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Marie recovering from surgery at home with her family

Written by ngriffioen on October 8, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Both Aftonbladet and Expressen, the two major Swedish tabloid newspapers, report in today’s editions that Marie has been released from the hospital and is home with her family. They report is that she’s been home since last Friday afternoon.

  The reason: her children. Marie wanted to be with Josefin and Oscar at home, despite the doctors recommendation that she stay in the hospital for the weekend, report the newspapers.

  According to Expressen, there’s a nurse at Marie’s home, to take care of her post-operative pain.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Based on TDR’s own sources, we’d like to amend this article by clarifing two points: 1) Marie did NOT leave the hospital against doctor’s orders. 2) Marie does NOT have a nurse or any other hospital staff at her house. - LEO


Im glad she’s recovering well at her home! There’s no place like home...

We hope to hear from you soon Marie *hugs*

Marie you are the ONE and ONLY in the Showbizz.
Take care at yourself!!!
Many Greetings from Munich!

Marie, You’re the strongest person I’ve ever seen!
God bless You!

I love you Marie, and I’m so proud of you! Du ar evn vinnare!!

i knew..................and i was right.............

...Marie’s at home with her family...
but on my opinion it should be better to follow the doctors suggetions....
with love
LORENA (Verona-Italy)

I’ll bet she had loads of cuddles from MIcke and her children!!!!

Marie, take good care and try not to do too much, enjoy the break!!!Enjoy the cuddles!!

And remember, we love and respect you, you are very brave and strong!!!

All my love

mmmmmm... I guess she should have listened to thd docs. Home is not running away. I can only guess that she is missing her children but health should be given a LOT of priority SPECIALLY when you have two lil’ ol’ kids back home.



Oh oh...sweet Marie honey..TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF!!!!!! It won’t help your family if you would get worse now leaving the hospital so early!!
Take all the time you need to get fit again!! BIG (careful ;)) HUG!!!

oh God! That’s a good sign, Marie is getting better! They would not have released her otherwise, no matter how much she wanted it!

Hi Maria,

I give glory to God for your recovering, May the God of Abraham see u through.

I pray that everything u desire in life with be given to u by his grace.

Take good care of yourself and pray harded too.


Hanny Leanna


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