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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule seeking for donations

Written by roxeteer on October 15, 2002 to .

Daniel Zimmerman, the administrator of services, reporte a couple of weeks ago that might face its end due to financial constraints. In his new message to the Roxette Mailing List, he says:

  “It’s going to cost around $100 a month just to pay for server space and bandwidth to keep the web hosting operation running.” He also says that only having the mailing list at and shutting down all other services would be easier and cheaper for now, but probably not for long.

  To be able to have in the future, Dan has arranged two different mechanisms for donating money to

Dan provides further detail about the two different payment mechanisms: “The reason for the two is that PayPal charges an ’account fee’ for international users, and I didn’t want that to be the only way for people to be able to contribute. Both Amazon and PayPal charge me a service fee as a percentage of anything you donate, but it’s a lot more reasonable than setting up my own mechanism to take credit cards. I’d prefer PayPal donations from those of you in the U.S., as the payment fees charged by PayPal are less than those charged by Amazon; however, I understand that many people may be more comfortable with Amazon. The bottom line is, anything will be welcome and greatly appreciated.”

  And continues: “If you host a website on, you should very seriously consider making a donation. If even half of the people who host sites on donated $10.00 per year (or $1.50 per month - unfortunately, the transaction fees really take a lot out of small payments), we would easily have enough money to keep running for the forseeable future. I would prefer not to make donations mandatory for website hosting, but I may be forced to do so if there is not enough response (and soon).”

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OK, fair unuf we need donations to help support certain things. But what happens if we help with money and it goes under very quickly. How are we to know this? At the moment if any money is donated from me it will help my fellow Australians terrorised in Bali. God bless them all.

I don’t think terrorism has anything to do with keeping alive.

So far I see that the only person to donate via Amazon was me. It might be that others have donated thousands via PayPal... but it’s a bit strange. There are way so many people hosting their sites at and a lot more visiting those sites every day. Don’t you care about it?

well of course you can find other donations more interesting, just because you feel touched for whatever, can be animals, human rights...and can be also ;)
Besides that donating money to doesn´t stop you from donating money somewhere else.

For me has served a LOT for the rox community, with all these ROxette sites that wouldn´t exist without The LISTS, not only RML but Spanish, latin, gt.. all hosted by Dan. And no way I am going to use Yahoo to host the spanish list! The webmail that a lot of ppl use as their personal address..

And personally: my first domain ever was, and that was my first site somewhen early 99. Or late 98 cant really remember, and that got me into HTML, later PHP, mysql...

So if you just feel you don´t want to see any hosted site disappear (as a visitor or as a webmaster) or the lists or the webmail, then just donate the money.

That you don´t care: then this article is not targetted to you :)

I agree with Judith.
I just donated too, not because I need the space, but just because it’s and Dan going through all this trouble.
I mean, you can easily find free space on the Net and I can also use my personal account with my provider, but still..

I’ve been on the mailing list since it started (in ’93-’94 ?) with Stefan, and then Dan who took over and choose to host on the
I just appreciate what he’s doing and hopefully more donations will follow.

Keep up the good work Dan !



Well, from what I have heard the Roxette community doesn´t seem too interested in the topic... I have made my donation. What about you?

by the way hi Cathy...
nice to see some people still remember those old times :)

Caroline, please write this to Dan himself :) I am not sure he is checking this site that often .. or the comments :)

[email protected]

I will take cash donations for, but there are two main reasons why credit cards are preferred:

1) It’s generally a bad idea to send cash through the mail, and there’s no recourse for you if you decide you don’t really want to donate to after all.

2) If I don’t get enough in donations to justify keeping the web hosting services running, I will refund the money to the people who donated it (unless explicitly instructed otherwise) - and that’s much more difficult if they’ve sent me cash.

If you do want to send cash, email me privately ([email protected]) and we can discuss it.

shouldn’t be sponsored by emi or roxette...maybe even per...has per ever been approached to have a hosting gig set up for rox fans? its expensive true...but i’d pay to have my site offically hosted by a per venture wouldn t you?

Maybe Dan could cut back on some of the services that take up so much bandwidth and the mailing list could be hosted on yahoo for example. He could also put a limit on the space available to fee website free subscribers could have a 50mb limit, and people who choose to pay could have a higher limit. That’s how many other web providers do it. Then he won’t have to pay so much. I’ve been looking at buying my own webspace, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

I have a site on, and I’m very grateful to Dan for providing such a wonderful free service without the crappy banners that Tripod or Geocities have. I hope the free service will continue, because there are a lot of wonderful sites that might have to close. Personally, if I was forced to pay for my webspace then I’d rather pay more and have my own domain, but I’d like to keep my site at if I can.

I don´t think so ;)
A domain costs about 9$ and hosting minimum in a reliable hoster 5$
(paying less means having the site more down than up!)

I’ve found webspace for around $47 a year, but Dan needs to pay more because he needs a lot more space and bandwidth. That’s why I’m suggesting he tries to cut down those 2 things, because then he won’t have to pay so much. If there was a limit on the amount of space free users can have for their sites, he could possibly save money, or even make money from people who are willing to pay for more space.

There are some free providers that don’t have banners or popups, so there are other options for website owners if does close.

Of course there are 219831 possibilities, this is just one way of helping Dan and THANKING him for his service all these years. If instead of all of us going and getting this and that hosting, we would stay with Dan and pay what we would pay somewhere else, I believe we would sum up the 100$ monthly he has to pay...

Sparvoga: you should look before getting a hosting plan in a hosting company, and especially if the company is offering cheap deals, I would recommend you to go to and read all the complaints from ppl who pay 3-5$ a month just because they get more downtime than uptime, that is that their site is not accessible for some hours or even days ;)
This if you are not ending up in a 100% scam and when you ask for your money back cuz you are not glad with the service and they dont refund you what they owe AND they don´t stop your account and keep on charing your ccard ;)

Sparvogamarie; Which free webspaceproviders have neither banners nor popups???

does it have mysql database? has free hosting, no banners. My friend has a site there and he says it’s quite reliable. At the moment I don’t think they have mysql, but if you read the site I’m pretty sure they said they are planning to have it in the future. There are also ways to get around the banners on tripod, i have a program that blocks them.

@Judith: thanks for the advice. I haven’t 100% committed to buying space yet, but it’s nice to know some more facts before I decide.

yes... but you don´t have the “” domain name on your website... that is what I like, cuz we can all gather in the same domain, and this gives this sensation of “community”...

I don’t know what you are trying to say anonymous. I have my site at because it provides great free service. I only just found out about the web1000 site because I was looking around for new webspace just in case closes and I have to move my site.

I really like and if you read my earlier posts, I said I want to keep my site there if I can. You will also read that I was suggesting other free providers **IF** closes down, to give other options for website owners. I really don’t want to close because there are some great sites on there, and like Judith said it’s nice to have a community.

I think Dan has been more than generous with providing free space to web owners and he is well within his rights to ask for money. But I think it’s also really cool to have a free service because the people who can’t afford to pay have somewhere to build their sites. It’s great for the whole rox community.

sparvogamarie; That seems great! *reading about it* I’m using Angelfire today and it really works great BUT with a lot of popups and those fu**ing banners... Besides, at Angelfire I only get 20 Mb of space and here I get 50 Mb and I still don’t have to pay anything... I’m really going to look it up. THANX!


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