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“Charm School” leaked

Written by tevensso on January 30, 2011 to and .

As expected now the full album, both CDs, have leaked to the Internet. According to TDR's sources the originating IP address is Swedish.


Well I won’t be downloading it! I’ll wait until my CD arrives.


Early in the morning I got an SMS message about the full album is available through the biggest russian social network
What’s happened?
Gyllene Tider forever!

Someone got the album, ripped it and uploaded it.

Superb!! Stunning album.

downloading now!! Can’t wait to listen to it in full.....Of course I have ordered the CD as well!!

Terrible News :-(

The internet has brought good and BAD things to music. This is one of those bad things.

Guys, don’t download it. Even if you are buying the CD in a few weeks time, this isn’t how Per and Marie wanted you to hear it. They want you to flip through the booklet, look at the sleeve, read the linear notes.

Many of you will argue “I’m buying it anyway” but still, I don’t know, kind of like looking at the bride before she walks down the aisle. Just wait. Be patient.

You’ve waited TEN years, what’s 2 more weeks?

Sad stuff.

I already bought the LP, so I am downloading it now :D

i whant listen all songs only when i have my original cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Per beated himself with Speak To Me and Dream On. Best songs he done in years. And Marie sings amazigly. Charm School is really good, well-balanced, I’m surprised to say true. I think it’s more natural than last two Rox studio albums. You can feel the joy from the music. And once again - Dream On is masterpiece and Speak To Me MUST BE a second single!

This is BAD :(
But as you wrote above, it was to be expected... I guess those who are to blame know who they are
Marie Fredriksson Online
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I think we knew this would happen sooner or later... I am surprised though it originated from Sweden!

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... only if you let it.

I’ve managed to not listen to the snippets so far, i’m gonna try to wait for the CD.

as I know, someone in Moscow, Russia already got album approximately on January 28th. You need names? :)
I even guess who send it to them :)

Do tell.

well I wonder how it made it from Russia to the rest of the world ... doubt all who have it now downloaded it from the russian site..
Marie Fredriksson Online
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Its all over the place!! Record companies do it all the time, Gosh Per could have himself... it generates interest now... my partner heard it and loves it, asked me to buy him a copy when it comes out. So thats 2 purchased from one download. Pretty good!

It is sad but perfectly normal Im afraid! I got new Adele 21 Cd few days before it was released so Its nothing new.I checked and CHARM SCHOOL is all over the internet now It has spreaded really quickly which says there’s a quite big interest in it! Let’s hope it sells as quickly as it gets copied!!

+ 2 for those who don’t use mp3 players
- 200 000 for others who may actually preorder cd or buy it on itunes before the leak.

Don’t tell me that in the hard econimic times lot of people won’t think twice before buying something that they already have.

Well Jud!! After few hours its everywhere. This is the internet for us. I got it from US site Isohunt where It is available for last 4 hours!

Its incredibly tempting to download with the uk realease date being out back til april and all...
I could wait two weeks... But 3 months...?

of course I know it’s internet...but it’s not like internet alone automatically shares the album. There is always a who behind.
Marie Fredriksson Online
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Even if it didn’t leaked, it was almost sure it will appear on the internet as mp3 as soon as it was on the market, so the same ppl that use mp3 will do the same, two weeks later . Fans that can afford it will buy it for sure. I have quite a big collection now and i will buy always their cd’s. And Mylene Farmes’s too cause i like her too. It’s a form of respect for their work. I work, i have a salary so i buy. But i will listen to them prior if they are available. Why in the world not to? I mean i am a fan, i want to listen to them as soon as possible.

All it takes is for one [should I use the word selfish] person to rip the CD they have been given and upload it and then in hours others follow uploading it elsewhere and it’s can be found anyone without so much as hard work looking for it... I guess this is the future of music but there are those of us that may download it but still go and buy the official release in February and in my case the UK release in April!

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I will really try do resist...

We ’ll propably never know Who leaked it first! Does it even matter! Maybe it does for Police If we naive enough to believe they care!! I just wonder if the person who uploaded first was Roxette Fan or dit it for money or just to share it? Anyway It’s out there!!

Let me check.. ah yes it is 2011.. Gosh ppl get over it.. It leaked, whoever thought it wouldnt must be living in the stone age..

Why dont you just enjoy the album and discuss the music!! Enjoy this happy time :)

Honestly, I really love you TDR guys and I think you’ve been doing an amazing job for all fans. But, well, I’m really in two minds as to whether you’re doing Roxette a favour by publishing news of that sort. I know, it is news, and it’s interesting to all the fans out there - but considering that TDR is amongst the top entries in Google, I guess this will be read by lots of people who won’t buy the album if they can download it. Well, I know you can argue that people who want to download a record illegally will find ways of doing so anyway - but we shouldn’t make it too easy for them, should we? Well, anyhoo. I’m looking forward to the official release and love reading all the positive reviews! Keep up the good work!

Speak to me is a definite highlight! Should definitely be a single. Just listened to it once, so will need to digest it a bit before i comment more.

Annoying..seems I have to stay away from all Roxpages until 11th of February to avoid the spoilers....Great to hear so far that it seems to be a great great album!
I’m waiting for my CD and will never do the same mistake again which I did with “Roomservice”. My fave band is something special for me. Real music from a real CD not dead files downloaded from a server.
But have fun all of you ...I won’t read here any further now... :) Want to make my own opinion in some days.....only some days...I’ve waited for 10 years.....who cares about 11 days more... :)

I have to say mr jefferson that my initial reaction to the news was the same!! Is that really right thing to do the tell about it to everybody?
Is there any other more interesting news to tell.I might be selfish here cos I would’ve had downloaded it anyway as well as bought it but for some casual readers it might be good source of information where to find it.Or not?

amylane2701, absolutely. I don’t understand why the UK release is so much later - it will breed this type of action. can someone explain why the UK date has been put back so far?

Big black cadilac has potential to be a big big should of been the first single...

I cant get over how great marie sounds on this album!!

Per really does write his best music when with Marie!

The Daily Roxette couldn’t hide this news.
Some fans in facebook boasting from early morning that they listened the entire albhum.

@marc-rox: If music companies will not release albums worldwide at the same date, than all this discussion about leaking is uselless. If custommer want music, he will never wait. He didn’t wait in 2001, he’ll do the same in 2011.
This leak two weeks before release date is something different, but nothing unusual. Can’t imagine I’ll not buy this album. First of all I’m a Rox collector, second this album is f*****g great.

@Emil_BG: Yeah, come to think about it, they probably couldn’t since there are so many other channels (such as fb) where people can get their news and information from. I just hope the whole leak issue won’t do too much harm to the sales of the album. Mind you, the fact that “Charm School” is #13 in music on this morning seems very promising. Would love to see them hit #1 in the charts again.

Here’s my review. (after 2 listens, so of course my opinions may change)

WAY OUT: A typical ‘Per’ Roxette song. Sounds like it could have been lifted from Crash!Boom!Bang!
Not going to be one of my favourites I don’t think but it is nice and VERY catchy so it could be a grower!.....a good pop song! 6/10

NO-ONE MAKES IT ON HER OWN: Marie sounds great on this one. At first it does seem a bit flat, with no big strong powerful chorus like the best Roxette ballads have, but then it picks up after a couple of minutes with nice “oh oh oh oh oh” backing vocals, a guitar solo and then some vocal acrobatics from Marie that make me love the song and suddenly it all makes sense! 9/10

SHE’S GOT NOTHING ON (BUT THE RADIO): A good pop song. I wasn’t a huge fan when I first heard it and I still think they could’ve had a much stronger comeback single, but it’s quite nice. 6/10

SPEAK TO ME: Best song on the album (or at least it seems that way after 2 listens. It’s not a conventional structure....seems more like 2 choruses rather than verses and a chorus. Marie’s voice is incredible on this track and it is a classic Roxette track and a textbook example of why Roxette work. Per and Marie’s voices compliment each other perfectly here. This needs to be a single. I would go as far as to say that this is one of my favourite ever Roxette songs and I’ve only heard it twice! 10/10

I’M GLAD YOU CALLED: Certainly not one of the highlights from Per’s ‘Party Crasher’ album in my opinion, but Marie’s voice certainly breathes new life into it! It’s much gentler than the original. I love the vulnerability in Marie’s voice here. 8/10

ONLY WHEN I DREAM: Another prime candidate for a single. Catchy chorus, both Per and Marie singing. Classic Roxette really! 9/10

DREAM ON: A nice enough song, but not exactly very exciting. Sounds like it should be on a Per solo album rather than a Roxette one. Quite boring. 5/10

BIG BLACK CADILLAC: Every Roxette album has one. This is the ‘7twenty7’ or ‘Make My Head Go Pop’ of Charm School. Even Marie’s voice can’t save it. Sorry, does nothing for me. 3/10

IN MY OWN WAY: Thank God for that. Back to Marie’s voice.......and that’s what makes this song. Quite a nice track made into an excellent track by her vocals. It builds up nicely to the end of the song. 8/10

AFTER ALL: Dream On- part 2 basically. Wasn’t one of them enough? Boring. 4/10

HAPPY ON THE OUTSIDE: Love the beginning of the song.....sounds like it’s been lifted from some chill-out dance album, then weirdly by the chorus it seems to have a more conventional drum beat. Marie sounds great as usual. The song itself falls a bit flat though. Sounds more like b-side material. Might be a grower I suppose. 6/10

SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD: The way a Roxette album should end....a beautiful, chilled out Marie ballad. Not another ‘Beautiful Things’ unfortunately, but it’s very very nice nonetheless. 8/10

OVERALL: I have mixed feelings about the album. Of course I have only listened to it twice, so opinions might change, but there are some great, classic Roxette songs that will be some of my all time favourites. There is also some filler that should never have been considered for the album. On the whole though Roxette still sounds fantastic in 2011. If I could make one other criticism it would be that Per seems to have come to the conclusion that Roxette works best when he sings most of the uptempo tracks and Marie does the ballads. I disagree with that though, and if this album lacks something it is a great, uptempo Marie track. 7/10

I have to disagree with all of you. For me, the album is boooooring, too slow. If you feel sad, this is your album! I like the rocking version of Roxette, and that one is not in this album. I thought Big Black Cadillac was going to be a massive song, but it finally didn’t work for me. Way out is too mid-tempo to start an album. Speak to me is too repetitive. The rest... they all sound as B-sides. I’m sorry to tell this but they had it really easy to have some success with this album as everybody wanted to hear about Roxette again, the Marie’s illness recovery was a great plublicity for them, but they didn’t do their part. It’s an album for fans, and it will pass by like that. Anyway, that’s what Per wanted this album to be, so well done, but all of aus in the deepest of our hearts wanted it to be a success, and that’s not going to happen. Bye!

My point of view...

Way Out - 7/10
No One Makes It On Her Own - 7/10
She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) - 10/10
Speak To Me - 10/10
I’m Glad You Called - 8/10
Only When I Dream - 9/10
Dream On - 10/10
Big Black Cadillac - 9/10
In My Own Way - 6/10
After All - 6/10
Happy On The Outside - 9/10
Sitting On The Top Of The World - 5/10

So very nice score 8/10!

Good idea :P

Way Out - 10/10
No One Makes It On Her Own - 9/10
She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) - 5/10
Speak To Me - 6/10
I’m Glad You Called - 5/10
Only When I Dream - 5/10
Dream On - 6/10
Big Black Cadillac - 10/10
In My Own Way - 1/10
After All - 6/10
Happy On The Outside - 7/10
Sitting On The Top Of The World - 9/10

Overall id rate it 7/10

Id like more Marie and uptempo songs on the next album(if there ever were).

In my own way is the worst song on the album... it sounds like its trying to sound like anyone but fails...

We all noe sooner or later it would have leaked, but I think it leaked too soon. I also think that maybe TDR should have left the other information channels to communicate this piece of news. However, this is a minor mistake in my point of view, compared to the one made by fans talikng about specific web pages from where the album can be downloaded. What’s the difference between this behavior and posting a link???
I won’t download it. I want to read the booklet, I want to have to wait in the train with the CDs in my hands and play it at home, not just double click on an mp3 file. I resisted with the snippets, let’s see if I can resist with the whole album for another two weeks.

I loved “Speak to me”! I guess it will be the 2nd single.

Alexandre de Oliveira Silva
Goiânia, Brazil

Way Out - 9/10 - fits TWATG or Plumber album
No One Makes It On Her Own - 7/10 - too flat
She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) - 5/10 - too mainstream
Speak To Me - 8/10 - 80s are back, but chorus could be “bigger”
I’m Glad You Called - 7/10 - quite ok
Only When I Dream - 8/10 - 80s are back again
Dream On - 10/10 - could be saved for another Plumber album!
Big Black Cadillac - 3/10 - [email protected], fatal production...
In My Own Way - 6/10 - boring...
After All - 9/10 - another song taken from the seconf Plumber album, which I am waiting for
Happy On The Outside - 3/10 - lyrics quite primitive, boring
Sitting On The Top Of The World - 4/10 - boring...

Overal 6/10. Average album. (PC - 7/10, ENH - 8, SOAP - 10/10, F5F - 5/10, Mazarin - 7/10, RS - 5/10, HAND - 6/10, TWATG - 9/10)

God, the whole album sounds great, perfect. Sorry, i did it. Sorry...but the whole album sounds promissing. Marie’s voice is better than before, stronger, sentimental-is style...i’m not going to tell where i found chamr school download, cos a lot of fans wants to take this album in hands soon...but its good to wait and this will worth while...cos roxette sounds 80’s again.

if you downloaded album from torrent site at least stop seedind it after that.

Well I dont understand that why become critical and analytical? I mean when there was no Roxette and only repetitive greatest hits album with 1-2 new songs, we so very much wished Roxette to do something and now when it’s here, we have started complaning and criticizing...I’m shocked on ’Marie’s illness doing publicity”...Please respect the person....

About TDR publishing the news...I cannot conclude anything. TDR was my source when I searched Speak to me on Youtube and then again read on TDR about availability of online availability of songs and album....Anyway is EMI responsible for this or other sites which had the album for purchase? Can Roxette file a case against damaging the artist copyrights? Usually mp3’s are in 120-240 bitrate but these mp3’s are at 320 bitrate....don’t understand what was the need of putting such high quality mp3’s for free? It’s sole purpose is to damage the sales, isn’t it?

I’m listening to the album and it’s good...

Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Sorry, im not seeding anything, and it was not from Torrent.

One of the best Rox album ever!!! Great songs!!! too short maybe!! only 40 minutes!! I can’t wait to see the booklet and listen the LP versions!!!! Great job!!!

I am disappointed as well. The songs sound like nothing but extended snippets. Er...

*just kidding*

I kinda hoped it wouldn’t happen, but I expected it to leak these days. Actually I expected it tomorrow. I hope it will not harm the sales. I will not download it, I will hear it for sure from a site or something, but the magic of buying it from the store and opening the booklet while listening to the songs is something that no pirate will take from me. I’m happy I’m over 30 and I lived the days of buying Cds and enjoying music exactly the artists want us to do so.
I just heard Speak to me.. No words. I love you Per and Marie! God bless you...
I will wait for you to come to Greece!

Well, I downloaded the album as well. I figured I could, since I pre-ordered the single, the CD and the vinyl. However, I’ve listened to the album once and my first question is... Where are the hits? Songs like Way Out, I’m Glad You Called, Speak to Me, Only When I Dream and Sitting on Top of the World are nice songs... But they’re not hits. As for Big Black Cadillac, I don’t like it at all.

A disappointing first listen. But I have to say, Marie sounds amazing.

Feels strange to read all the reviews and comments 2 weeks early. I want to wait for the CD for the full experience. :-)


TDR wouldn’t have written this news if there wasn’t a secret intention behind this. I believe in a way putting a title like this “album liked” gives the opportunity for us to post a link downloading link and in a way it is a “commercial” act, psychologically speaking, cos I would be crazy to buy the new album as soon as it is release in my country having listened to it previously.
I am grateful to TDR for “leaking” this news, however depending on each one point of view it is kind irresponsible.

I’ve heard the snippets before, so i can wait until 11 feb.
It is a little bit sad, that the album was leaked, but that the 21th century.

ordered the album, the deluxe version of the album and the single via!
And maybe i will purchase the iTunes-version too. Just for better sales :-)

Suites very well with this playlist
1. Way out
2. Only when I dream
3. In my own way
4. Big black cadillac
5. Im glad you called
6. No one makes it on her own
7. Speak to me
8. Hometown
9. Dream on
10. She;s got nothing on
11. Happy on the outside
12. Afterall
13.Sitting on the top
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

hometown? What have I missed?
The album is great by the way......

Entertainment or death...

Well, I i will buy it anyway (actually I already ordered from Amazon), you know, because it’s Roxette, but I understand how other fans want to download it since there’s a lot of anticipation and hopes of Roxette’s comeback and new songs.
But no matter what PLEASE BUY THE ALBUM!!!

Can I just say ’Happy on the Outside’ is AMAZING! Love it!

Some are saying this is not how Per and Marie would have wanted us to listen to the album. I’m pretty sure they would want us all to be able to get hold of it at the same time worldwide.

You know where I’m going with this. Yep, that’s right - I’m from the UK.

I only wish the IP address had been based here. If it had been, I would have laughed my trollies off - because that would be no more than EMI UK deserves. April release, my fat pink hairy arse.

I’ve said it before - not just as a Rox-fan, but as a video gamer and an anime and manga fan too - and I’ll say it again. Fans will NEVER be stopped. One way or another, fair means or foul, they WILL end up getting hold of what they enjoy. You put walls in our way, and we’ll just go the frick around you. Nintendo are going to find this out with the region-locked 3DS, after having all their previous handhelds region-free.

I found speak to me full on youtube, and amazing.10/10.Brutal, has to be a single!

the worst roxette album... where are the guitars??? Ufff, sooo disappointed... Joyride still the best...

eh? there are a lot of guitars on this album.....probably the most since CBB!

I agree with the TDR, this is way too premature! The waiting and anticipation is part of the fun :)
I just really hope & pray that all the fans BUY their albums otherwise Roxette & the record companies will really suffer!!
Ok here we go with everyone’s opinion of Charm School!!!

@Pallis: You are not missing anything...actually I added it myself to make it more appealing. Like I added: I do believe, Remember, Seduce me, All about you and Kix to DBUGTC, Stupid and Hey Mr.Dj in HAND, The weight of the world, New world, Bla bla bla and Do you wanna be my baby to Room Service and I love those albums 100 times more than the original.....So please don’t worry.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Like the writer of the article said, it was to be expected. I suppose there are people who get their kicks out of downloading stuff so others can get it for free and power to the people and other cliches but I will also quote one of the fellow followers of the site and say it is like looking at the bride before she walks down the aile. Well I guess there will always be people who feel like superheroes or whatever when they do this kind of things ...their for me I will patiently wait for the album and follow my usual Roxette New CD Ritual : 1- feel it new and sealed 2- have a picture with it for my collection 3- open it slowly feeling its scent of newness 4- clear all CD’s from the stereo tray, clean the slot for the new CD a little 5- carefully slip out the booklet 6- press PLAY.
I am not going to ask the rest of the readers to wait for the album, I trust that in your hearts you know what feels right.

“First there was the wheel, then fire and now Roxette!”

Wow, I thought its gonna be good, but the production is so bad. The songs themselves are not strong either.

It´s almost unreal! Absolutely absolutely fantastic album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 OF COURSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every one could be a single!


still listening :)

pd : already got my 3-4 pre ordered versions =D

1. “Way Out” 10/10

2. “No One Makes It On Her Own” 10/10

3. “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” -10/10

4. “Speak To Me” 10+/10

5. “I’m Glad You Called” 10/10

6. “Only When I Dream” 10+/10

7. “Dream On” 10+/10

8. “Big Black Cadillac” 10+/10

9. “In My Own Way” 10/10

10. “After All” 10/10

11. “Happy On The Outside” 10/10

12. “Sitting On The Top Of The World” 10/10

One thing this appearing online but those fans who put the songs on YouTube are just idiots, irresponsible and pathetic, do they do it just get hits on their YouTube accounts perhaps so it makes them feel like they have real friends!

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dear GOD we finally have SOME POWERFULLLLL Y LOVELY lyrics again :) and no nerverendingchorus

Maybe you should really delete this article .
1. Cos TDR is the main resource for info about Roxette and many people will understand for leak from here.
2.Cos with all those review is hard to talk about the leak or anything else..
especially for fans who still didn’t download it.

Hey everyone, well its time to look forward, not trying to turn back time anymor! This is why Charm School is not a Joyride continuation or even a substitute at all. I’m over 30, but i feel like people here is hoping to get back time... a lot of Peter Pan fans. This album only sounds different - You can say: “no samplers, no disco, no guitars,” - and i ask: why? Tell me why life must remains the same? The “new” always comes. Sorry, its like a taxi on a rainy day, it will happens even if you pray and pray, life changes babe! Old feelings, old memories, people here sounds “so old”. Open your mind to the new things, Roxette is not on 30 age, they are 50! You are not on 80’s! The world has has changed, but the talent gets never old! There was a time when Joyride was unique, so lets take a chance to Charm School give us a lot of new memories.

Ok, the similarity between “In my own way” and “En gång i livet” from Niklas Strömstedt ist so obvious, it can´t be a coincidence. Either Per once wrote it for him or he now “borrowed” it....

Per wrote it!!!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

It’s the same song, maybe that’s why it’s obvious?

Ok, ok, don‘t kill me. Fine if he wrote it. Interesesting how many fine music pieces of other artists turn out to be written by him...

Now on my 4th listen and my review may have been a little bit premature.....interesting how opinions change after a few listens. This time I’m listening from my stereo rather than from headphones or on my laptop and ’way out’ sounds fantastic so 6/10 may have been a bit stingy!! Also burned a CD to listen to driving to work tomorrow so I can pump the volume out loud. It’s funny how songs sound different in different settings.

I agree with Sullivan. You can’t be stuck in the 80’s. Yeah great era, great music, but they did not make 60’s music in the 80’s and the 60’s was a SUPERB music era! I am so thankful that Roxette once again makes me HAPPY ON THE INSIDE AND PUTS A BIG FAT SMILE ON MY FACE!!!!! :)

I think my original review was definately a little harsh.....after 4 listens I like all the songs apart from Big Black Cadillac. I suppose after no new album for 10 years expectations were always going to be a little high and I think that’s what the problem was....I felt a little deflated after listening to it for the first time, but the more I listen to it I can take it for what it is, and its another great collection of pop songs....though I still think it would be better if marie was singing more of the uptempo tracks. I just LOVE ’Speak to me’ though. When I listened to it for the first time I couldnt keep the smile off my face and I actually felt really excited and I still love it every time I listen to it!!

I love it...for me they are the ones with whom I’ve grown, from whom I’ve learnt...and just subtract Waiting for the rain, Jefferson and Soul Deep, I love everything about their music...
By the way I played Speak to me on mp3 player while walking on a lonely winter gave such a perfect feeling....Please make a good video and don’t waste the song like WICF or Any1 and no Jonas please....I wish there could be a masterpiece like Queen of rain, CBB or FLAF video,.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

For SULLIVAN: We don’t want a Joyride substitution at all, we just want the same number of ballads and mid-tempo songs, as always. It’s good for Roxette to evolution with times, but changing their style so radically is a risky movement in my opinion. They are famous for writing and singing good ballads and good mid-tempo songs, but the lack of one of them is a risk in my opinion.

We all know we are not in the 80s anymore (thank God!), but this album doesn’t sound 2010s for me either, it’s just a good amount of intentions with a unknown result. I hope the results will be good for them to return to where they should have never left.

But, as you mention, we have grown up for good and for bad, and I’m not, at least me, the crazy fan I used to be, who liked almost everything I heard from them. This time without news on Roxette has made me listen to other types of music, and now I can compare more deeply the music I listen to. And I just say that this album is just a present for Roxette fans, but it will not have the success we all wanted it to have. I hope I’m wrong on this.

For COOLBLUEZ: Finally, I think my words on Marie’s illness were misunderstood. I just wanted to say that press and media will take a lot of attention to the Roxette come back because for them it’s a piece of news that Marie is alive and back in the studio again, and that will be a good amount of publicity, because, sadly, nowadays it’s not a thing to take into account that a band comes back after ten years, it’s just that marie was ill and now is OK. That’s the world we have, for good and for bad.

Anyway, my girlsfriend has just told me that she likes “Only when I dream”... At least I could be wrong with that one ;)

Bye bye!

To Coolbluez: WICF video is great, all Akerlund videos are. I don´t know where your style is.... on the other side CBB is maybe the worst video for me.

Only When I Dream should be the next single. Best one for me so far.

Thank you Roxette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It´s soooooooooooooo happy day!!!!!!!

Damn, now all my friends on facebook and other social networks are writing reviews about the songs.. now I’ll have to avoid reading their comments in the next 2 weeks since I decided to have the cd in my hands and not to listen pirated tracks.

Pretty sad that the original seed of this came from Sweden, if they have the original IP, they can trace who was and sue that person surely. We all fans waited for 10 years for this album to come, most of us are about to buy it anyway but now Charm School is spreading all over the internet, which I think it is prejudicial to the promotional plans of their record company...

I’m an old-fashioned fan...

The leak won’t affect the sales:

A) Fans will buy the album one way or another.
B) Did you expect the general public buying the album massively, not knowing what the sound is like? These days you download first, and if you like it enough, you buy it. This is the best promotion they can have.

On top of that, artists don’t make money selling records anymore. Touring is more profitable.

I didn’t want to listen to the album before the proper release, but I realized that torturing myself just for the sake of having the real thing in my hands to put it in the CD player is stupid. If you wanna hear the album and cannot resist, just do it. Mp3 or CD... It doesn’t make a difference.

I’ve not actually listened yet... I’m not tempted, caught one track on YouTube but have so far avoided the album...

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hmm, just a question... in my naive little world it would make sense if EMI brings forward the online release, maybe early this week to prevent sales damages due the charm school’s leaking!? Would this be possible?

The whole album sounds really great to me. It’s not power pop anymore, it’s more nostalgic but fits me perfect. It’s just based on real emotions, it’s not made “to be sold” but it’s Marie & Per, who grew up with their fans (at least most of them).
And Marie sounds awesome. It’s just brilliant.
There you have my points (and my boyfriend - definietely not Roxette fan (poor boy nowadays):

1. “Way Out” (Mine: 8/10) (David: 4/10)

2. “No One Makes It On Her Own” (Mine: 9/10) (David: 6/10)

3. “She’s Got Nothing On” (Mine: 7/10) (David: 7/10)

4. “Speak To Me” (Mine: 10/10) (David: 8/10)

5. “I’m Glad You Called” (Mine: 8/10) (David: 7/10)

6. “Only When I Dream” (Mine: 9/10) (David: 9/10)

7. “Dream On” (Mine: 8/10) (David: 3/10)

8. “Big Black Cadillac” (Mine: 6/10) (David: 5/10)

9. “In My Own Way” (Mine: 9/10) (David: 5/10)

10. “After All” (Mine: 5/10) (David: 2/10)

11. “Happy On The Outside” (Mine: 10/10) (David: 5/10)

12. “Sitting On The Top Of The World” (Mine: 9/10) (David: 6/10)

Average: (Mine: 8/10) (David: 5,5/10)

Have fun guys!

Well, I heard it 6 times.... So...

1. “Way Out” 7/10 Nice. But nothing special here...
2. “No One Makes It On Her Own” 10/10 Maybe 3rd single? This was the FIRST!
3. “She’s Got Nothing On (But..)” 5/10 Childish.. not my fav..not as a first single!
4. “Speak To Me” 9/10 This is Roxette100%! Welcome again!
5. “I’m Glad You Called” 7/10 PC version is better but Marie is so sweet
6. “Only When I Dream” 9/10 Really like it,Very LS era
7. “Dream On” 10/10 A Mazarin´s song. Simple, fresh,adult, cool!
8. “Big Black Cadillac” 4/10 Terrible.Another “Make my head goes pop”!
9. “In My Own Way” 8/10 Good, But I need more power!
10. “After All” 8/10 A beatle song,It sounds nice
11. “Happy On The Outside” 7/10 “Entering your heart”, a nice b.side
12. “Sitting On The Top Of The Word” 5/10 Boring. Another Room Service’s ballad.

Average: 7,5 Much more than what I expected! (especially after hearing the first single) So, happy with this new album.

Absolutely superb, it has been a very long time since I heard an album this good.

The joy of a leak for me too is that when I order the single and LP from Europe, I don’t have to pay over the odds for the CD too. I can now have the tracks and wait for the CD in the UK rather than giving my sales overseas.

The android app is fab too, much better than I was expecting.

As for me last 2 songs on the album are completely pointless. I would love another Breathe or something unplugged as album closer. Party Crasher had amazing closing song . ,Doesn’t make sense’ is my friends favorite song which they heard in my car. They still asking for it! I cant get my head around why Per can come up with great songs for his solo projects but cant come up with something consistent for Roxette. Big Black Cadillac is another failure. And lyrics!!!. Ive been living in the Uk for last 12 years and Ive got big problems with understanding some lines. Some of them sound fake and not natural. Per says in interviews that Marie has a gift with turning his songs into something meaningful. God!! Poor Woman has a hard work to do singing likes of BIG Black Cadillac. Im just upset that there is so much wasted potential on this album. I know Per said this is the album recorded for themselves and fans but If this is true whats the point in promoting it anyway.
I think that not letting old Roxette team( Icasson, Harrling ) work on the new rox material was a mistake and turned it into almost another Gessle project. I just cant hear that (apart from STM and OWID) classic updated Roxette and I dont mind good Gessle song like Way out or Dream On (they’re great) but I do mind Roxette type songs like last 2 numbers which are good for nothing. We wont be listening to them in ten years time. Im already bored! And I hate to say that they should try working with different producers.It might be refreshing for their music.And new Lyrics Writer! I loved Crush On You lyrics sooooo cooool! But a lot of new Roxette uptempo songs sound more retro-vintage style than cool! I noticed that Roxette is at their WORST when they trying to be something more than Roxette which is COOL BAND- not Bob Dylan!! And songs like NMOHO or IMOW have very weird to digest lines which Marie cant even pronounce! I guess Roxette lyrics never were great but now when Im older I can hear it and end up with not listening to them cos I dont see the point
But Ater All new album is very good and We should be dead grateful!!

Is this album worth the 10 year wait????? YES!!!! One million times....Room Service and Have A Nice Day eat shit!! This album rox!!!

And personally, I think songs like “Big Black Cadillac” might win them new fans. The song is like Lady Gaga vs Pink - sung by Roxette!! Fantastic song!!

The album is like nothing they have ever done....very progessive and they don’t sound like they have to prove anything!! That’s what makes this album one of their best.

Marie sounds terrific and emotion drips from her lips on this album. Great to have Ms Fredriksson with us again!! We missed you, Marie!!!

I’m sure this “leak” will dent Roxette’s sales, but although I’ve downloaded it, I already pre-ordered a small fortune in new Roxette, they won’t miss any money from my side....

Now, can we have some remixes, please??? Anybody have the lyrics of this new album yet???

This is insane reading all the negative.... STOP THE COMPLAINING!!!

This is an album we almost NEVER GOT!!! I won’t remind you all why!

Crazy, Crazy..

A DIVINE Piece of ART = Charm School.

CDON have the LP back and ship to the UK for 5 euros!

It’s potentially damaging to Roxette that it has been leaked and I am against people making it available. The fact it’s out there means I have to have it now! I am currently downloading it as I type, heard the snippets and can’t wait to listen in full! I can justify having it because I downloaded “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” when that became available illegally, but I also paid and downloaded the same single from 3 separate websites when it became officially available. I will be buying Charm School the minute it is officially available in the UK and hopefully I’ll be able to buy an actual *physical* CD at some point... and hopefully tickets to a UK gig (after what I read on Facebook). The future’s bright, the future’s Roxette! x

Black Cadillac has to be the sequal to ’She Doesn’t live here Anymore’ now she is back!! A kid and all!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

I’ve now got it, too ...sorry Rox, but I will also be buying the official release(s). Beautiful, long-awaited “Roxette” album. Thanks, guys xx

Only When I Dream is just stunning. Amazing song. The middle 8 rules!

Then, Dream On, is pricelss. What a nice song to listen to, folks. Wow!

After All is an all around fun and happy song. Nice little story there.

Big Black Cadillac, She’s Got Nothing On and Way Out, rock big time. Wicked songs there.

And Speak To Me, rounds my best of list on this album.

Fantastic come back effort from Roxette after 10 years of waiting. The album is great. All songs are legitimate Rox songs, true to Roxette’s classic style that makes the duo what they are still today!

The next singles, must come from those songs I mentioned, especially Only When I Dream, Dream On, Big Black Cadillac and Way Out.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Like some others from the UK have said, I could have held out for two weeks, but two months? No way am I waiting two months to hear the album.

I fell in love with “No one makes it on her own” but all the songs are top notch.

I’m going to have fun going back and reading all these fan reviews...AFTER I get my CD in the mail and listen to it for the very first time. (Except for SGNOBTR, which of course I’ve seen/heard already and think is really great.)

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

It’s very hard to describe this album. Not just because it’s the their best, but also because I just don’t have words to describe it.

I thought it could never happen, but it has happened! We have new songs. NEW. Every track has a soul filled with emotions or fun. Or both. I won’t write many words about the songs. I will try to describe each one with one word only!

Way Out: Life (8/10)
No one makes it on her own: Sunny (9,5/10)
She’s got Nothing On (But the radio): Euphoria (9/10)
Speak to me: Roxette (10/10)
I’m glad you called: Reborn (9/10)
Only When i Dream: Classic (10/10)
Dream On: Hopeful (10/10)
Big Black Cadillac: Powerful (9/10)
In my own Way: Lovely (9,5/10)
After all: Beatles (9,5/10)
Happy on the outside: New (9/10)
Sitting on top of the world: Magnificent (10/10)

I repeat: this is the best Roxette album ever! So inspired. So contagious. So beautiful. So magical. So ROXETTE!

I’m glad and proud to be a fan! =)

My 2006 wish came true! ha!!! =)

I love Rox....but the album was a disappointment. As long as most of you like the album...well...that’s all that matters, and have fun with it! I would like to thank TDR for announcing that the album was available online. If TDR wouldn’t have announced the album was available online I would’ve never known.

Here’s my initial reaction ... Several of you are pointing out “Speak To Me” and “Only When I Dream” as your favorites. We all have our favorites, but those two actually don’t rank at the top of my list. Upon listening to it a few times now my favorites are “No One Makes It On Her Own” and “In My Own Way”. I’m probably in the minority. Overall, I am loving this album, including Per’s Beatles-inspired tracks (“Dream On” and “After All”)! I also think that the album opener, “Way Out”, is perfect. And “I’m Glad You Called” now sounds fantastic with Marie’s vocals and a whole new arrangement. The biggest surprise here for me is “Sitting On Top Of The World”, which I didn’t expect much from based on the snippets. However, as a full song I think that it works very well as an album closer. The highlight here is the production and of course Marie’s beautiful vocals. Honestly, I didn’t expect her to sound this good. Amazing. ’Room Service’ was a bit of a letdown production-wise for me (“Milk And Toast And Honey” could have been even better with real drums), but ’Charm School’ puts them back on track, in my opinion. I like the use of real instruments on several of the tracks. It gives it a much warmer feel (like the ’Have A Nice Day’ album). What a comeback! They’ve still got it! Still putting out brilliant music 25 years later. A rare feat! Welcome back, Roxette! We’ve missed you. By the way, I have something in my eye. It might be a tear. I’m so happy! :)

Initial ratings:
01 Way Out - 9.5/10.
02 No One Makes It On Her Own - 10/10
03 She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) - 9.5/10
04 Speak To Me - 8.5/10
05 I’m Glad You Called - 9.5/10
06 Only When I Dream - 7.5/10
07 Dream On - 10/10
08 Big Black Cadillac - 7.5/10
09 In My Own Way - 10/10
10 After All - 10/10
11 Happy On The Outside - 7/10
12 Sitting On Top Of The World - 9/10

Without question, hands down, absolutely their best work ever. This is such a stunning album, I had no idea they had it them. Some some songs grab you right away, while some are growers and each has a unique sound and style. I just don’t have the words to describe how magical this whole album is. I love how unexpected the sounds are. I was dreading it sounding like Room Service. This is it’s own Roxette genre, not Joyride, not Look Sharp, not CBB, not HAND, but simply the best that Roxette could possibly have offered. It’s most like Tourism, but so so so much better. I am so grateful for Roxette, their music has made a difference to my whole life.

JRM, you said it right!

OK I’ve changed my mind. It’s a good album. But don’t make Room Service such a failure, I think they are both very similar and nice albums.

LOVE the album! “Speak to Me” is by far the BEST song on the album!


Oh, I love ’Room Service’. I just think that the production is rather flat on some songs – and some of that had to do with the mastering. I do think that the 2009 remastering makes the album sound better. :)

I have nothing on, but CHARM SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Per has always had his style to write lyrics, he has this gift to be able to combine words in a way never done before and it still makes sense, if you think a little bit. Sometimes one may think they don’t, it’s true, but that’s Per.. :)
It’s Isacsson and Herrlin, btw. :)

I’m still in shock, I expected something good, but not THIS good :D
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Here is my problem I have with this cd....

The good songs on this album alone is good like WO, SGNOBTH and and and...

but take those songs and put them on some of roxette’s previous albums then they would only act as album fillers on those albums...

I don’t know why Per has the attitude we only make songs becuase we can... It is like saying to a great painter ok paint becuase you can... Imagine he had that same attitude while writing It must have been love... then that song would not have existed today... wish he would get the passion back he had in the 90s and start recording his own demos again since his accoustic demos his music was starting to become boring... it has become a clarence and christoper album with melody and lyrics by Per... such a shame

Well I listened to the album yesterday and it was one of the best after HAND. I mean the lyrics are very good, more philosphical and thank God the music has so many effects just like LS and Joyride era...I love when you can hear different sounds on left and right speakers (can any1 tell me the name of this effect)? RS lacked so much of it.
I loved the simplicity and Marie as always has a dreamer’s voice and Per has the best song writing talent.
However I didn’t like extremely short duration of songs. I loved Way out when I heard full length, preview looked as it would be very weak as album opener. Only 2 songs I didnt like were Dream on and Glad you called. Although in preview, I loved glad you called but didn’t like the song in album.
Overall I am very happy for this album.

@Abba: I mean to me WICF video always looked like based on some drug addicts or depressed people, Marie looks so horrible in that and Any1 video. They could’ve done some good make up. Why I don’t like Jonas after CBB era videos is that the only thing he keeps repeating and making potentially hit songs boring by showing beds, same wallpapers, and doesn’t focus on the lyrics....Why I like CBB video is that it keeps the viewer occupied, it has motion. WICF, any1, salvation are stagnant videos.ATAY was better but repetitive.

@Mikeyt: Do check your email.

Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I will try to make a fan video for speak to the way afterall really removed the load of heart broken feelings from my heart:-D
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Just listened to whole album myself and I must say it is different. I need to listen to it a couple of times ofcourse. I remember when I first heard wish i could fly and you don’t understand me 10 years ago, I thought what the hell is roxette doing and it turned out great songs, so my opinion of the music changes for some reason for the better :)
As expected Marie sounds a bit different, but that is no real surprise to me. She sounds more mature and the energy she used to have in her voice is not there entirely anymore, but it is still MARIE FREDRIKSSON singing!!!
The live album is terrific! :)
Charms School:
I really love Big Black Cadillac, Happy on the outside, Way out, Speak to me!!!! yeah for now.
But I must say I miss Jonas on guitar on this album.

yes, so far the 2 negative points I found are:

- Jonas is missing
- the album is TOO SHORT!!!! 2 songs more would have been perfect :D - I am also fine with it if we get them as “b-sides” :P

and maybe a 3rd one, not really negative, but I think In my own way doesn’t fit the album. THe song is wonderfully beautiful, Marie sings top, it’s not the song itself but.. don’t know, I feel it’s out of place. Maybe it’s the order of the tracks..

For the rest.. the songs are really growing, I had a couple of them where I thought.. “hm.. ok..?” the first time.. but then.. now I have this need of listening to them as much as the others. That used to happen to me in the past so that’s a good sign. I didn’t have any “I don’t like this, press next”, which is also a great sign for me.

Marie Fredriksson Online
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Day 2 with Charm School. Hell, it sounds better and better!

The way Maries sings on this album is so raw, almost live, not making everything sound the same. Its much more relaxed than HAND and RS... Which I love and dont really want to compare.

This is the 2nd Roxette album I dont wish to skip any tracks while listening too, the other was HAND.

@ Jud

OMW we agree on something Jonas is missing :(

Thank U Per&Marie. Not groundbreaking but very solid album. I was afraid that the album will be another rehash with 12 “One Wishes”. I was expecting something like “Da Capo”/”The Golden Ratio” - complete letdown albums from Ace of Base. “Charm School” has surpassed all my expectations. Good “come back” album just like Madonna’s “Confessions on a Dance Floor” - it wasn’t “Ray of Light” but still.

“Way Out” - 7/10 - Good song - should replace “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” as track #3
“No One Makes It On Her Own” - 8/10 - Good song, very “2nd Chance” sound - should replace “Speak To Me” as track #4
“She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” - 10/10 - Good modern commercial song - should be album opener
“Speak To Me” - 10/10 - good, vintage and most commercial song on the album - should be #2 song on the album and and definitely 2nd single.
“I’m Glad You Called” - 6/10 - “Waiting for The Rain” of 2011
“Only When I Dream” - 10/10 - Classic Roxette, definitely 3rd single.
“Dream On” - 8/10 - Good little song
“Big Black Cadillac” - 5/10 - Necessary filler a-la bad How Do You Do/Real Sugar
“In My Own Way” - 10/10 - Great ballad, non-Roxette
“After All” - 5/10 - should be iTunes b-side
“Happy On The Outside” - 7/10 - very good filler ballad
“Sitting On The Top Of The World” - 10/10 - “I kissed a girl and I liked it” comes to mind. Great song and great Roxette album closer with beautiful bridge. GREAAAAT!

“Wish I could fly” video? The best Roxette video ever! It has “IT factor”. Video is still fresh and Marie looks great in it.

I agree with one of the comments earlier - should this have been reported? Personally I wouldn’t have known about the snippets let alone the whole album being leaked if it wasn’t for this site. Haven’t bothered listening or downloading anything though will wait for CD - makes it more special somehow.

Charm school=Room Service. Part II.
It’s unbelievable that they started with poweful Soul Deep...

lyrics anyone ?

This album is so “raw” and mature....really getting better and better with every a good wine....

Yes, Marie’s vocals are basically like a live recording - they didn’t “fix” her voice like they did on “Breathe” and “M&T&H”.... Sounds better this way.... She still has that power and emotion in her voice no one else on this planet has.

You know, I hope no one will be angry at me for saying this, but maybe in technique Celine Dion has a bigger voice, but she is totally out of control with her voice. Marie knows what she has and she knows how to use it, and she knows how to bring the best out of a song. That’s what it’s all about. Celine take an emotional song and shows off with her voice - just because the can - not because she wants to say something with the song, like Marie does.

I must say...Big Black Cadillac really ROX when it’s played loud!!!! Fucking GREAT song!!

Lyrics are coming up on, one a day from tomorrow.


100% agree with you. I know nothing about these leaking sites or torrents. I would NOT have known if it weren’t for TDR.

I’m gonna wait ;-)

Speak to me and big black cadillac have great UK hit potential...

Up on the 101

I’m disappointed by Charm School.

’Only When I Dream’ and ’Dream On’ are okay, but the rest of the album feels uninspiring.

Sadly, I don’t think there is any hit single potential on this album for the UK market.

I think the songs are totally appropriate for a duo in their 50s. I didn’t expect a Look Sharp! or Joyride etc. The songs are catchy and the vocals (esp Marie’s) are strong. I don’t love the album yet but it always takes me a while. I didn’t like Mazarin initially but love it now.

It was 3 am in the morning
it was me still listening CS
it IS me still amazed

CoyRoy I agree with you. Celine’s draw card is this powerful deliverance, and she can sing, she just tries too hard in my opinion. She does not even write her own music. With Marie I think it is totally different, she lives and breathes music, feels it and it comes across in the way she interprets the music. Marie also does not write the power pop when she writes; it comes from deep inside, personal experience, feelings which is fantastic.
I only thought of it now that you are probably correct in saying that they did not polish off Marie’s voice like on the other albums. It does sound kinda live doesn’t it!! I think it is great. Roxette’s albums has always sounded over produced and that is when I heard them live for the first time I was thinking OMG! this is fantastic and that is why they were and always will be a live touring band!! I must confess if it was not for Marie in Roxette, I would probably not have even noticed Per Gessle. Together they are just pure MAGIC!!!!

@ Heidi... I mentioned earlier about Marie sounding more raw, almost live in the recordings... I think it sounds more true. Simply superb!

I am so loving this album!!!

Am i the only one who hasn’t heard the songs yet?? I am being stubborn & will wait for the official release not because of the illegal stuff (couldn’t really give a stuff about all that, it’s 2011 it was bound to happen!!) but I just want to have the CD in my hand with the lyric book out & taking it all in!!! Something special... I hope : )

@Hotblooded: No, you’re not the only one!!! I haven’t heard it either. Although I sent a link to my father to listen to Speak to me!
It will be special:)

I believe there’s absolutely no difference when exactly you download it... under the circumstances. Really.
You’ve been waiting for the album for YEARS! Of course if you like such kind of masochism then... :-)

1. Way Out
2. She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio)
3. Dream on
4. Only When I Dream
5. Big Black Cadillac

Gyllene Tider forever!

My favourites in order

1. Speak To Me (5/5)
2. No One Makes It On Her Own (5/5)
3. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) (5/5)
4. Big Black Cadillac (5/5)
5. Way Out (5/5)
6. Dream On (5/5)
7. Only When I Dream (4/5)
8. Sitting On Top Of The World (4/5)
9. I’m Glad You Called (4/5)
10. Happy On The Outside (4/5)
11. After All (4/5)
12. In My Own Way (3/5)

This is how I rated the snippets

1. Big Black Cadillac
2. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
3. Only When I Dream
4. Sitting On Top Of The World
5. Way Out
6. No One Makes It On Her Own
7. Speak To Me
8. Dream On
9. I’m Glad You Called
10. After All
11. Happy On The Outside
12. In My Own Way

INCREDIBLE. This is a bit more “mature” sounding than previous albums. Marie’s voice is the strongest it’s been, I think since C!B!B! The songwriting is clever and strong. I would have loved to her Marie rock through an uptempo song, but her voice is just so amazing I could care less. “No One Makes It On Her Own” is such a great song. “Way Out” is Roxette for 2011. Just a great, great album. What a comeback. Gave me goosebumps. Can’t wait for my CD to arrive!!!





PS: And yes, I’m serious.

I wrote down some comments during my first listen..

1. Way Out 9/10 Perfect opening track. I haven’t heard a great opener like this since CBB!
2. No One.. 7/10 Might be a grower. Probably Marie’s best on the album.
3. She Got.. 7/10 Catchy 1st single, a good choice.
4. Speak To Me 10/10 Wow. Amazing song. I have doubted Roxette could make songs like this again. It sounds totally fresh.
5. Im Glad .. 7/10 ok song. I was hoping there would be a First Girl On The Moon track on this album. This is it.
6. Only When I Dream. 10/10 Holy shit! Another brilliant Roxette song. A potential smash hit single! A quality track. Best on album?!
7. Dream On 8/10 Another cracker of a song sung mostly by Per. I’m blown away by this album so far.
8. Big Black Cadillac 7/10 We’ve heard this before but it is fun, funky and catchy!
9. In My Own Way 6/10 Sounds like CBB, but not as good.
10. After All 8/10 Sounds 60’s. A bright, happy track. A nice change.
11. Happy On The Outside 6/10 Sounds like it has potential but doesn’t go anywhere.
12. Sitting On .. 6/10 Typical Rox closer.

Best since Joyide? Almost rivalled Joyride there for a while, so YES!
Charm School is in the top 4 Rox albums of all time no doubt about it.
What a return to form!

In my country it is not illegal to download anything for free from the internet. It is the uploading that is illegal. It is the same more A LOT of european countries. So whoever does not like this fact, go and change the law.


If it wasn’t for TDR, I would not have known about the leak either. Right after I read this news, I downloaded it. Cheers guys! :D

Not everything what’s allowed is right. Just think if it was your work! ;-)


The album is really v.short....well WICF video is same as 1998 video of Spice girls goodbye. Dull, boring, lethargic and extremely motion, no life.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Well, I didn´t know that the album has been leaked...but a friend of mine sent me a link to download it...but I´ve ordered the special edition (in Spain this special edition won´t be launched phisically), and I´ll buy 2 more copies for my and my brother here in Spain (I want to buy them here in order to grow the sales figures of Roxette here).

All in all, IT´S SO BORING reading that fans marke all the song from 1/10...come on. It´s a very good album!

And regarding Marie´s voice on this album: I don´t doubt about her capacity, but OF COURSE her voice is treated in this recording. Every artist polish their voices on their studio albums. And of course she won´t sound as in the album if Roxette chooses Charm School songs for the tour...she will sound better for sure!!

I really hope they include as many songs from Charm School as possible in the tour. I understand that a lot of people would love to hear the old hits live, but Charm School is so good that it deserves not to be missed out!!

What about the stage in the next tour? I really liked Gyllene Tider Jubileum stage...white, clear, simply. I really don´t like the stage chosen by Roxette for their summer tour 2010...hope they pay attention in this as well.

Lyrics (8/11) can be found on
(Maybe there are some mistakes, we’re sorry for them :) )

Yea, it has leaked. However, if you’re a true fan that’s going to buy a copy, then I guess there’s no harm in downloading it. Albeit, there are plenty people out there who will pirate and not buy it. Regrettable.

thanx a lot to per and marie for a song like speak to me...
havent heard such a nice song since - hmmm - maybe sleeping in my car.
compareable absolutly to dangerous, still the best poptune ever made
rest of the album sounds ok, too, but speak to me is unbelieveable amazing...

I will also try to hold me. wait for the album (I hope it is released here in Brazil at the same time).

I can not support the illegal downloading.

My cousin, however, heard (on youtube), he is prompting me to listen. He said “way out ” is “animal” is the same level of the best, # 1, “Big Black ” is also great, and yet according to he, “after all” seems the beatles.

Marie’s voice is definately NOT “polished” in these recordings...maybe in Cadillac, but the others are live - easy to hear.

Speak To Me is such an amazing song.....WOW!!!! Mr Gessle: You have outdone yourself!! check in:

Lyrics ...
Will Charm School to start to pop up here from tomorrow. One per day lyric Until new release, so You Can sing along!

thnk u guys :)


I can’t believe the album is so fuck*ng great! There are so many masterpieces (Way out, Only when I dream, No one makes it on her own, After all, Dream on...) and another beautiful and powerfull songs. Maybe Happy on the outside is the weakest one, but overall the album is just fantastic!

Given the poor promotion roxette gets around here, piracy can only be good for roxette here.
I discovered roxette thru a casette with parts joyride and parts Look sharp, have since bought about 6 different albums, some in casette and cd, some only cd
They are good and will get my money for albums and concerts, as will be the case for anyone that downloads the cd and listens to it at least twice.

I’ve just listened to Speak To Me full song and I’m speechless, such a beautiful song. Marie’s voice is perfect (WOW) and the melody is just divine. My fav Rox song was Wish I Could Fly, now it’s Speak To Me. Work of art!!!

actually in the last few years celine has gotten alot more subtle dynamic to her voice ..listen to nature boy off a new day has come there such soul to how she sings that song. I got nothign left off her last album is good to. I caved in and listened to all the songs on youtube..i can actually see some rox fans not liking the’s much more adult contemporary than they have ever veered towards...probably due to maries range can hear she’s gotten more dynamic in here softer and lower registers but if she tries to pull a celine her voice it just makes her voice that more interesting. way ouy should has a few more choruses in it it’s such a arean anthem and would actually chart well as a summer single in the states that’s assuming we’d ever see it here. wow i’m just still in disbeliefe that im listeneing to new roxette songs...2nd day in a row i can’t sleep now :)

so say we all

Happy On The Outside was inspired by (production wise):

First 3 seconds: Madonna - Nobody Knows Me
Intro: Natalie Imbruglia - Be With You
Natalie Imbruglia - Stuck On The Moon


The effect you hear when different sounds comes out of the right or left speaker is called “panorama”.

All instruments, voices, synths etc. are placed in different positions in this panorama.
For example:

Main voice (as always) in front of you, in the mid.
Synth - right speaker
guitar - left speaker (in the chorus are 3 or more guitars recorded, they play all the same chords, and placed all around the panorama, it sounds like one “fat” guitar)
Maries “really”, “ooh” etc. right speaker, etc.

Hey dude,

Lifelong Roxette fan in the USA here.

Yeah, this album really isn’t in the same league as a lot of their other stuff :-)

The truth is, Marie’s voice has been a shadow of its former self for about ten years. Oh well, what are ya gonna do. A great effort nonetheless. I’m delighted to listen to a new Roxette album. I adore these two.

By the way, IMO Have a Nice day is probably their best album after Look Sharp.


TOTALLY agree about piracy being GOOD for Roxette in the USA!!!!

Roxette still lives in the USA!

I so agree that Marie’s voice is a shadow of its former self, great statement, though insulting it may be, thats the truth. The thing is, that she is doing wonderful job in “Speak to Me”. I think that they hurried the album too much, she isn’t doing a good job in some of the songs. But... she is a woman, and she can tell by the look of our eyes.. so... we can let her this time.

“she isn’t doing a good job in some of the songs. But... she is a woman,”

Hey venomthefat nothing like having an Andy Gray/Richard Keys moment is there?

Sooner or later everything changes, but talent remains the same. The object of our affection has turned a little old(?), well, ok, but its essence is eternal. Nothing really changes in a whole way. There’s a magic when Marie whispers on Charm School and there was a magic in her screams on Joyride. Marie is not “Hotblooded” anymore(?)... there’s no need for that(!), cuz now she’s on the top of the world - A real Diva, a Queen Of Pop - and she still invites all of us to take a journey into a state of peace o’ mind. There’s a lot of ways to say “I love You”: in a gentle whisper or even in a sex scream. Marie did it perfect in both ways. Shes my girl... and She looks so fine, the best thing has ever happened in my life!

I think the problem with this album is marie sings mostly ballads, and on those songs you kinda cant help but compare the way she used to sing on ballads like listen to your heart etc... she sounds alots better on the more uptempo songs eg: big black cadilac, nothing on the radio.. so heres hoping if there ever is another Roxette album after this she will be given more uptempo songs than ballads :)

I´m just listening to “Black Cadillac” and it sounds REALLY good I am pleasantly suprised (much better than “Nothing on but the Radio”)

I do Not think it is possible for any artist to create new songs as good as those from Look Sharp or Tourism so I am quite satisfied with what I´ve heard of the new album so far.

plectrum - That’s a line from “In My Own Way”, I was kidding and I apologize if you thought I actually meant anything in this phrase. My bad.

AARRGGHHHHH this site is killing me! It’s ruining my Charm School experience with all these teasers and spoilers!

Is it FEB 11th yet?!?!?? I really wanna listen to the new album, I wish I could fast-forward the days to the 11th of FEB :-(

Can we get a rollcall of all the Roxers who have NOT listened to the album, have NOT listened to the snippets and will hold out til FEB?

LOL - I just wanna speak to y’all to know I’m not alone and maybe help each other through this process ;-)

I will wait with you until 11 feb. :-)

A Great Summer album... went for a nice long walk in the heat and this album cooled me right down!!!

I’m with you Roxwriter!! just 10 days left (depending when and how i get the album).

Marie’s voice is a shadow of its former self? Actually, I thought she was way too bombastic back in the Pearls of Passion/Look Sharp! days. I love it when she’s subtle, in the way that a great actress can express emotion with just her eyes, instead of chewing the scenery with screeching and wild gesturing.

Marie’s voice has aged, yes, but haven’t we all? Even with the vocal range she has now, Marie can still bring me to tears with the emotion she conveys through her singing, 20+ years later– like the incredible performer she is. She takes what she has and makes magic with it.

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

Marie’s voice is a shadow of its former self??? What a load of shit!! Yes, she sing “differently” nowadays, but in a better way. Really nothing wrong with her voice. She sings with even more emotions on this album.

Now stop criticising your favourite girl and enjoy the album.

All these people that want to wait? Are you trying to get into the good books of Per... download the songs... listen to them and them buy the dam cd!

@ DEFAULT_GREEN : I agree... seems they wanna have a meet and greet at the concerts..! Per has said nothing so I am guessing he doenst really mind. be interesting though to hear is actual thoughts. Plus it was TDR that has pretty much encouraged everyone to do so by reporting on it.

after listening to the album I can say: I like it.

My favourite after hearing it once was ’I’m Glad you called’... this fragile voice of Marie is stunning.
’No one makes it on her own’ seems a little bit flat for me... but it will grow by the time I think.
’In my own way’ sounds like an REM song.... this song is in my opinion the least inspired song on the album!

I’m getting mine in the next few days (thats the original CD) as I’m friends who managers one of Australia’s largest music store change and no it’s not JB HIF or WOW..

Sorry Roxerally I bet you by 3 years, so me is 23 yrs. But I’m sure there are fan that have been there from the start and that is 25 yrs.

I feel sorry for you guys waiting :) You are all mad. Why do this to yourselves these days? THIS ALBUM IS SUPERB! I still look forward to getting the CD’s.

@BWAD Okay I’ll give you that... but my I share my birthday with the release day of ‘Neverending Love’, Roxette’s official premiere, it was my 6th birthday! :p

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I still haven’t heard CS and I’ve been a fan since late 89 :P


@Default Green: So nowadays you have to explain yourself, why you don’t go for illegal downloads? Why you want to have the classical experience of combining audiovisual and haptic impressions for the first listen after 10 years? Oh my! 8-/


About Marie’s voice being a shadow of what it used to be... I haven’t heard the new album yet, but I really think she screamed too much for my taste in the earlier days (Soul Deep for instance)... I don’t know if I understood it right but the first person who talaked about the “shadow” referred to album previous to CS, so in the end it was a positive comment, or am I wrong?

Physical media is dead.

I don’t care I’m waiting until i have the CD in my hand!!! As i said before it’s not a question of illegally downloading but more for the experience of going to the record store buying the CD having it in my hand & being totally surprised when i go home & listen to it with my lyric book in hand!! If I download it now getting the actual CD on Feb 11th means nothing to me! I’ll just go buy it but i’d know all the songs already & there wouldn’t be any real excitement there. Call me crazy but I’m old fashioned when it comes to my fav band other artists that i only like & don’t love i download before & then buy the album if it’s any good for Rox no way!

+1 Hotblooded & Sascha.

Truthfully for some reason i’m not as excited as I was a week ago. Dunno why, but it makes it a little easier to wait next 11 days. That’s not to say I won’t be over the moon when I have the album in my hands.

A fan since 1999, oh the utter shame of it all, I will never live it down.

Doesn’t matter how long really, everyones in the same boat for the same band, all singing the same tune.

So it doesn’t matter if someone’s been a fan since 1986, 1995, 2001 or even 2011.

It’s the music that counts.


The album is already in Spotify: spotify:album:1LgVRFzK1HJrk5SxRxrRLG

I’m listening to “Speak to me” on VKontakte... quite cool, eh! :) I’m glad to hear Roxette again.

@Peterpim: Thank you so much...I actually love this effect, and to me it shows the keen hard work of artist....Room service was much lacking this effect......
By the way can any1 tell that whats the story with IN MY OWN WAY? Did Roxette cover this song? I don’t have any info about it....
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

In My Own Way was written back in 1984. Nobody liked Per’s original demo, so it was left. Until now. It has been recorded in the past by other people though.


Look at EN GÅNG I LIVET, sang by Niklas Strömstedt... lyrics and music by Per Gessle (I guess)

Alexandre de Oliveira Silva
Goiânia, Brazil

Those repressing themselves and suffering like a marthyr because they wanna wait until Feb. 11, go to the store and ’enjoy’ (?) the old-fashioned experience of putting the cd into the player are just ridiculous. 95% of the people here have listened to the album already, waiting a few days longer or not won’t make a difference. Sorry, but I don’t understand you. You’re a masochist.

Let’s start a comment with a nice little story for a change. I’m a big fan of Roxette since I was 5 years old (back in 1990) after I saw “Listen To Your Heart’ from ’The Woman With The Bare Feet” (as I called Roxette back then). ’Joyride’ was given me as a present with ’Sinterklaas’ (Dutch holiday 20 days before Christmas) on cassette tape, after that I bought my first cd’s ’Tourism’ and ’Look Sharp!’. It would take until the late 90’s when I finally had Joyride on cd instead of cassette (I have to blame my walkman, I was addicted to that thing, good old times, in the middle of a song change sides)!
It was like it was yesterday when I’ve listened ’Have A Nice Day’ for the first time. Totally new Roxette sound, and still very Roxette! ’Room Service’ came out, new sound as well, and again very Roxette. What a nice world back then without the criticism which you read now all over this place.
Back to reality. I think it was since ’Room Service’ came out when I started to read The Daily Roxette! And after 10 years, I have to be honest, I have never read some many frustrated, negative, blow out of proportions, weired (etc., etc., etc.) comments (read shit) all about YOUR so called favourite band! Let alone the comments about Charm School. I mean, come on, you all have to take youself not so serious! Everybody has his (or read her if you prefer) favourite song, and everybody dislikes a song! That’s life! Take trees for an example, you have gorgeous trees but at the same time you have some hideous trees as well. The same counts for cars, people, houses, animals, etc. Seriously, about the weird comments here on this website, you almost can make a movie or write a book about! Get over yourself!
What I try to say is that you (the frustrated, negative, blow out of proportions, weired people here) are not in the position to take everything what Roxette does for granted. Be happy that they made specially for you, after ten years, a great and gorgeous album! And yes, different sound, and again very Roxette. I think that makes Roxette being Roxette, every song and every album is so absolutely different, nothing is the same, and I am very happy of that! Nobody is forcing you to love Roxette, if you don’t like it the world keeps turning around and Lady G keeps wearing hideous outfits!
I hope that Marie and Per will stay in the position to make music for many years from now, because if you are good in something you are never too old to express your talent! Can’t wait to see them perform in there sixties or seventies!
Last but not least, unfortunately the album has leaked (by EMI whoops)! On the other hand, what’s the big deal? I bought it anyhow and anyway. Let it leak, let people get excited about this album! Every decent person in this world will buy it!
Did I meantioned I love the new album? No? Well, I love ’Charm School’, as I love every other Roxette-album! Thank you!

Raëlian - it’s their choice how they want to listen to it for the first time. There is no need to call them names because you don’t agree with it


I stopped downloading illegal music since i am not a teenager anymore.
So much magic disappears when i download the mp3. I did it in the past and it destroyed the moment of first time hearing the CD.

it’s just like downloading a movie per torrent, watching it and one week later i watch the same movie at the cinema.

I’m with you! Mattijs

We should thank the release of Charm School. It’s a gift from God.

We must repay with all our love to Per and Marie for the gift they offer us.

See, They are graceful people, enlightened, positive, look the success they have reached and the battles they won. Marie is an example of the life force to any person on this planet. Per is proof of divine talent given to man.

Strong Hug

Hey Hey Hey People.....don’t be nasty to one another. Don’t call each other insults.
Some opinions are strong and others are weak, but they are still freedom of speech. Haha
Calling each other insults is not nice....

I must admit, sadly, the physical musical scene is dying a slow death. I ALSO prefer to have the physical cd/single in my hands and listen to them on my hi-fi. But internet seems to be the way it’s done from now on.

the album keeps getting better and better - truly made with God’s help!!

Marie sounds fantastic!!

@baijensm: Looks like you missed the Ballad/Pop Hits and RoxBox times! :-P
@Raelian: Very disappointing comment. And I don’t suffer at all. Just enjoy to look forward. :-)


Well, I know the lyrics are revealed one by one each day. But the Cadillac was really hard quest :D What do you think? ;)

@Sascha: if I included those three subjects to my ’little’ comment, I could better publish a book myself ;)

I’m only a few comments away from leaving this site for good now.

Enough with the petty arguments.

If it’s not over whats songs are good or bad it’s about how the album is terrible or how Roxette are not the same as they once were or even bloody Celine Dion or how long everyone has been a fan for as though everyone is trying to outdo one another in ’fandom’

I’m fed up of people trying to prove points to each other or score points against one another.

I’m here to read about my favourite duo, to find out the latest news and what they are upto.

If I wanted pettiness I’d join a playgroup.

David, I agree. What is supposed to be a happy time, and yet more negative comments.

What is wrong with some people?


I have not given my judgment on the album yet although I did finally give in and listen on Monday for the first time and I am impressed. I was in truth not sure Roxette could pull off another album with new material as I felt it had been too long, but then ‘SGNO(BTR)’ arrived and I loved it! As for ‘Charm School’, I think it is a good mix of music with different styles. I think ‘Way Out’ is a fantastic catchy opener for the album and it reminded me a little of ‘Harleys and Indians’. Yes, the album is not ‘Joyride’ and does not bear a resemblance to the old Roxette I grew up with but it is 2011 and people change, the way music is produced has changed dramatically over the years so the album is bound to not be like the ‘Joyride’ album was.

I have listened a few times now and I love the album a lot more than ‘Room Service’. For some reason both ‘HAND’ and ‘RS’ have been albums I have paid little attention to (although that could be because GT is more played in my house than Roxette! ‘Speak To Me’ actually brought tears to my eyes, it’s such a beautiful ballad and surely has to be a single release, this song alones sums up a lot of my own feelings I have experienced over the years. The album ender with ‘Sitting On The Top Of The World’ is a perfect album closer as well.

I will not comment on all the songs individually for those who have not listened and who are holding out for the CD, however my overall impression is this is a superb album, which I can foresee being played a lot over the coming months in my house. Well done Per, Marie and the production team, I am certainly enjoying the new album, more than I thought I would. Bring on the tour dates; it is going to be a kicking Roxette summer I feel! :p

[P.S I felt like a naughty school girl sat on the back of the bus earlier going into town listening to the new album on my iPod two weeks before the release, reminded me of my teenage years and swapping tapes with others fans from around the world and building up my Gyllene Tider collection! Ahhh, such happy memories!]

Actually, I have a funny Roxette story. When I finally upgraded to CD’s at Christmas 1992, my parents bought me ‘Look Sharp’, ‘Joyride’ and ‘Tourism’ for Christmas, I was so excited to finally hear Roxette on CD quality, but imagine my disappointment when I played two out of three CD’s ‘Look Sharp’ and ‘Joyride’ on Christmas morning to find Cliff Richard was on them! I kid you not... something went wrong somewhere in the factory; the person in HMV did not believe me when they were returned back to the shop in January to be exchanged until he played them himself. I can imagine one being faulty, but two and both Roxette CD’s was just funny!

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Well I for one love the new album. They are definitely back with a bang. We finally get an album after ten years and it doesn’t feel like ten years has passed now. An album most of us probably thought we’d never get. I have never been this excited about an album before. If I only had to wait two weeks for the CD I think I may have tried to wait. But no way in hell am I waiting two months before I can hear it. Especially when most of Europe will have heard it two months earlier that the UK.

All the songs IMO are great to varying degrees. The songs that stand out above the rest to me is “Way out” and “No one makes it on her own” Two very different songs but both truly great songs.

So this Roxette fan is a very happy fan :D

To be honest I think both “sides” in the argument are just as bad as each other.....and in a way it makes me glad that this is just a news site now and not a forum. I’m not sure what’s worse- the fans who act like you’ve committed a capital offence for expressing a negative view and proclaim that it is the best album ever made (which although everyone is entitled to their opinion is utter nonsense really) or on the other side of the coin the people who only seem to have negative views about everything. Indeed I recognise some of the usernames from back in the forum days as people who would moan and complain about everything....which begs me to ask the question- if you hate roxette that much these days why are you here?

Anyway, from my part there has been a few days since I listened for the first time and posted my views on here. I’ve been listening to the album in the car to work and I am liking it more and more all the time. I loved some songs at first listen and I still do love the same ones, though there are one or two that did nothing for me at the start, but are growing on me now. At first I thought ’way out’ was just pretty average, but now it’s one of my favourites.....I love the production and guitar on it.....I’m finding ’dream on’ a little nicer now as even if it is a little boring it is still a nice little pop tune. The only song I really dislike now is Big black cadillac, but then there usually is at least one track that I skip on every rox album, so it will probably be this one on charm school. I still think they could have done better. There is obvious filler and it seems they were a little short on ideas and inspiration so had to recycle lots of old songs that were previously rejected or used for different projects, but despite that it has produced a few absolutely classic roxette tracks....and ’speak to me’ especially is shaping up to be one of favourite ever roxette tracks. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face when I listened to it for the first time and it still blows me away every time I listen to it now!

Yes I had the same feeling when I listened to the live cd this morning on my way to work! It actaully brought tears to my eyes when I heard Marie Fredriksson sing like that live again :) Silver Blue - what a song! I loved it on tourism and live OMG!! I still think Roxette without ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER, still has what it takes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome Back sweet Roxette - my ultimate favourite band in the whole wide world!
Not everyone will love this album - that is a fact, but guys please if you don’t want to share in the long awaited joy of the true Roxette fan, then please go somewhere else and vent your frustration there. There are millions of blogs and phsychologists out there :)
“speak to meeee” yeah

the new album is excellent. Its like a progression on early roxette. Good effort. I’m a happy fan!

@ Hotblooded - Thats the very reason why i will not download the album regardless of wether its legal or illegal theres nothing like travelling downtown to HMV & purchasing an album rushing back home & listening to it with the lyric book in hand.

I really think things should not be taken so seriosly - of course people have different opinions about the Roxette songs, albums, etc. and this is a place to share them.

If one says there is a song he doesn’t like, it’s not the end of the world, it doesn’t mean that he/she is not a real fan, it’s just that he/she doesn’t like everything Roxette do. If one says that we should take everything from hereon as a gift (which is also my opinion, epsecially after all that’s happened at the personal level and after One wish, which I truly dislike), then this is not a reason to call him/her a maniac.

If one wants to listen to everything new now, it’s OK, there’s no need to wait. If one wants to wait (like me) to hear the physical music, it’s also OK, there’s no need to rush.

I can only talk about the She’s got nothing on, which seems to me a great first single (although it might not be reprewsentative of the album), considering that it’s really uptempo, sounds fresh and the text is actually not nonsense.

Ok I didnt know about In my own did Per write The sweet hello, the sad goodbye too or it was a cover?
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Thomas Anders, former member of “modern talking” covered the sweet hello, the sad goodbye.
it was written by Per.

Ohh wow...I heard Laura Branigan (who sang Self Control) singing the same song so I was confused....can you tell other songs which Per wrote in English that were used by other artists?
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

By the way I made a video for “Speak to me”....It’s at
Please do lemme know how you find it...
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Coolbluez - That was a beautiful video you made.

@ Plectrum: Thank you for understanding where I’m coming from!! I don’t think we’re masochists!!! Hell i’ve got other things going on in my life other than Roxette!!! I love them to death but i have plenty of stuff to fill up the time until the album is released!!! I’m not in any great pain because I haven’t heard the album!! Sure it makes it hard to read all the comments but i don’t mind waiting it actually gives me something to look forward too!

I posted the other day, and said that I loved “Charm School”, however, I had wished Marie sang some uptempo songs. It has been two days, and I have listened to the album several times. This album has grown on me in an amazing way. This is a masterpiece. This is the most mature, positive, and technically perfect album Roxette has made. The lyrics are so touching, and tell such a sweet story. Yes, Marie’s voice has changed, and I find it to be BEAUTIFUL. There is a depth to it unlike anything I have heard before. IT IS A CRIME that radio doesn’t embrace Roxette. For me, “Dream On” is THE BEST song Per Gessle has ever written. It actually gives me goosebumps. Are there bouncy, booming, pop dance numbers? No. But are there touching, heartfelt, well sung and well written pop songs..... YES. If this is Roxette’s last album (and I hope it isn’t), wow have they got a “swan song” of an album. Marie Fredricksson has risen from a tragedy that most of us will NEVER experience, and is a STAR. She has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. “Charm School” is a success, not matter what it sells, or what the critics say. It shows how Roxette has NOTCHED itself in the world of pop music, with amazing song writing and a gorgeous, deep, warm singer, Marie Fredricksson. This is a PERFECT album.

@mikeyt Very well said!

Just wanted to add, “Speak to Me” is incredible. Please release this as a single.

After listening to this album a bit more.. I think its quite similar to Pearls of passion songs like speak to me or only when i dream would of fit well on that album... I wonder if per meant they were trying more for the pearls of passion sound than look sharp.. cause this new album is totally opposite of look sharp..

I think that it’s a given that “Speak To Me” will be the second single considering that it was specifically featured in the German commercial (single/album promo). And although it’s not my favorite it’s getting a ton of praise here, so it only makes sense that it be the next single. :)

@Raelian: what does it matter to you what others do with the album? It’s their business, it’s their choice. Does it affect you in any matter? I don’t think so. As Sascha said, disappointing pointless comment. But we are used to that.

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

For maximum commercial success for the album based on the singles here’s my choice:
1. She’s Got Nothing On..
2. Way Out
3. Speak To Me
4. Only When I Dream
5. Big Black Cadillac

@ Hotblooded: here here!


Please don’t put words into my mouth... I never said you must explain yourself. I am saying if you are going to buy the album download the songs now listen to them... If it was available now to buy I would do that but it is not!

and also all these people that are so waiting for the 11th... anything can happen that can cause you not to hear the album. You don’t know the future... if you will buy the album as soon as it comes out download the dam songs and listen to it now... don’t know what the big deal is... THEY WILL GET THEIR MONEY AS SOON AS WE GET THE CD!

@Linda06: Thank you very much for liking the video....I would hopefully put it on my site for would be in better quality:-)
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

@ncurran: I noticed you were naming my opinion as “utter nonsense”. Know what? I could not care less! :-)

My favourite tracks from the album are:

01 Dream On (reminds me of Jeff Lynne and The Beatles)
02 Speak To Me (should be the next single)
03 Happy On The Outside (classic Roxette)
04 After All (the same as 01)
05 Big Black Cadillac (great for clubs)

I think that TDR should really consider closing the “comment” section of this site too.
There are some of you guys who think you will “spite” others by “being a few comments away from leaving this site” all means - LEAVE!!! Who really gives a flying fuck???
Most of us here don’t know each other anyways, whom will it really matter???
Childish, that’s what it’s called, man!! Grow up!!

Anyways, I’m amongst the other happy people in the world who are on an alltime high with the new album. And, although 2011 has just begun, I don’t think anybody else on planet earth will release a song as good and overwhelming as “Speak To Me”!!! A masterpiece!! Everytime Marie starts belting out the chorus, I get tears in my eyes!!

This woman called Marie Fredriksson is the most awesome singer on this planet!

Now, please guys and girls, please please please stop fighting!!! Pretty please!!!
We get it - some guys think Marie sounds terrible, some guys don’t like the album, some guys don’t like to download the songs and others like it..... you have all made your points.
Now, be good and continue with your lifes as good as you all are.

I am so happy, I looked like I slept with a hanger in my mouth. The best thing in this life is to have Roxette back - better than ever!!

roy this is exactly why the forums wil lnever return..theres been a notible rift the the rox community since hand came out..there were old schoolers who dreaded rox evolving and new fans who hated being preached to by the old schoolers. personally i embrace both sides...i miss the band sound but i understand where their new focus came from. they have families and lives, marie almost died, even i would consider pleasing my ” fans” the last thing of importance in my life. Part of me kinda wishes this were their last album just so i have good things to remember

so say we all

CoyRoy - clearly a Friends watcher as well then ;-p


Still cannot understand why there are people here who thinks/wish that Roxette will quit after this album or had to quit long time before, only to keep some ’good old memories’ of those people here alive... As I said before, I am a fan for over 20 years now (at the age of 25 :) ) and I enjoy everything Roxette does. Try that for a change, instead of complaining or thinking about good memories. If you really want to think about your good old memories of Roxette, please only play the music that fits in your memory! Nobody is forcing you to like Roxette 2011!

@ pwbbounce: Oh YES!! I DO watch Friends - they’re my fav!!!! Love those guys...

When you listen to this new album, you will understand why its not time for Roxette to quit yet.... I think they have a few more albums in them. This one is really an evolution and it’s very NOW.....

Truly the album of the decade!!

@Coyboyusa: PLEASE don’t wish this to be Roxette’s last album!! Why would you say something so selfish?? You can clearly hear with this album that Roxette is on the right track again.... This is an excellent example of modern, mature pop. Even all of my non-Roxette fan friends like it. They are all waiting to buy the album.

First of all, forgive me if some words or sentences don´t make to much sense, my english isn´t too good, but i hope you can catch the idea =)

Just finished listen the new album....

I know they can go wathever direction they want with their music, and that this is a special album for both Per and Marie, but hey...not even a single power ballad?

The power ballads have been the signature of Roxette trough the year, the power ballads make them famous around the world, and that is what the masses, not the fans, remeber when they ear the name Roxette. Yes i kow, The Look, Dangerous, Joyride and so on, are not ballads, but you see my point.

For me, most of the album are songs that seems B Sides from other albums, like Making love to you, Better of her own, The Weight of the World, etc.

The Fans may think that the album is great, but this is a come back album for the Fans that will ear anything they do, or a come back album for the mases?, to surf again behind big waves as Per says once....?

This album shoud be the follower to a Hit Album like Tourism was to Joyride, to bring some fresh air, and find new musical o relaxing ideas, not a come back album...

Again, they have the right to do the album they want, but i don´t see here a true dance hit, and even a single true power ballad, that made them what they were in the past.

That´s mi point of view...

@Sambuqa: Well I partially do agree with you...the songs could have been bit longer but this album is very special to me coz the lyrics are very philosphical and maturely written, they are about life. One can hardly find any song on RS with good lyrics....and then I missed them in all the years. Living here in this part of the world, you see we don’t even get singles released, neither Per or Marie’s solo albums so Im very delighted to have their new album:-) I feel so attached to Marie as I see her in videos,concert or on the songs...

And anyone who wants to download the video of SPEAK TO ME, you can visit the site below and open Cool Bluez Media page under the ’quick links’ on the main page...

Thanks once again for all the appreciation.
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Sorry venomthefat....Obviously a misunderstanding on my part please except my apologies.
Have a nice day

I have listened to it a few times and Marie’s voice is just stunning. I think she is sounding better than ever. And of course we can’t leave Per out whose writing skills are again proven to be top notch. Plus he is also sounding very good.

*sigh* It’s so good to have them back.

I’m one of those that don’t mind the little changes to their style over the years. I’ve been a fan since 1989 and I’ve loved every album they’ve brought out. Yes even HAND and Room service :p But Charm school could possibly be their best album yet. I don’t think the grin has left my face since I got the songs.

I love the new Roxette album so much! I have been a fan since 1990 ( thanks to my friend Linda ). I have to say Marie‘s voice is sounding better than ever! Oh and Per great pop songs as ever! My Favourites are No one makes it on her own, In my own way, Speak to me, Sittin on top of the world. Could be their best album for a long time! i cant stop playing the album.

Well, after listening to the album, I must say I missed something. Let me explain: The album is good, but not better than the “freshness” of HAND album, for example. I miss the power ballads, like WICF and a really good first single. I think that could have been added just 2 more uptempo songs.
And I think that the order of the musics could be different: SGNOBTR as the album opener and closing the album with “Dream On” and “Happy On The Outside”.


I really hope that ’Charm School’ is the first of many more albums to come from Roxette this decade. I have missed their music so much in the past decade – even though I do love Per’s solo stuff (loved ’Party Crasher’). I really hope that they have more recordings and albums planned! I’m really looking forward to hearing more Roxette music. It really amazes me that Per can still write such brilliant songs with strong hooks and melodies after all these years in the business. Does this guy ever run out of ideas? Seriously. It’s really a very rare talent. And while we are talking about Marie sounding wonderful I also agree (as someone pointed out) that Per sounds as good as ever. I know that he’s technically not a “singer” (like Marie), but I’m surprised at how great he sounds live as well. Anyhow, I’m still loving ’Charm School’! I will be ordering my physical copy of the deluxe edition here shortly – I will have to import, of course, since I’m from the U.S. ;)

For me the huge surprise on this album is Per - sounding amazing than ever. The last time we heard him like this was in the SOAP album. You can feel that Marie (or Roxette) pulls the best of out of him. “After All” and “Way Out” are one of the best songs on this album, if not the best. Some of the middle eights are better than the songs themselves. The middle eight of “Way out” and “Top of the World” are stunning. Still, the majority of songs are weak. “Speak to Me” which is a consensus here as the best one, has one part where Marie is shrieking and ruins the chorus.

I truly didn’t want to listen to the album before I purchased..and–like many– I failed to hold off from.. And, not gonna to lie, but it took a few listens to to really grasp this album, but I did fall in love w/ the tunes..

’In My Own Way’...dang, Marie hasn’t lost a damn thing when it comes to hear vocals.. that tune is Superb and the ending lyric and how she sings (it) just Gorgeous! ’Sitting On Top of the World’ ... what a closer!

Charm School reminds me of Crash! Boom! Bang! (LP) in many ways.. because C!B!B! had everything in regards to ’sound’.. 60’s thru 90’s (obviously 90’s) and Charm School does the same.. To go from ’Speak To Me’ which sounds very 80’s to ’She’s Got Nothing On..’ which sounds more like ’today’.. Again, Charm School has everything.. and what’s so interesting about this album; as a whole; is that not only did Per use some older lyrics such as ’In My Own Way’, but also this gem of an album was being recorded during the ’Night of Proms’.. so it also has a ’Tourism’ feel to it as well!!

I know many Rox fans fell in love with the albums ’Look Sharp!’ and ’Joyride’ and certain ’singles’ in between here ’n there.. but what I find somewhat amusing is the fact that they (fans)–not all–are still living back in the day and bashing newer Roxette albums. Yes, I do feel that ’Room Service’ was their weakest albums out of all..but to bash ’H.A.N.D.’ ...ugh, you truly don’t know what you’re talking about.. An album that produced tunes such as ’WICF’, ’Anyone’, ’Salvation’ and prospect singles such as ’I Was So Lucky’ or even the one we all complained about not being one..’COY’.. well, my opinion.. the best tune off that album was ’Beautiful Things’.

Anywho, I’m just glad God gave Marie a second chance..and that Per STILL can write poetry that could melt any beating heart..big or small.

I never thought Room Service was bad. It’s a very nice album, and of course HAND is a masterpiece.

can someone please post the lyrics to BBC

@DEFAULT_GREEN This is what lyrics I get from hearing the song...

Big Black Cadillac

My baby came back in a Big Black
My baby came back in a Big Black
My baby came back in a Big Black Cadillac

She looked better than gold like she was dear
You know she changed her name got one small kid
My baby came back in a Big Black [Black] Cadillac

Black Cadillac, it seems we lost a lot [?] to blow my mind attack when I came back
Black Cadillac I’m sure he miss my touch and never really missed me much

She’s digging for gold it’s what she doing
I got to be older than a ruin
My baby came back in a Big Black Cadillac, Cadillac

Black Cadillac, it seems we lost a lot [?] to blow my mind attack when I came back
Black Cadillac I’m sure he miss my touch I never really missed him much
Black Cadillac, Ohhhhh Oh yeah we lost a lot [?] to blow my mind attack when I came back
Black Cadillac I know he miss my touch I never really really missed him

Someday I sit and share my brand new song with you everywhere [everywhere]
There’s this something hanging in the air a sticky love affair bubble gum in my hair

My baby came back in a Big Black
My baby came back in a Big Black
My baby came back in a Big Black Cadillac

Black Cadillac, it seems we lost a lot [?] to blow my mind attack when I came back
Black Cadillac I’m sure he miss my touch I never really really missed him much
Black Cadillac The things that went too far arriving in the car [He’ll be sold]
Black Cadillac I’m sure he miss my touch I never really really missed him much

Black Cadillac Oh Baby, Ohhhhhhh
Black Cadillac I never missed him much
Black Black Cadillac

♫♥♪♫ ♥♪♫♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪
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My baby came back in a big black,
My baby came back in a big black,
B-baby came back in a big black Cadillac,

She looked better than good, like she was dear,
Y’know she changed her name, got one small kid.
My baby came back in a big black Cadillac,

Black Cadillac..
It seems he lost the knack to block my mind attack,
when I came back,
Black Cadillac,
I’m sure he missed my touch,
I never really missed him much,

She’s diggin’ for gold is what she’s doin’
I gotta be older than a ruin,
My baby came back in a big black Cadillac, Cadillac,

Black Cadillac..
It seems he lost the knack to block my mind attack,
when I came back,
Black Cadillac..
I’m sure he missed my touch,
I never really missed him much,
Black Cadillac, Oh, Oh..
Oh yeah he lost the knack to block my mind attack,
when I came back,
Black Cadillac,
I know he missed my touch,
I never really, really missed him..

Some day I’ll sing and share,
my brand new song with you everywhere, everywhere,
But there‘s just something hangin’ in the air,
A sticky love affair, bubble gum in my hair..ahh..

My baby came back in a big black,
My baby came back in a big black,
My baby came back in a big black..Cadillac,

Black Cadillac..
It seems he lost the knack to block my mind attack,
when I came back,
Black Cadillac..
I’m sure he missed my touch,
I never really, really missed him much,
Black Cadillac, Oh, Oh..
He thinks I went too far ridin’ in that car..
How sour..Black Cadillac,
Oh lord he missed my touch,
I never really, really missed him much,
Black Cadillac..oh my baby..oh, oh, oh, oh..
Black Cadillac..
I never missed him much,
Black, black Cadillac.

@Default_Green I’m having another go... I think CoyRoy got the word I couldn’t get [Knack] :)

Big Black Cadillac

My baby came back in a Big Black
My baby came back in a Big Black
My baby came back in a Big Black Cadillac

She looked better than gold like she was dear
You know she changed her name got one small kid
My baby came back in a Big Black [Black] Cadillac

Black Cadillac It seems he lost the knack to blow my mind attack when I came back
Black Cadillac I’m sure he miss my touch I never really missed him much

She’s digging for gold it’s what she doing
I got to be older than a ruin
My baby came back in a Big Black Cadillac, Cadillac

Black Cadillac it seems he lost the knack to blow my mind attack when I came back
Black Cadillac I’m sure he miss my touch I never really missed him much
Black Cadillac, Ohhhhh Oh yeah he lost the knack to blow my mind attack when I came back
Black Cadillac I know he miss my touch I never really really missed him

Someday I sit and share my brand new song with you everywhere [everywhere]
There’s this something hanging in the air a sticky love affair bubble gum in my hair

My baby came back in a Big Black
My baby came back in a Big Black
My baby came back in a Big Black Cadillac

Black Cadillac it seems he lost the knack to blow my mind attack when I came back
Black Cadillac I’m sure he miss my touch I never really really missed him much
Black Cadillac The things that went too far arriving in the car [Ohhh he’ll be sold]
Black Cadillac I’m sure he miss my touch I never really really missed him much

Black Cadillac Oh Baby, Ohhhhhhh
Black Cadillac I never missed him much
Black Black Cadillac

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I must say - this is a fun song - I LOVE it!!!! Great work, Per!!! And Marie’s vocals blows my mind away!!!

I’m loving this album.. It’s the way Per and Marie’s voice work together that is what I have been missing for the past few years in my music collection. The only song that get’s the “skip to the next track” treatment is “I’m Glad You Called” which I didn’t like on Party Crasher either to be honest. It took me a few listens to enjoy “Nobody makes it on her own”, but now the more I hear it the more I want to hear it again. This song has great potential as a closing song for the tour as well. “Way Out” is a great start to the album, and I just love the guitar in this. “Speak to me” and “Only When I Dream” just border on magical for me at the moment. And then we get to “Big Black Cadillac”... It is on repeat inside my head most of the day. This song is addictive. It should have a health warning on the front of it.

And then we get to the live tracks..... The recording of 7Twenty7 is bringing back some awesome memories for me of a brilliant night I spent in Halmstad getting rained on, 16,500km away from my home. And Silver Blue still gives me goose bumps every time I hear it, even six months later. It brings me vivid memories of sitting in a hotel room in Singapore at 4am (jet-lag), where I stopped for the Formula One Grand Prix on my way back home to Australia after the best 2 months of my life. All I was doing at this time of night was watching the video I took of Silver Blue, over and over again.
Of course now I’m trying even harder to find the money to head back for the 2011 tour (Athens and Budapest are my targets at the moment), not to mention to praying to every god I can think of, that the tour is brought down-under.

Anyway, that’s my 5 cents worth.... Just can’t wait for next Friday now so I can get the CD in my hands.

“I’m Glad You Called” was terrible on the PC album, but sounds tons better with Marie. But that middle-part where Per sings sounds dreadful. That’s the only negative remark I have about this album. Per’s vocals are dreadful in that middle key a bit. Sounds like that ugly Cooper song. I still think Per should be sued for ever recording Cooper.

By the way - my new puppy is called Cooper. She’s so adorable.

@CoyRoy, Awww Cooper is sweet... I had two goldfish called Per and Marie some 15 years ago, and the dog is called Oscar (where did I get that idea from) :p

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IMHO Cooper is an embarrassing attempt to copy “Where The Wild Roses Grow”. The chorus and ending sound nice though.


I’ve never minded Cooper. I think the ending is great, and the song itself isn’t that bad. Is it?


@PWBBOUNCE - yes, it is.

hahaha.......i can’ tell by the look in your eyes we’re no strangers.....

I think if Roxette wants to be back in the mainstream spotlight this time, they need to make Black Cadillac the next single. I know its not every hard core fan’s cup of tea, but for those on the outside, it is exactly what the world remembers of them. Crazy hooks that you can’t get out of your head. That song is so insanely catchy that I wake up and go to sleep with it in my head. Coupled with a great video, it would be huge. It should have been the first single. Then release Speak to me, Way Out, Only When I Dream and No One Makes it On Her Own. In that order. The part in Way Out where Per sings “Sometimes you cant decide for yourself” is one of the best things he has ever done musically. He truly is brilliant and a master. If treated right, this album could be their phoenix rising. People need to hear this record.

Hey I liked “Cooper” :D

I hope they give Roxette the promotion they deserve in the UK when this album comes out here. But I ain’t holding my breath.

Had to listen to this for the first time while my baby boy was yelling like mad! Did not like it at all! Then later on, I listened to the whole album and it started to grow on me. I’ve listened to this cd probably about 30 times the last 3 days LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I WILL BUY a 100 CD’s when they hit the shops! Amazing stuff!!!! Thanx Per & Marie! Can’t wait to see you live in SA!!

A great album... and I think that’s it, it’s an ALBUM and not the usual scrap book of smash singles. As for Marie’s voice... for me it carries even more emotion these days... It has a “maturity through experience” that adds so much meaning to the words.

Rox on? I never stopped!

So, here are my 5 kronor:

For me it does feel like it’s PG album, not Roxette, even though I don’t mind PG.

I was wishing for something like Sing Along or Hey, Mr. DJ. These two are extremely well produced songs. I guees in Charm I was looking for more keyboard/piano tunes.

In “I am glad you called” previous version I loved the middle part and not so much the rest of the song. Here it is the opposite. The “Look Around” part sounds like demo.

There are different styles in the album and it feels a bit unbalanced. It will probably take a bit longer time to get used to the album.

One note though. There was “Joyride promo tour”, there was “Crash Boom Bang promo tour”, I think there was a mini “Room Service promo tour”. However 2011 will be “Roxette tour” and not “Charm School tour”. I think this album is more or less getting things back in order rather than making a bold statement.

-= tridy =-

How do you delete an account on here?

I think the “How Sour” part in BBC is actually “Oh This Song”

Cooper rocked what are some of you guys talking about!

Not liking “Cooper” is just good taste!!

If you want to delete your account - ask Tevensso or just stop coming to this site. Sour Grapes hardly ever get a teardrop in anyone’s eyes.

Yes I agree Per’s part in Im glad you called and In my own way is awful. In In my own way, it looks he’s commenting on some behavior in some negative way (You bring a little love) and I guess that should’ve been not there....same is with glad you called, I didn’t like Per part and in PC, the instruments and melody is so beautiful, why in this album, they made it like accoustic demo???

As far is Cooper concerned, it is fine in melody but the lyrics are strange....otherwise it goes good.........

Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

@Coolbluez... I must tell you this funny bit. The other day here in SA they showed a documentary about ABBA and they said ABBA sold over 375 million records. It shocked me, and I asked a good friend of mine how is that possible, I always throught Roxette was more successful than ABBA - BOY was I wrong.

Then my friend said to me: “It’because Per puts in bits like “I look around, I look around...” in songs like “I’m Glad You Called”, that’s why Roxette didn’t sell as many albums.”

I laughed so loud, I almost wet myself. Good point. That little part sounds like it could be a lost part of “Cooper” - where the hell has Cooper gone to? I look around I look around......

It’s so funny....

Found some lyrics to Only When I Dream:

Only when I dream / Only when I dream

To everyday there’s a history
To every love that’s lost there is tragedy
I saved the vision of you in my head
I watched a new universe being born, raised and bred
In the calm of my bed

Some might say it’s over now
I don’t believe them
If I only got to you
I’d prove them right

(Only when I dream) I hear you, I’m near you
I hold you close to me
(Only when I dream) I touched you and I breath you
I feel you deep inside me

Things were never easy for me
And the temple we built stayed sacred and free
I came looking for more self-esteem
All I found was your voice on the answering machine
Simple and clean

Some might say it’s too far gone
I don’t believe them
If I could only talk to you
I’d prove I’m right

(Only when I dream) I hear you and I’m near you
I hold you close to me
(Only when I dream) I touched you and I breath you
I feel you deep inside me

I tried to catch a butterfly
I tried to make a summer sky
Heal me
Rain exploded in my face
Seems to fade without a trace
Heal me

(Only when I dream) I hear you and I’m near you
I hold you close to me
(Only when I dream) I touched you and I breath you
I feel you deep inside me

@davidc4 - Why are you deleting your account??


@tridy - Funny you mention the “Roxette tour” and not “Charm School tour” - I believe Per said a similar thing about playing more of a gretest hits tour.

Thing is, the official Facebook tour dates tab has a nice graphic that clearly states “Roxette Charm School The World Tour”

I’d prefer the UK tour :)

Why don’t they think outside the box and call it “ROXETTE - THE CHARMED TOUR”

just a thought

The Beatles are the greatest band in history because of their music and much because of their fans. ABBA in the same way, became one of the most successful bands in the ’70s thanks to his fans.

I agree that roxette did not sell so well, what are 75 million albums and 25 million singles, almost anything these days with the ease of the Internet and pirating!

Sorry for the frankness, I apologize, too, those who intelligently help to the success of his favorite band, but I found reading the latest comments, unfortunately, the major obstacle of my idols is us: his fans.

Sorry, can not understand why so much criticism empty for no reason.

However, at my age I should have known, the human being is like that - dissatisfied, ungrateful by nature.

Well, this might be my last comment. From now on I will wait to enjoy my album and the shows to come.

Thanks M & P


Getting fed up of petty children m8

@davidc4 - Light a candle at the show, swinging high and low...

It’s been an entertaining 4 years and 49 weeks but 3 weeks shy of 5 years and I’m off, had enough of alot of you.

Don’t get me wrong I like a few people, the mods are all good, and a few others, but christ, you would think this was a ’haters’ site. Even Justin Beiber has it easier from his ’haters’ than Roxette has with their ’fans’ at the minute. Some of you need to get a grip.

See ya.

David, take it easy! Over the web I read a lot more positive comments than the negative ones. The “haters” just like to be the loudest, not only in Rox fandom. This is such a great time for Roxette, I don’t wanna miss anything!



If you want to leave then leave... why do you need to tell everyone about it? Is it for the attention to get a point accross or just to get attention.

like I said If you want to leave then do it... no need to have a whole soppy story but I must warn you will will be missed for all but 5 min the rest of us will then move on...


O bla di o bla da life goes on....

I’m sitting on top of the world, and I like it...

It’s sad when people fight over a stupid thing like a pop band. It’s supposed to be entertainment... Don’t take things too serious, people.

Have fun!!!

abbas success came after they essentially retired through tons of reissues..their original albums didn’t sell all that well

so say we all

Well, I for one am extremely appreciative of the new CD. I have my personal picks and passes, but that’s what makes Roxette. They sing a range of styles, unlike other artists where all their songs sound alike. I am so happy for new Rox music! I suppose I would like their music if they stood on stage and just sang gibberish!

Hey Davidc4, don’t let the door hit you on your moody ass on the way out!

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

My friend told me that they played SGNOBTR on RAGE this morning in Australia! I then went & checked the playlist & it was on between 8-8:30am. Disappointed i missed it but nice to know they played it & at a decent time too! You can request videos so all the aussies should head over & request it & hopefully they’ll play it again!

Here’s the link:

Isn’t this a site for people to have their freedom of speech.
I’ve enjoyed Roxette’s music since Dangerous, and from that point onwards, my height of being a fan has peaked to a huge obsession and also to a depressing low.
I don’t think anyone here who bothers to comment can be that biased to state that every song and every album is brilliant.
I love giving my opinions on Roxette’s music. If I find people that agree with my comments, it makes me feel that there are similar people on my wavelength. Therefore, I’m sure we could safely say that there are many sub-groups of still-exisiting fans around.
I, for one, am not totally in awe about Charm School, and who should really care. It’s just my opinion. For me, it lacks bite. It lacks the originality of most other Roxette albums. It has little contrast and the arrangements seem rushed and not properly though out.
I’m entitled to give an opinion, just like everybody else.
But that’s ALL it is. Just an opinion. It doesn’t make me right.

@Default_green: I have a great respect for you...

Harden up davidc4. Its just the interwebs.

Still loving the new album. Stand out favourites - Way Out and Only When I dream.

I must of just missed the clip on Rage! I had it on for just that but checked the news out.

@davidc4 these negative and childish comments are as important and relevant as you let them be. You don’t need to delete your account for that. Put the ignore on, reply only to the positive, ignore those you know are negative by nature and won’t speak a positive word for nothing in the world.. it helps ;)
If nobody would react to the destructive negative comments, I am sure they would decrease since nobody would be listening..

PS: the more I listen to the album the more I love it. Have heard it many times by now and I am still discovering sounds, ways of singing, details.. .. great album.
Marie Fredriksson Online
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I just wanted to say this is a message board..some people will agree and some wont(Thats life) Most people have only good things to say of Roxette. Sure charm school is not my favourite album from Roxette(possibly my least fave) But I still support them and am thankful for what they have created in the past.. Doesnt mean I have to enjoy everything they bring out now.. People change(even Marie and Per).

I wonder if the person who leaked Charm School would be so kind to leak the lyrics as well!! This countdown on is just silly.....

Charm School does need at least 2 more doof-doof-doof songs to be the ULTIMATE Roxette album. But I place it 3rd on my list. It’s an emotional album for me personally, since all the stuff Marie had to go thru to get to where she is today. And for me to wait this long, hoping and praying many many times for Marie to be well and to be better than ever - here it is!! It’s a fantastic piece of music. A landmark in Roxette’s career.

I still place CBB and Joyride above this one....

I still remember an article on Joyride here in SA saying: To point out singles is sure difficult, since all songs on Joyride has hit potential....

@ coyboyusa - ABBA sold nigh on 350million records before calling it a day,since then they’ve sold another 100million plus.
Have a nice day

@Coyroy: I agree to almost everything you say....I certainly started finding resemblance of Cooper in “Glad you called”. And really it’s very hurtful that compared to ABBA, I think Roxette has produced more mature and diverse music....but TDR mentioned, Billboards magazine even didn’t mention Roxette in 100 greatest artists when Ace of base name was there....don’t know what is the criteria?
Anyway I do LOVE charm school except Dream on...
My new playlist with added songs is:
1. Way out
2. Only when I dream
3. In my own way
4. Big black cadillac
5. No one makes it on her own
6. Glad you called
7. Speak to me
8. Dream on
9. Everything disappears (Marie live)
11. Something in the system (Per Demo)
12. Happy on the outside
13. After all
14. Sitting on the top of the world
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I see on Ace of Base’s website that they hired 2 new, younger girls to take the lead vocals since the other 2 girls doesn’t want to sing with the guys anymore.

Seems Roxette’s comeback is bigger....

ABBA release a new Greatest Hits collection every fucking year, and idiots keep buying it, because they only change the track order and the cd cover. Wha-la!

@Coolbluez - I see you like that demo of Per “Something In The System” - he should release the song JUST like that!! It is the most perfect demo he has ever done and he sings the song great. Would be a GREAT Roxette track!! In my opinion it’s Per’s best song, except maybe for “I’ll Be Alright”.

Way Out

I used to work it out with my head in a cloud
A record machine playin’ out loud
I guess my fate had to turn
Followed a star to a candle that burned
Bag full of crackers an’ chocolate bars
Breakin’ my back, sleepin’ in cars
Ha! I always woke up in doubt
Well, now I know what the fuss is about
Way out, out of the blue
I met a young girl
It could’ve been you
Hey, what was I supposed to do
I didn’t want to fall in love
Try to keep sane an’ savin’ the light
Two things to do when you can’t fight the night
I always lay down in doubt
Well, now I know what the fuss is about
Way out, out of the blue...
Sometimes you don’t decide for yourself
Sometimes you don’t decide for yourself
Sometimes you can’t decide for yourself
Way out, out of the blue...


Speak to me with tenderness
Speak to me with gracefullness
Speak to me with hapiness and love

Speak to me in loneliness
Speak to me in bitterness
Speak to me in faithlessness with love

You wanna hide, when you’re alone
Where do you run to, when you’re on your own?
You’re lookin’ to find some peace of mind
But nothing’s inside at the end of the light
Oh no

Speak to me in emptiness
Speak to me in fail success
Speak to me in speechlessness with love
With love
With love

You wanna hide, when you’re alone
Where do you run to, when everything’s gone?
You’re lookin to find good thing in life
But nothing’s inside at the end of the light

So, where do you run, when you’re alone
Where do you run to, when you’re on your own?
That dream in the dark, just sink like stone
That voice in your heart (home), it won’t come to the phone
Never come

Speak to me with tenderness
Speak to me with gracefullness
Speak to me with hapiness and love

Speak to me in loneliness
Speak to me in bitterness
Speak to me in faithlessness with love

Why are people putting lyrics on here? They are on the website... you are not breaking any news to us.

Dear God, sometimes i can understand why fans get out of here...everything is a motive to fightin’... people only says “do this” or “dont do this”...nothing productive...seems like a sad spider wating to take some happy fly. is there a manual where I can read what to do or what is crime to do here?

Oh, touchy! I was only asking ,why...? Love to hear your reason.

Ok AusRox, whiteflags up! Im from Brazil (Brasilia - DC) and like a lot of others fans around the world we are going to make a big party this february when “Charm School” comes out. Fans from Spain, Japan, Italy, they’re going to do the same. Clubs are preparing to play Roxette all night long. So lets make an agenda of this events in your countries, saying the day, hour, local (place) where we can find each others to party this moment...lets put rox fans together again, not even in chats, lets do it a-live! I dont know if I can leave my cellphone number here(?) or even my personal email(?) to brazilians fans contact me. Hey people, what do think? Lets party all over the world! party! party!

@Sullivan - I DO appreciate you putting the lyrics here!! Thanx man!! is having a countdown by putting the lyrics on one-by-one - I, for one, can’t wait until they’re done. I want the lyrics NOW.

so, thanx!! muchly appreciated

Where’s SGNO (BTR) on the swedish singles chart? I can’t see it in the top 60?

@Coyroy: Yes indeed the demo is wonderful....and I love it far times more than the original version on SOAP album....I was hoping may be Roxette does it in this album but with this song in Charm School, it certainly adds more charm to the album:-)
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I agree this album is great. I think to expect a Look Sharp or a Joyride after 25 years is asking a bit much, but when I hear ’speak to me’, ’big black cadillac’ & ’sitting on top of the world’ I think ’ yeah they still got it :) Like Per said this album was made for their enjoyment and he had to get a lot of stuff out of his system, hence the ’sad’ songs on this album. I’ve always loved the songs with ’feelings’ more in any case.
I think that the next album (and yes I do believe their will be a next) will be a super album. After the world tour I believe that the inspiration will flow!
Rox On!

Roxette sounds modern like Savage Garden (Darren Hayes - “On the verge of Something Wonderful”), The Coors (Sharon Coor - “Everybody got to Learn Sometimes”) or even Celine Dion (“Shadow of Love”). Marie presents not lirics but shows her “blues” in CS as she did in “Hometown” and “Where Your Love Lives”. Lets comparate Marie’s version on “Everyday” and “Everyday outside my window” - Per’s demo version... I think the demos from Charm School will sound like this...too much Gessle-ish. As Per said, he likes (actualy) acustic versions, no more piano and drums on his demos. So thats why we cant listen that old Roxette style on Charm School. Guitars are there (we cant deny) but no more samplers and distorsions chords...they sound (2011) between “Wish I could Fly” (HAND) and “Things will never be the same” (Joyride version). I am a fan since 1987 and i can say that Pearls of Passion can be more Charm School than Look Sharp! Hey, the deluxe version of Charm School is a Tourism “2” by the way. There will be a next rox album but not like Joyride (1991) and Tourism (1992), one following another, cos they will wait to see the public answer about Charm School, how they sounded for us...Roxette is a pillar of the pop, selling cds is important but they are a guarante, of any music company, of $$$. Roxette has been hitted by the no-promotion midia through the years, thats why rox not made a thousand of millions on the charts as Celine or even Lady Gaga. Theres no need for nude, blood and murder if you sing like Marie and if you write lirics like Per. We all need love (not blood anymore).

I finally decided to do a review of the songs on my blog... so figured I would share it here!

Way Out
This is a perfect opening track for the new album. A combination of Per on lead vocals with some catchy lyrics like:-

Bag full of crackers an’ chocolate bars
Breakin’ my back, sleepin’ in cars’
Ha! I always woke up in doubt
Well, now I know what the fuss is about

You can just make out Marie’s vocals in there. I suspect the song was perhaps originally written for Per’s Party Crasher album in 2009 nevertheless it is to me just a faultless starter for the album.

No One Makes It On Her Own
A timely balled which sees Marie singing some beautiful lyrics such as:-

Have you ever had a moment
To look into the mirror
To find a person
Who won’t open her eyes
Have you ever felt a presence
(or is it all in the past, dear?)
So mesmerizing
It chills you to the bone
Have you ever been in love
And overcome that first fear
Well, then you know
No one makes it on her own

At times, I have forgotten how beautiful Marie’s incredible voice is; the song brings tears to my eyes.

She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
This is the first single from the album in most of Europe, it was released in the UK in January but pulled by EMI two days afterwards with no explanation as to why (More than likely something to do with the put back date of the album release). I like it, it took a few listens for me to really appreciate it but I also think this had something to do with the fact it had been a while since I heard the voices of Per and Marie on something new. Sadly, the video never really grew on me; I felt it was a little weak and plain although I smiled at the LP of Joyride making an appearance in there!

Speak To Me
A simplistic song with uncomplicated effortless lyrics, a mix of vocals from Per and Marie with Marie being the stronger voice singing the chorus on lines such as:-

You want to hide when you’re alone
Where do you run to when everything’s gone?
You’re looking to find a good thing in life
But nothing’s in sight at the end of the line

A faultless track from the creation, which could be a huge success if they released it as a single, reminds me of classic Roxette.

I’m Glad You Called
This song first appeared on Per’s Party Crasher album in 2009 so it’s a recycled track. I particularly liked the original version with the likes of Per on lead and Helena Josefsson who covered the backing vocals on the first version. Comparing the two, I do not have a favourite, as I love both equally, but on the new Roxette version Marie is singing the lead vocals and Per is covering the backing vocals. I also love the fact it a traditional kind of Roxette track with the violin making an appearance again.

Only When I Dream
This is currently the song I cannot get enough of and the one, which has been played the most since last weekend. Listening to it ferries me back to a Roxette era I once loved and grew up with. It is the classic Roxette sound but still has a modern feeling. With lyrics like:-

To every day there’s a history
To every love that’s lost there is tragedy
I saved a vision of you in my head
Watched a new universe being born, raised and bred
In the calm of my bed

Some might say it’s over now
I don’t believe them
If I only got to you
I’d prove I’m right

Marie’s voice in the opening line of ‘Some might say it’s over now’ just melts my heart...

Dream On
The introduction reminds me of The Beatles which as most fans known Per takes a lot of his musical influence from. This track in the majority is sung by Per with some very simplistic lyrics and a straightforward musical background, however Marie’s appearance in the song gives you once again that original Roxette feeling.

Big Black Cadillac
This took a little listen to in order to really appreciate it but was one of the songs that I wanted to listen to the most after Per’s son Gabbe mentioned on his Twitter saying it was one of his favourites. Some fans have commented that it sounds a little like Lady Gaga with the opening, but I do not agree with that, you cannot compare Roxette to the likes of Lady Gaga!

My baby came back in a Big Black
My baby came back in a Big Black
My baby came back in a Big Black Cadillac

She looked better than gold like she was dear
You know she changed her name got one small kid
My baby came back in a Big Black [Black] Cadillac

It could have been the opening track on the album as it is a powerful rocky song but it is obviously not the opener, conversely I think it could make a good single release especially if they really want to hit the singles market and have a success again.

In My Own Way
After hearing it several times, I finally began to understand the song and the lyrics of this striking ballad. It is definitely one of my favourites on the album and probably the most beautiful on the album. I can picture the emotional expressive context that Marie has put forward into the song and it does bring tears to my eyes. The way she sings it reminds me a little of how she sings, ‘Mother’ on her solo album ‘The Change’ which she released a few years after her illness.

After All
Certainly one more song that is extremely Beatles influenced. Per is covering the lead vocals and Marie is covering the chorus and backing vocals. If I shut, my eyes whilst listening to this, I can picture myself walking down a street in Liverpool in the middle of the 60’s.

Happy On The Outside
The lyrics in this ballad feel like they have been written for me or someone who is the subjective depressive individual struggling to deal with personal issues in their life. The constantly ‘Happy On The Outside’ but ‘Crying On The Inside’ and ‘Hurting On The Inside’ kind of person. It is a beautiful ballad, it is not the strongest on the album but the words mean a lot to me, and it is one I feel I can relate to the most and Marie’s voice is heavenly.

Sitting On Top Of The World
A slow sultry ballad to end the album, a little like ‘Perfect Day’ on Joyride or ‘Go To Sleep’ on the Crash! Boom! Bang albums. A beautiful peaceful song to end the album that people thought they would never see and have been waiting 10 years for. This is the kind of song you want to actually listen to whilst sitting on a swing without a care in the world, or the song I would most like to play very loud if I was stood on top of hill looking down at the world.

♫♥♪♫ ♥♪♫♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪
A Joyrider for 20 years... 1991 – 2011
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♫♥♪♫ ♥♪♫♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪♫♥♪

Roxerally, good review. One thing though is that in my opinion I don’t think Helena does anything for Per’s music. When he sings with Marie something magical happens and their voices somehow just fit. I think as back up Helena is fine.
I don’t appreciate Per’s solo stuff like I do with Roxette: Sadly the only Per Gessle songs I listen to are:

På Promenad Genom Stan”,
I have a party in my head
’Doesn’t make sense’
’Are you an old hippie sir?’
Always breaking my heart’
I’ll be alright
“Love doesn’t live here’,

Sitting on top of the world is such a dreamy song. It puts me in a different frame of mind. It empowers you to accomplish & overcome anything in life.
It is phenomenal how Marie transform Per’s songs and make it her own!

I agree - Helena has this irritating “breathy voice”, perfect for backing vocals, but not lead vocals. I didn’t like Per’s work with her. I’m just glad they didn’t replace Marie with Helena, like those rumours a while back mentioned.

Pop music is about image, sex and a LITTLE talent. I mean....Madonna and Lady Gaga are great, I guess, and they sell their stuff with sex. Their videos are very sexual, because they know by talent alone they will get nowhere. And the fact is, that neither of them sing too bad. Madonna and Lady Gaga has great voices, but that alone doesn’t sell their stuff.

As sure as there is a God up in the heavens, so sure am I Roxette would have been the biggest band ever if they had the right promotion.

(and maybe if Per could keep himself from writing shit like “Cooper” and that middle part ...”i look around, i look around”, then it could have happened)....

Roxette is built around Marie’s amazing voice, and Marie together with Per is absolute heaven.

I love Cooper, especially the last chorus and the ending :-)
Speak To Me - single, please! Never imagined Roxette would record something like this!


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