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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule in danger?

Written by roxeteer on September 27, 2002 to .

Daniel Zimmerman, the administrator of website and the listmaster of the Roxette Mailing List, sent an alarming message to the list. Having a site online can be expensive, and it seems’s costs are rising. Dan says he now has four choices:

1. I can continue to run out of my own pocket, and pay ridiculous amounts of money.

2. I can shut down, including all mailing lists and web sites.

3. I can collect money from individuals who host their websites on [to defray costs].

4. If I’m incredibly lucky, somebody…has connections with a colocation provider and can get me a good deal (all that’s required is space for one minitower).

Add your comments to this article if you have any ideas. There are dozens of sites hosted at and if it goes offline, so will all of those sites.

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1. Means just page, without the hosting services.

2. Noooo!

3. if 4 doesn´t work, I guess it is the best?

4. anybody?? is such a great website and offers incredibly good service, I hope ppl will join to prevent it from closing down!

Well the fall or could coz many troubles in the community ... well what would be the best choice Dan ?

How much would it cost??
For someone with a webpage...

Sad news...

Although, I don’t rely on the free webspace kidnly offered by Dan I’m aware of many that do.

And who could forget the awesome mailing list. It’s been so instrumental in bringing news to hundreds of fans over the years.

I for one would miss this.

Surely, as a community we can all work something out between us?

How many people are currently hosting with And don’t they have unlimited space?

You could make some adveticement banners on each site from the Companies to get money from them to keep the service as it is now...

I’ve made a little graphic/button which I’m using on to create a little extra awarness about all this.

To Roxette webmasters:
Please feel free to use this graphic/button on your own sites and help create more awareness for Dan’s plight.

If it comes to that, I will pay for hosting my sites at There are no other webservers where I could put the HUUUUGE amount (several gigabytes) of rare audio and video material we have on RoxBytes.
However, if it turnes out that the only was to run is to pay for the webhosting, I would like to encourage all my visitors to support Dan by a small amount of money. No, RoxBytes will never be a pay site, however, if many people decide to contribute with a small amount of money, the site will very likely be alive for a long long time.

I agree that this is a service that cannot be lost. Barring a mircacle occuring (#4), our only other choice is #3. What kind of money are we talking about here anyway? Although I don’t currently host a site, I’d be willing to donate a modest sum of money to help keep things rolling. I have no problem paying to keep something worthwhile going, just like TDR! Maybe Daniel could set up a PayPal account, as that’s probably the easiest way to receive payments now days.

The trick is getting a feel for how much people would donate and compare that to the cost of running Afterall, it would suck to go to all of that effort only to fall short of what is needed.

I propose this: Post the amount needed on the front page of TDR. Then, have people “pledge” the amount that they are comfortable donating. To be safe and account for people who will not follow through on their pledge, you could estimate maybe an 80% receipt rate. Compare that to what is needed and if it’s close, go ahead with the PayPal thing.

Just a thought... people, we can’t lose this service!

If we must to send money, tell us where and when we must to do it.

I can help support the Roxette.ORG but ofcourse for a limited time. Much like Per Fanatic I don’t host a site there but I guess we shud try to support anything worthwhile related to Rox. Also I have heared that there is a lawsuit filed against PayPal. Don’t remember the exact reason but one shud check it out before actually GOING fot he paypal thingy.


I just read the report on how Per is rich.............could we ask Mr. G. to donate the money?

Yes Roxette Should Sponsor
Failing that I would gladly contribute some money.


Just tell me how much where and when, and gladly I will pay for it!!

Thanks Daniel, for all your hard work!! You have my support for sure!!

All my love

I hope you find a way to stay alive, I had a Zelda site and had to shut it down because it was too expensive to mantain (I was kicked from 8 different hostings, because I used too much bandwidth >.

Just tell me how much, where and how...please no credit card...I’ll be very glad to support you Daniel! Please don’t let go!! has become such an important community that it would be a shame if it got disintegrated...
I use to visit some nice pages there. It is the right place for all of us Roxette fans to gather, to express and share our love and admiration to Roxette.
Nothing is free in life. Especially good things... so if we have to pay, i am gladly paying. Nevertheless, considering this just as a hobby, i expect the fee to be reasonable, or to accept voluntary donations.

Best regards from Mexico,


p.d. If i ever manage to put together a rox site on my own, i am still asking for some space in, and of course now i am aware i have to pay for it.


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