - Part 2” ...and out of this reason it’s the only song I don’t like. Much too much overproduced and just fuss.

9. In My Own Way: “Crash! Boom! Bang! - Part 2” ...and out of this reason I do like it very much (the keyboard line in the background sounds exactly the same - but in my opinion it was a very good idea to use it on a new song!). The clear strong guitar makes this song very outstanding. I heard the version from this other female singer (I can’t remember her name) a couple of weeks back for the first time via internet, and my first thought was: why the hell didn’t Roxette ever record this song before? - Maybe it had to lie around for 25 years to grow and to be mature to be released. This is with clear distance my favourite on the new album! I got goose bumps by listening to it! Marie’s voice made me almost cry. Wow! I never believed Roxette could come up with songs like this again...

10. After All: Very much 60’s. Reminds me of “Daydream believer” by The Monkees or maybe some other 60’s pop tune. My second favourite on this album. Per at his very best!

11. Happy on the Outside: Sounds like a classic 80’s ballad to me, which I do love so. Also great vocals by Marie! So much great songs at the end of the album! No big hope to see them released as singles.

12. Sitting on Top of the World: Not one of the best of this album, but a very good closer. The sound makes one dreaming away... Dreaming ... dreaming of a follow up of “Charm school”.

I really agree with the you!
Maybe a could include Way Out as the fifth, No one Makes It On her Own as the sixth and Dream On as the seventh (Like Joyride) HAHA.

I know I will change my mind a bit when the album comes out.

“In my own way” sounds very similiar to the Demo of “i love how you love me” in the last few seconds.

don’t know what songs i would choice for the next 2 singles :-D
“way out” sounds cool, a bit like bon jovi.
“Speak to me” could be great too, but i must hear the whole song.
“Only when I dream” sounds typical roxettish. This could be a single.
“Big Black Cadillac” has very modern sounds and it sounds so young and fresh. But maybe to similiar with “sgnobtr” to be a single.

This would be my favorites for singles.

btw: I like the PC-version of “glad you called” more than this one.
the strings on this here sounds very “plastic”, not real.

i must admit i´m impressed! i didn´t like the first single when i first heard it, and i thought the whole album was going to be like that. but now i´ve heard the rest of it (barely) i changed my mind. like david4 said previously, it´s like a mixture of all rox albums. my favorite by far, speak to me, marie´s vocals are intact! and it reminds me of surrender or something like that. love it!!!

Snippets now available on iTunes. Charm School is now available for pre-order on JB Hifi’s website in Australia. The momentum for Roxette is gathering pace.

I can’t understand how can those snippets do some harm??

They are for promotion!
In my opinion sniippets must be out even before first preorders of album are available.
In matter of fact if they were out early and i’ve heard early what i heard now i would preorder that album long time ago.
And not just one copy.

EMI battle is not just lost -it’s just stupid adn i fact such battle may do the harm -not “the leak” of snippets.

I have to ask: Why do so many of Roxette’s fans think that the new album would be crappy??? I mean.... the last few months I have read, here and there, such bad comments. There are actually some fans who think the album would be a piece of shit.

For the love of God, if you guys think the album would be shit, then go buy a fucking U2 cd, and leave the Roxette camp then....God!!

I think the new album is VERY progressive, in a MUCH better way than that weird HAND album and the demo collection of Room Service....I think Roxette lost their way in those days, but now....Good mighty Lord, they have found it again!!! I still think CBB and Joyride are the best albums ever, but this one is 3rd on the list.

And the second song made me cry when I heard the snippet - it has the most beautiful melody I have heard in a long long time. No one makes music like this!

Is it just me, or does Marie have a higher pitch in her voice??? My imagination? She really sounds great! Per makes her sound young and vibrant....He has this immaculate talent for writing teenager pop - which in turns, keep us all young. I will still hop around to their music when I’m 60!! Not only because I want to, but because it’s so damn difficult to sit still on a Roxette song. Even the sad songs move you in a way that is indiscribable. Marie has this uncanning talent of making the listener part of the song. She makes you BELIEVE in what she is singing. Why Roxette hasn’t sold 140 million albums is beyond me. The world needs this kind of music - even if it doesn’t realise it!!

ROXETTE FOREVER!!!! God bless Per and Marie!! Thanx for coming back!!

WOW!!! That could be THE comback! Of course its to early to judge on these snippets, but all the snippets sounds so great! Not over overproduced, so Roxettish, so fresh... can’t wait to be able to listen to Charm School!!!

I’m speechless, I love it....
“Speak to me” gave me goosebumps, especially the way Marie sings it... what a woman!

They’re back!! I cannot wait to hear the whole album! Thumbs up - welcome back Marie & Per!!

“It’s really crazy to stay sane!”

Sounds like a great album. I like the snippets and it makes me hungry for more. When the CD is out I will have nothing on, but Charm School. Whenever I can.

Haha, its funny watching people review it on snippits.

Well, only with 30 sec snippets, i could hear 3 possible number one on charts, the very best o the album for me:” Only when I dream”, ”Way out” and ”Speak to Me”.

I’m just so happy with the sound of Charm School. With Per and Marie back together... The sound of their two voices together is just the best. I can go on, write a review but... I dunno. Each song is too valuable to me to formulate an early opinion on. All I will say right now is that I’m excited. I’m like a little kid waiting for Christmas day. Knowing that I’m getting something fantastic. I know I’ll cherish this album. I hope that you all do too. :)

Wow, I was not expecting something so inspired. It’s like they are a new band. Speak to me, Only When I Dream are the best ever, they are retro and new, soulful, heartfelt and total hits, these will be on the radio for sure. I can’t decide which one I like the most.

I did not like RS at all and had all my hopes on a fresh Roxette, they have done it, this album is why I love them.

OK, I am so excited. I just listened to the snippets 50 times over. BEST ROXETTE ALBUM OF ALL TIME.

Ive been a fan of Roxette since I was 6 years old in 1989 when the look came out.

I must say from the 30 second clips I kinda feel a bit dissapointed(yea yea i know its a miracle that there is a new Roxette album) but I cant help but compare it to their previous albums. This really feels more like a SOAP album with marie featuring... I think in general people who like Roxette for their greatest hits songs wont really like this album much..

Maybe the beatles, retro sounds is just not for me... I feel HAND album was a step in the right direction but that was so long ago so I dont expect them to make an album like that more than 10 years later.

Maybe my opion will change after hearing the whole album, but I find it a bit funny ppl say its the best Roxette album when they have only heard 30-second clips...

But to be more positive big black cadilac sounds like it could be awesome... it sounds modern and Roxetteish something I wish the album was more like!

I listened to the snippets on itunes and liked what I heard. Lika ll rox albums, there are a few songs that stand out straight away and some that will grow on me and some that don’t really do much for me. But all I can say is I’m excited!!

Someone mentioned something about Marie sounding like her solo stuff, and I actually was reminded of The Change when I listened to her on some tracks.

Hurry up Feb!!

Oh and thanks itunes for the IMHBL snippet. Half of it is taken up with the audience sing-a-long!

HAND was defenitely a very well written, composed and produced album but unfortunately due to lazy and attraction less videos made, the singles didn’t get very popular and then not enough promotion, no tour. Since only one solo album of Per Gessle TWATG was released here in Pakistan, so I really have no idea that how did SOAP or other recent albums sounded like....for me it’s really ROXETTE.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be


I Agree 100%... The album will grow on me for sure but It is just not as strong as HAND... to many different styles in the album They are a pop rock band that is what they should be doing...

anyway... BBC sounds great

added an additional link to JPC store.. should also have different snippets, cannot tell since I haven’t heard any ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true


Stay strong Jud :-) I’ve not listened either, who knows if there’ll ever be another Roxette album after this, I want to go through that discovery journey of “first time play” one last time ;-)

why has iTunes in the UK now got ’She’s Got...’ available for download...? The release isn’t until March...and that will surely ruin any small sales Rox gets inthe UK? This is crazy!

I have to say the new album sounds immense! Loving it!

@OWID, I can’t believe you qestion anything in the UK !

I know - when will I learn...(hey, that sounds like a new Roxette song!)...maybe we could write the lyrics for Per...a song about EMI UK...

..when will they learn, when will I learn...EMI UK suk... etc etc

It’s strange isn’t it! But, with no one apart from a handful of UK users here on TDR and RoxetteBlog knowing that its out, I can’t see it hurting sales when promotion - the term ’promotion’ is used loosely - starts?


I honestly don’t think ‘SGNO(BTR)’ will be the first single release here in the UK. It would be pretty pointless to release a track that EMI and the management know most fans in the UK have bought months ago... It’s like asking it not to do well in the charts, there are only so many copies of single I need to buy and I ‘officially’ purchased it twice from HMV and Amazon when it was on sale there the other week, I am not buying it for a third time! I think the least the UK deserves is a different lead single release to the album... otherwise what would be the point in delaying the album by so many months (something I still cannot get my head around). This has to be down to EMI UK, they really are pointless!

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I just found a Charm School Megamix, 7:16 long, AWESOME!!

Thanks for sharing...I found longer previews here
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I guess now we should save our excitement till the official release...........
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

The longer preview makes the album sound alot better... Marie is sounding really awesome...her vocals sound better than the room service album which I really thought would not be possible!!

@Roxwriter: I’m with you! I’ll be waiting until the album is in my hands to listen to it. Even though it’s going to be very difficult to hold off!! I was on iTunes before & had my finger ready to click on ’Glad you called’ but managed to stop myself : P If I listen to the snippets then i’ll know how all the songs go & the surprise is over! I’ve waited 10 years i can wait another couple of weeks (I think!) ;-)

I am so glad I have heard the snippets... has made me more excited to hear how the whole tracks come together... pleanty of fake ’leaks’ out there right now too.
But LOVING what I have heard... pining for more!!!
The excitemt will be even more for me, as I have been excited to hear what I have and I will have a 2nd round of excitement listening to the rest of the songs in full!!!

I really hope this wont be the last Roxette album, it would be awesome to have a Tourism 2 album or even another rarities album 1 day!!

Tourism 2 would be really great, I totally agree with you. Would be perfect for a Tourism 2 next spring. And then a new studioalbum the spring after that *dreaming*.

Indeed, they can and must release Tourism II. I’m liking “Sitting on top of the world” the best till now.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I really hope Per reads all these positive reactions and tells Marie about it... they deserve to know!!!

Still not heard any snippet apart from “I’m glad you called” and your comments make it more difficult for me:)

Judging by all the comments this has to be the best Roxette songs in a long time. I can’t even remember the last time so many people posted so positive comments on new songs.

Well, I couldn’t resist listening to the snippets - I usually regard roxette as a guilty pleasure, but I must say that what I’ve heard so far by far outweighs my expectations. I felt after Room Service that they should perhaps think about calling it a day - but I’m very happy to say that I’m eating my words. I haven’t felt this excited about their material since the early 90s... It’s fresh, strong, and it’s got the roxette ’attitude’ which was missing from HAND and RS. Adore Big Black Cadillac. Bravo! Can’t wait for it to land in the UK...

Speaking of which, slightly off topic, weren’t we promised some UK news last week? Does anyone know what’s happening with releases over here?

Up on the 101

I knew I couldn’t wait till the album release so I listened to all the snippets and i just have to say that I love all of them, Marie sounds amazing, speak to me is so magnificent, the whole album sounds fantastic, it will be a success I’m sure of it, respect Per&Marie!!!

Its good to read so many positive reviews, my expectations for the new Rox album were not high especially after I heard “the Radio” which is a pretty weak song in my opinion, but if Charm School will only be one fifth as good as LS or Tourism I will be pleasently suprised.

the extended snippets oh gosh it’s so damn good..if this is the last album they are going out on such a high note :) so say we all

WOW! All of you who have the strength to resist listening are going to be blown away in a few weeks...I already am now and I am sure hearing the album straight through will be even better.
Based on these clips, I agree wholeheartedly with Clarence’s comment about this being the best since Joyride. There is a matureness to the writing and such an effortless feel to it all. It really sounds like they are just doing this out of love and it sounds great on them. The early comparison to Look Sharp ! has turned out to be false in a way. This album is defintaely a fresh take on sounds like no other and could end up being my very favourite of all.

Per, if you read this...PLEASE play these songs live this year. Of course pull out the hits but for god’s sake, these songs need to be heard in all their glory! I am going to be a very proud Roxette fan when the album comes out and I can play it for my friends. :-)

AND a proper live album?!?!

Thank you Per & Marie!!


JB Hi Fi, said they will have it instore 11th Feb.

The songs are great! I’m really surprised. Why did they choose SGNO(BTR) as a single? It’s the worst song of the album! They should have chosen something else. Anyway, the album sounds like a really upgraded Room Service, which is a good thing. It doesn’t sound like Joyride and Crash! Boom! Bang! at all... I do think that Marie sounds bad in some tracks, but in most of them she is doing a wonderful job.

Good work Ausrox. That’s where I’ll be buying it. I’ve seen JB stock Mazarin and the Roxbox. Now to listen to these extended samples! The album is sounding great. A couple of dud Marie sung songs by the sound of it the only disappointment for me.

Can’t wait to get the cd. From the snippet so far... Way Out is my favorite. I really like it!! :)
I want to play it on Rock Band or Guitar Hero!! :)

the megamix link above combines the low quality and new good quality samples and extends them a little. The album keeps getting better.
Lets hope Way Out isn’t planned as a single too late like Crush On You was and misses its chance.

AusRox said: JB Hi Fi, said they will have it instore 11th Feb.

Well that’s good news. Too bad I don’t have one near me. Hopefully BigW or Sanity stock it. Though i’m tempted to order it from

Hi RobS, give them a buzz... they will tell you.. I have seen online that BigW, Sanity, JB will have it. Sanity of course have it at insane prices so avoid.

I don’t think, that SGNO(BTR) was a bad decision for the first single. In my eyes it has a really strong chorus, maybe the strongest of all songs. We just know this song a bit longer than the others, so it makes it more “uninteresting” now.

If we would hear SGNO for the first time as the other songs, we would love the snippet. i would bet on it!

@Peterpam: I agree that we don’t find anything new on that song so we want to listen to others....Well I like Only when I dream till the time Per doesn’t speak up:-) Looks like Marie is singing in her thoughts that Per wakes her up by saying “ONLY WHEN I DREAM” and then she starts to sing on high note.........lolzz...
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

When I first heard Way Out I thought it sounded rather cool and that it could be a single, let’s hope so, I reckon it has some potential there.

Way Out
Only When I Dream
Big Black Cadillac

are soooo extremely addictive I can’t stop repeating them in my head. These are drugs to me it seems.

Gone from iTunes Sweden now...

Also gone frome i-Tunes, The Netherlands...

But i heard SGNO on radio3 today !!

Yeah the snippets disappeared early yesterday I think as I’ve not been able to hear the “itunes snippets”, only the extended medley mp3 that’s floating around.

In good news though, RoxetteHits is currently sitting inside the pop 100 albums chart on UK itunes. It’s at 93 =D

Ooh, and the Charm School BACK COVER!!! =D

Edit - sorry for the double post but I got excited.

BTW Tevensso do you know how the album’s going to be packaged? Digi for the deluxe, or all versions eco-friendly like the 2009 Re-releases?

UK release April 4th.... Ok...

Up on the 101

Slightly different snippets now also at

It seems to be SO GREAT! I’m looking forward to listening the whole album! :)

I don’t know, but from pictures I’ve seen it seems to be a jewel case.

these soundsmuchbettah!

The full album is available on some illegal sites since Monday! The Question is : Would You?
The new album is very good. Marie’s english accent is unfortunately not up to scratch and last 2 songs are a bit hollow but other than that it’s great!!!

The more I hear Speak to Me, the more I am convinced it is one of the greatest Roxette songs of all time.

Only When I Dream, is a close second. These are such heartfelt songs, not like the hyper supped up Roxette ballads from HAND and RS. These are breezy, unforced and emotional.

Black Cadillac is so awesome, so is Way Out.

Unbelievable... I love the snippets....

Elvis Presley - king of rock
Michael Jackson - king of pop

pop on!

Entertainment or death...

just on a side note (has nothing to do with the snippets actually...):

“She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” is increasingly getting airplay in Swiss radio. Climbing steadily on the airplay charts ( : compiled of the amounts of plays in the last 7 days), sitting on #57 tonight with 82 plays in 7 days! It got 15 plays today (that’s a record so far, more and more stations take the song into their programme:

So, guys, it’s looking really good :)

Good progress.....I’m loving the lyrics of I’m glad you called....may be it is close to a similar situation in my life so I desparetly wait for the album to be released.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Is it just me or does the chorus of in my own way sound exactly like love how you love me from the anyone/love how you love me demo we got years back and...

the chorus of Dream on alot like dream dream dream from the everly brothers?


Just clicked “Way Out” ... more or less by accident (!) ... on facebook and I’M LOVING IT!

I didn’t want to listen to snippets but what should I do now? Listen to the rest of all the snippets or be strong and wait until the album is out? I am sure this will be one great album ... I can feel a Beatles-vibe, real warm instruments and a great catchy, driving tune ... Everything I wished for ... Roxette at it’s best. So exciting!

@joyrider Wait until it’s released, I couldn’t, and know I can’t stop listening to the snippets on youtube, I’m afraid that I’m gonna get tired of it before I even got the CD.

I think it feels a little like a “Mazarin 2”.

I’m looking forward to listen the whole album! Sounds really great! In my opinion “Big black cadillac” is the strongest songs. Can’t get it out of my ears ;-).

Just downloaded the new Roxette Android app, and it has different 30 second sound clips to listen to!
I’m loving the sound of this album.

——–“Speak to me”—— should be definitive a single ! This is an absolutely wonderfull , perfect song. I can‘t wait buying the album and hearing the whole song. I really hope the play it live at the tour !!!! Unfortunately the did not use ” the sweet hell the sad goodbye ” ( same style..) on this album so this song again can‘t get into an official album although it should have the power to be again an number 1 ballad with its perfect arrangement. If there would be an championship in song writing / producing then Per Gessle would be an 10 times Champion maybe the best around the world. He has so much ecperience an sence to do strong songs I‘ts unbelivable. I really hope that this album calls again many old/new fans to show how strong Roxette can be. I also hope that they can blow away all those bulshit music played nowa days like lady gaga ...

Roxettes Music is like an timless elegant Mercedes. ( e.g. SL- or CL class model) It‘s not to much sprotive an short living like many other artists. Its an high quality product with charme, power ,own style and of course history. I really hope they do an additional concert in Vienna, Austria. And I have to thank Marie who made this comeback possible.– Great-

I hope the bring again 2 drummers and of course Jonas Isaccson to the concerts. It shopuld be defently better for the show if they would go more into an rocky direction like on the chrash boom bang toour. whats you opinion?
Spoken: Just a Fan since 1989.

Well, that’s odd. Do you think we’re in for “In My Own Way” as a second single, then? I think very few people who have listened to the snippets would have considered IMOW to be a single. Please don’t get me wrong: I don’t mean to say it’s a bad song but I don’t exactly think it has got outstanding radio qualities... “Speak to Me,” “Only When I Dream,” or “Way Out” would probably have been more obvious choices. But it’s all happy guessing for now - we’ll have to wait and see.

Not really odd since ’In My Own Way’ has been previously released. It will show up on lyric sites

I haven’t had a listen to any of the snippets yet. But it’s so tempting sometimes listening to some of the comments. I think I shuld be able to last to Feb 11.

I just listened to the whole album and all I can say is WOW!! A couple of re-listens on a couple of tracks will cement them more... But Way Out, Speak to Me (AMAZING) Only When I Dream and Sitting on Top of the World are standouts!!

Not sure why they put I’m Glad you Called on the album but I can see why they placed it after Speak to Me.

Awesome!! Cant wait to buy my very own copy!


Hang in there dude! :-) I only listened to the snippet of “I’m Glad You Called”. I’m with you on this! Stay strong. Savour that feeling when you first listen to it PROPERLY ;-)

This COULD be their last ever album, so make it worthwhile!!!!

And remember, us AUSSIES are getting it 3 days BEFORE the rest of the world!!!!

So always bear that in mind when you feel the need to give in... stay strong!!!!!


Not long to go...

From German TV ad, it looks as if Speak to me would be the next single.....Is it confirm that In My Own Way would be the next single? As it resembles CBB and CBB didn’t do very well on charts so...........
I listened to Speak to me and it’s very perfect song, very much Engimatic feel to it....Mature Roxette...
I dont understand that how come the album is available to download even before it is released? Isn’t it responsibility of EMI to take care of that?????
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I must admit, I found it.. But I will be buying it. Listening to it now is like a preview and from that preview I will def purchase!!

I wonder if the cover will match the remastered?


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