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Marie reported to be feeling better after the operation

Written by Jud on October 4, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - One of Marie’s close friends, Louise Nordfors, reveals in a report published in today’s Expressen that Marie feels fine after the operation, which was conducted Monday.

  “Marie thinks that it feels great now,” says Louise. “Yesterday, Marie dared to step on her feet and walk a bit without help. Of course, she is still feeling dizzy and she will have to rest and take it easy for some months.”

  According to the newspaper report, a lot of friends and relatives have been visiting Marie at the Karolinska Hospital since the operation.

  There is an extra bed in Marie’s room for Micke, so he can be close to her, while Josefin and Oscar, who have visited Marie in the hospital, are staying home in Djursholm with their nanny.

  “The children miss their mom,” says Louise. Of course, Marie also misses them, as she wants to go back home already this weekend, to be with them.

  Everybody feels relieved now because the operation went fine and the tumor is totally removed. It’s a matter now of waiting for the doctors to get the lab report back indicating whether the tumor was benign or malignant. This will determine whether any further treatment is necessary.



Hej Marie,

I an ectstatic that you are feeling fine, and the little ones will be thrilled to have you home as much as you will be thrilled to be with them!!! I can just imagine the endless cuddles they are getting ready for their Mamma’s homecoming!!!

Our prayers are always with you, little Angel, just take the time out to rest and get strong....and to be witb your lovely family!!

Love you always,
BigRoxfan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am very glad about it and pray for the best way out of this!
Marie, I know you can handle it!

Strange friends you have...talking to the press...BUT OKAY...THANX LOUISE....whoever you are!!

This is a GREAT NEW!!!!!!!
you will be back stronger than ever, and your family will help you to do it.
I hope you will be an example for who have the same illness.... TEACH THEM TO FIGHT!!!!!

with love
Lorena (Verona-Italy)


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