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Spotify, Squeezebox and Roxette squeeze in together

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 11, 2011 to and . Source: CNET.

LONDON - In a rather unique combination of both tech review and music review, CNET UK – a popular site that provides product reviews, software downloads, and tech news – published a review today of a Logitech product called Squeezebox that makes special mention of Roxette and the fact that they have a new single out!

"It's a good day for Swedish music," writes Rich Trenholm on the site's Crave blog. "Not only do Roxette have a new single out – it's called She's Got Nothing On But the Radio – but Spotify has a new main squeeze."

Then, at the end of the short review, he provides the lyrics to the chorus and invites his readers to sing along:

All together now: "She's got nothing on but the radio (Radio!) / It's a passion play / And like the break of day / She takes my breath away!" Ah Roxette, we have missed you.

CNET owns and operates many other leading entertainment, news and information sites. They have a large international footprint, particularly in the U.S. and China. 

You can read the entire Crave blog entry here

Editor's Note: By the way, it was a passion for both technology and Roxette – along with the ability to write well – that was the catalyst that caused our publisher, Visa Kopu, to launch The Daily Roxette so many years ago.  Seems like he and Mr. Trenholm have a lot in common! —LEO

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Just a shame it’s not on iTunes UK so that makes this a missed selling opportunity for the UK market.

OK this is great and everything but what is happening with the video... why isn’t there any dates for it?

Indeed....although Youtube link has been removed, would’ve been very good if the link wasn’t dead.....It’s a great news, who knows ’may be someday’ (as in 1 wish) Rox can make it big again. By the way I’m really looking forward to read the lyrics of “Nobody does on her own” and if it’s related with Marie’s story, I guess it could be a great single with a very inspirational and motivational video.

I loved this comment at the end of the post :

“I love that you mentioned the new Roxette single in this review”

May be some TDR person wrote it:-D
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be are selling the Download. What is more unbelievable is that i got my local radio station to get the single (which they were excited about), but they couldn’t get hold of a copy.

If you search AmazonUK for “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” nothing comes up, but the link I put on the Roxette Blog on Sunday still works but states the single is no longer available to buy... not like they can run out of a digital download...

HMV Digital in the UK are still selling it as are Play.Com!

It never appeared on iTunesUK are all, I am hoping it has been pulled in order to release an actual single as a physical CD, but somehow I doubt it...

I’ve had a few friends and colleagues “rediscover” Roxette lately, I think there is a market in the UK right now and for the new single BUT NOBODY BLOODY WELL KNOWS ITS OUT

this proves what alot of us have been saying for the past decade, roxette have never been ” unpopular”. Tey are always reference for their sound in review for albums, I remember when shania twains up album came out alot of reviewers saw comparisons to the title track and roxette, same with david archulettas something about love. There will always be an audience for GOOD pop never dies.

so say we all

Just downloaded it from, it’s great to hear some new Roxette music. Cant wait for the album.


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