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EMI Germany updates their Roxette site

Written by Roxettefan79 on October 11, 2002 to .

COLOGNE - At EMI Electrola in Germany, Roxette gets respect. Based on their popularity and ability to generate sales, Roxette has an important part on their artist roster. The record label even built an artist-specific site for Roxette during the promotional period for “Room Service,” and they’ve just updated it to reflect the look and feel of the upcoming album.

  There are new wallpapers with the raspberry heart motif.

  Additionally, in a newsletter sent out today to subscribers, EMI informed Roxette fans that beginning Monday, October 14th, visitors to the T-Online website will be able to listen to the new songs featured on “The Ballad Hits” – even “before they are will be played on the radio.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: EMI Germany has sent out another newsletter today, telling that the T-Online special will start on October 15th, instead of 14th, as they announced in their previous newsletter.

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Interesting enough, the “new” site features the German NOTP tour dates (why???), and it also says the single release of “A Thing About You” will include the unreleased track “Breathe” (wasn´t it “The Weight Of The World”?) ... Every Mistake Imaginable ...

... has been updated as well, featuring basically the same mistakes (except the NOTP tour dates) and a broken link... *sigh*


Good morning EMI....still alive ??

The colour of this site makes me hungry!
What about some raspberry lollipops for us...THE ACTIVE FANBSE....(I’m getting a fan of this word)!!??

So tomorrow everyone will be able to listen to “It hurts”, “Every day”, “Breathe” and the complete version of “The weight of the world”... It seems tomorrow is an important day :) Isn’t it??

YEAH ! Only a few minutes left and today is October 14th.

No, I can’t find them, too. Probably they will be there in the morning (8am to 10am). Consider that’s night in Germany.

I also think they will update the t-online music section in the morning or at least at 12 o’clock

Still nothing to find...

EMI send out a newsletter to tell us that tomorrow we’ll be able to listen to the new ballad hits on


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