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“Ballad Hits” turns Gold in Sweden

Written by Jud on November 11, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - After only being on the market a week, “The Ballad Hits” have reached gold status (30,000 copies) in Sweden.

  To promote Gold and Platinum awards in Sweden, the sales limits were lowered a few years ago. The previous limits were 50,000 and 100,000 respectively.





that should mean that it is no. 1 this week....

Great news!!!
Here in Brazil today started to broadcast on tv the same advertisement they are broadcasting in Sweden about Ballad Hits. Vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Fernanda - Brazil

how did TBH chart on the swedish album chart? :-)

album chart is published on friday at 12

That’s great news indeed :) Roxette for ever!

We still heard nothing about The Ballad Hits. I found Roxette’s album sold well in Shanghai, China, such as Have A nice Day and Room Service.
If Roxette can do some promotion in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hongkong those cities, the sale of The Ballad Hits will be huger than they thought. Although I am sure we can buy this album here several month later, it’s a pity that they released this album in Japan at the first time and China later. It’s unfair! We have a wonderful website to talk about Roxette and download audios and videos. Once some Japnese fans want join us, but they didn’t know Chinese and asked us to talk in English. But we still like using mother language, but you can easily find the downloads what we provide.

Every time I’m reading good new news obout the new Roxette’s albun but what about here in Bolivia please!!!!!! ROXETTE WE WANT TO HEAR YOU!!!!!
but nothing =( i hope that the people who are making the promotion of this albun remember that here in Bolivia there are many people who likes ROXETTE’s songs. Here can be a great hit as well. you don’t think so?

I wonder if there are a lot of Swedes that doesn’t have these songs already...

yeah, there is... HAND and RS didn’t sell to well... and if you don’t have those there’ll be 9 new songs....


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