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Marie’s tumor removed successfully

Written by roxeteer on October 3, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - According to a report published in today’s Expressen, the operation to remove Marie’s tumor was conducted on Monday. The operation took several hours, but it went well and there were no complications. “She feels pretty fine now, but you have to remember that she’s just been operated on,” said a friend of Marie anonymously to Expressen. “It will take some time before she’s fully recovered.”

  Marie’s family - her husband Micke and children Josefin, 9, and Oscar, 5 - were able to meet her on Tuesday. For mainly security reasons, Marie has a private room in the hospital with an extra bed for her husband.

  “Marie is a fighter. She will be back on her feet again,” said Per in a previous comment to Expressen.

  Marie fainted and hit her head dangerously at her home on September 11th. On the 15th, she was diagnosed with a tumor in the back of her head.

  Update: Aftonbladet also runs an article about the operation. The doctors are now examining the tumor to be able to decide upon any future treatment. According to Aftonbladet, the whole section of the hospital is closed to the public for Marie’s security.

  Update: Marie Dimberg, Roxette’s manager, confirmed these reports, telling The Daily Roxette that “the surgery took almost four hours and – as the medical team was able to remove the entire tumor – the operation was very successful.”

  “Marie is, under the circumstances, very well and wishes to thank all of you for the encouraging letters and e-mails that she has now received. Marie will spend the remainder of the year at home and she is looking forward to a full recovery as quickly as possible,” Dimberg said.
  The tumor itself has been sent to the hospital’s laboratory for biopsy testing. Whether or not Marie will require further treatment – radiation or chemotherapy – depends on whether the tumor was malignant or benign.

(TDR photo by Lars-Erik Olson)


Thank God! That is GREAT NEWS INDEED!!! Now she needs a lot of rest, to eat a lot, and take some time off from everything. She will be back very soon!!!


Marie forever!
Per forever!
- Zee

ooops, it seems I’ve been a bit late with my topic in the Smalltalk (I wanted to know yesterday, when she was going to be operated). Nevermind, I’m sooooo happy, it’s already behind her (well, relatively)... Jeeeeez, it really made my day.... huh - month - eeeee year!!!!!!

Yeah! That’s fantastic news! Best wishes!!!!

Great news!

I’m sooooooooooooooooo relieved that at least this part of her recovery is behind her now!
The stupid thing is removed now we have to keep our fingers corssed for the rest of her treatment, hopefully this was all she had to go through...

;) I’m very relived too. Hold on Marie! Whish you ALL the BEST there is ...

O that´s great. MARIE you can GET IT.

I reall hope the test ist getting positive!!! We love you and we all give you the power!!!

PER & MARIE You are the BEST! forever





Great Marie! You are great! Now we are hoping only a positiv Result of it!

I wish you all the best and don’t forget!





ole ole ole... Marie’s the best!!!!!!!!!!

Forza Marie, Vas-y Vas-Y!!!!

Lets keep up the prayers, the good wishes and SHE WILL BE BACK!!!

Roxette! Roxette!Roxette!

And i agree with Per, she is a fighter.....and so are you sweet Per!!!

Love you forever!!!!
Bisoux Bacioni
Forever yours.....BigRoxfan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

That’s a miracle to us.
You know how much we love this woman.

It´s a really great new!

Now we have to wait for the results, but right now the most important thing is that she´s ok.

Get well soon min sköna!!

Kyss, M.

Thanks God!!!

Best wishes Marie and will recover very soon ....

Lots of kisses ...

Wonderful news.
Marie you are a strong women. Get well soon.
We love you ... all your fans from all over the world.

These are very great news!
THX to the docs!!!!
THX Marie, for being strong!!!!
I pray, that the tests will run out positive...PLEASE!!!! (I mean that evrythings okay!)
Marie, stay strong! You’ll win and you’ll be fine again!

xo Diny

Thanks dear God! Marie darling we are with you, keep fighting! :)

Let me join in this Joy-ride...I am so ecstatic to hear of this news for a woman who has given the best to us for so many years. Thank God and my best to you Marie.

I think Surgery was the MOST critical thing and it has happened succesfully (YES YES YES!). I guess if Marie’s family was allowed to meet her then things are heading towards a pretty good direction. But ok I will wait more (I HATE TO WAIT!!!!!).

So the first (and biggest??) step is heart felt lighter again today. All the best’ll make it!!! LOVE IS ALL!!


Great news, I’m so relieved!:)

Now, as long as the biopsy of the tumor comes out negative, she is out of the woods. :)

I have a picture of Marie with a candle lit next to it. It’s not coming down for the rest of the year. God bless Per and Marie and the entire Roxette family.

Finally Good news!!!
Thanks Creator!!!

God save Marie!!!

It’s very nice to hear everything went alright!!!! Now it’s just a matter of time to see Marie on stage again!
It’s great news!!!!!

Thank God everything turned out fine!
Let’s pray that the tumor is not serious...

Be strong Marie! We’re here 4 u :)

Thanx G-d everything’s well. Let’s hope now Marie will recover very very soon and may be next spring or summer will release some new single of her own... :)))) Get well, honey...

“Let’s hope our prayers are in good hands tonight”
And all the time...
I believe that Marie will be fine soon.

I still can’t believe this news, the ENTIRE tumour...!! Does this mean they got EVERYTHING out? That’s really something to be optimistic about!!

Amazingly Marie is even already healthy enough to thank her fans for their support... Oh that sweet woman!!!!!

I wish you well sweetheart! Go on like this, you’re on your way BACK, I can feel it.

Love, Nienke

Yesssssss!!! Oh thakyou Lord very very much. That was the best news of week. I’ve praying so much...
Marie, you are strong and we are here to support you =)
Fernanda - São Paulo - Brazil

I just knew it.............. :)

THANK GOD for having been by Marie’s side!!!! Thank you Marie for having won this battle!!!! Take good care of yourself now and remember that we’re all with you! WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!

:) This is the best news I’ve heard in forever! Thank God, we love you Marie. :D

Very many people in all of the wolrd are praying for you. I hope the tumor will no be malign.

Good Lucky! You’l be fine

Hi to everyone...I have just register on this site....
I want only to join you with my happyness for Marie.
I hope she will be back soon...

So it seems that everything will be alright. Thank God.

Get well soon, Marie!
Love from Russia

there was a small article in our newspaper totay!
they wrote that the docs removed the tumor successfully in an 4 hour OP...
well, I knew that befroe but it’s nice to know they care...

Hello Marie,
I hope that everything will be OK, and you will be great as you was. I am sorry, I am not good in English, I am begginer:), I hope that you understand this message. Good luck to you. Nurse from Czech republic.


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