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Written by neilandkathie on January 11, 2011 to , and .

This reporter was thrilled to see that "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)" is listed in the "New & Noteworthy" section of iTunes in Australia when he logged onto the site today. Also here in Oz on you can buy the song as a gift and have it emailed to a friend… great way to spread the single!


OMW what is with the news on this site? has this become a roxette store? news would be when we can expect the new video... I can buy the single over itunes and email it myself as a gift so nothing spectacular...

i think the point is to make that no matter how hard finding a physical release of the single might be there are plenty of ventures on the internet that offer it...i was really surprised per didn’t just tell emi to funk off and distribute charm school only on the web..might have pissed on sales but might have made emi realize they sometimes need roxette.

so say we all

It’s also “Song of the week” in the download section on

@Default: THIS IS NEWS!!!!!

If we KNEW when the video was out, don’t you think we would publish it? Knowing EMI the video will be out in 6 weeks.

The new single is out on itunes in SPAIN also ;)

We are pleased with this in Australia, it gives exposure to the new single as it is sitting only one away from Shitney Spears new single on the ’new and noteworthy’. It would be good if Roxette picked up some new fans here in Oz.

She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) is currently sitting at number 191 on iTunes in Australia. Roxette Hits is at number 12 too. It’s been in the Top 20 since late last week. I wonder how well they have to do to make an impact on the official charts.

Somebody in the German forum (sorry if I forgot your name) posted that the itunes or amazon account details are saved to each sale and that per user only one purchase is counted for the charts.
I hope I got it right from the forum.
can anybody confirm this is like that everywhere? I was thinking of giving away some “downloads” to some friends but if it will only count once.. doesn’t really help?
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

@Jud: If it’s like that, isn’t that just for amazon and itunes own charts? The official charts and gold/platinum awards should still be based on actual sales/shipping?

I suppose, but then it won’t help if a person buys 10 times the song at itunes from the same account?

This is the post in the German forum:,10062.0.html

Quote: “Da wir ja alle einen Erfolg für die neue Roxette Single wollen, schlage ich vor, jeder lädt den Song so oft runter, wie er finanziell den Rahmen dafür hat. Allerdings ist Media Control mit allen Downloadportalen vernetzt und sobald man einmal den gleichen Account oder Kontonummer mehrfach benutzt, fällt das auf und wird nicht gewertet. Am Besten mit Accounts von Familien und Freunden die Zusatzkäufe tätigen.”
This means that all download stores are linked with eachother and Media Control identifies if a song is purchased by the same person, then it only counts as 1.

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

SGNOTBR is up to #174 on the Aussie iTunes charts!!!

@Jud: I explained it in the german forum (starting on page 2 in the thread you mentioned), at first they also thought ’the system’ would work different and is easier to manipulate ;-)
The download stores are not really linked to each other, they all transfer their data to media control including encrypted information about emailaddress and (bank) account number for every transaction, so they’ll notice if one song/album was bought multiple times by one emailadress and/or (bank) account number even if you used a different shop. One criterion is enough not to double count the download, media control archives the data ’a few weeks’ (they really keep it that vague in their rules).
amazon, itunes & Co don’t practice that kind of effort for their own (meaningless) charts, so they’ll count multiple downloads as far as I know - but, as explained, that doesn’t count for the official german charts.
@daniel_alv: So, it’s the other way around as you thought, but of course the record companies/artists/etc. will get the money out of multiple downloads, it just doesn’t count for the charts.
Don’t know how other countries keep it, but I guess they won’t make charts manipulation too easy as well ;-)

I don’t know how the charts work here in Oz, I might try and look it all up, but I was also hoping that by gifting the single the people that receive it might be more inclined to go out and buy the album when it’s released.

Up to #157 on the OZ iTunes Charts.

Thank you very much for your explanation Room-service!

@neilandkathie I think it is nice anyway to give the single as a present to some people, it’s also about spreading the word, putting Rox back into the mouths of the people and so on ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

@Jud....Thanks for that, I agree 100%...the more people that hear the single, the more it will be talked about and the better the single and album will do : )))

sorry, but the idea of buying the song as often as one finacially can is just crazy, silly really. i know from a local radio dj, that even days after the airplay-premiere, nobody wished for the song. strange and sad.

it’s gonna be interesting which song will be the ’download-hit’ of the charm school album! looking forward to a ’democratic’ 2nd single release ;-)

would be cool to have a new roxette song in a tv add for a lifestyle service/product (e.g. vodafone, IKEA ...). that would help to get them back into the top 20, i guess and not buying 3 times the same song ...

I gotta say, Radio is a brilliant song. It sound utterly ammazing. Up there with Bad Romance as the top pop song in the last few years.

@Australians: its really been a long time since i “actively” promoted Roxette... wondering who is out there....

Spanish expat, living in Melbourne...last campaign we got involved in was Room Service promo and tours under “Roxspain” which is still kicking hard...anyone keen to sit down, talk Roxette and come up with crazy ideas?


PS: Happy Birthday Per!!

count me in PeterGM

Roxette fan in SYDNEY here

She’s Got Nothing On is now up to #128 on the AUSSIE iTunes Charts.

Slowly but surely.

Roxette single is #15 on Itunes SPAIN in just one day :)

@Tev: I just got this email today from EMI SA:

“Hi Martin

I thought you might like to know that the video for “She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio)” will be “online” from +-Saturday/Sunday this week.
It won’t be available to purchase from any of our local digital partners yet (they’re all very slow with video) but will be available via all international digital / online stores.

All the best



Yes, the video will be premiered on Facebook tomorrow. :)

I noticed Radio is currently featured in the “What’s new” front page of Spotify, along with the live b-side.


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