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Marie’s tumor to be removed by surgery

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 26, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - The following joint statement was just released to the media:

  “Marie Fredriksson has now more or less recovered from her severe concussion. Based on the results of the many tests Marie has gone through, the medical team at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm have decided to remove her tumor through surgery. This operation will take place within the next ten days.

  This procedure will prevent Marie from working for the remainder of this year which, unfortunately, means that Roxette will have to cancel their participation in the Night of the Proms tour which starts at the end of October. Both Marie and Per hope to be able to join the Proms tour another year.

  The forthcoming release of the album “Roxette – The Ballad Hits” will continue as planned. Marie and Per have agreed that Per will carry on working [to promote] the album to whatever extent possible.

  Marie Fredriksson wishes to express her sincere thanks for all the encouraging letters, flowers and gifts she’s received. She feels a great sense of support from her fans and friends all over the world.

  We do hope Marie’s full recovery will be as speedy as is possible and we make yet another plea for respect for the privacy of Marie, her family and friends.”

  The statement released to the press was signed by d&d Management, EMI Recorded Music AB, and EMA Telstar.


Dear God in heaven, let this surgery be successful.

Oh, dear! :(

We all are with you Marie! Be strong...

All, ALL the best,

Be strong Marie! Get well soon!

Always with you, Marie.

Lets pray for her recovery



really wish you the best Marie!

I’m so happy to hear these encouraging news:)

Per doin’ promotion alone...?? That will get hard!
I mean you really think that the people will ask questions about the Ballads album??? They will ask about Marie all the time....and if I was him it really would make me sad to talk about Maries illness all the time.
MARIE.......BE STRONG!!!!!! I will not be happy again before I hear that you got thru this surgery well!!

Think positive!

Best news for a long time! They are surley planning for the future and that is a good sign. Ahh, I´m so relieved!
Om du Marie mot förmodan skulle läsa detta önskar jag dig all lycka. Du kommer att klara detta utmärkt och komma tillbaka med nya krafter när den tiden är inne. Sköt om dig!!!/Ulrika

the operation doesnt mean its cancerous it could be a preventative measure. It may be in a region of the base of the skull where it affects blood flow to the brain which would explain her fainting spell. In all liekleyhood it wil be a simple procedure followed by a 3-6 minth recovery..she’s a trooper stop the negative thoughts...besides per likes to talk he’ll lovepromoting the album..but i worry this means only one single and video from the album :(

could be a “compilation video” easily, with old images, would / could work as some kind of “tribute” to Marie ?

Be strong, dear sweet Marie...get better you so much........

Almighty Loving Father

Listen to our Prayers, reach out and touch our Marie
Listen to our Prayers, we love her so much you see
Her voice lifts and inspires us, and we do know why...
Listen to our Prayers......
Oh Great Power in the Sky!

Your loving crazy BigRoxfan xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Everybody, let’s hope that this surgery will work out fine.
I will pray for Marie and her family.
It doesn’t matter anymore that they won’t appear on the night of the proms. Let’s hope Marie will get well soon.
Marie you will be in our prairs.
Love Diana van Loenen

Jag trodde aldrig att kärlek var en känsla så stor.....

Hope to have you back really soon Marie!! PUSS

Marie, hang in there. Medical science can do miracles. Be strong and have faith. Everybody needs you, your children, your friends, your family, Per and your fans.
People say:”every cloud has a silver lining...”
Beat this setback and enjoy your future life.

Wish you the best Marie.

I think this is actually really good news because it tells us that the tumour *is* operable, which we didn’t know for certain previously. The fact that it’s in a place where it can be safely removed is really great news considering that some brain tumours can’t even be removed safely.

I think that for a girl who is more Angery than being sad or something.. Marie is a Strong girl (woman er.. wateva). I don’t know why but I just KNOW that this surgery wud go fine.. and all you guys will be seeing Marie perform on stage next yeart at NoP and other appearences.



P.S: This doesn’t mean that I am not praying :D

I am sort of relieved now, coz the worst is to know nothing at all. Sure , stressful days will follow now, but I have my hope :) Marie I am with you throughout all this! :)

I like the idea of a tribute to Marie on the next video. They could use old and late images of hers and Per’s.
Marie, I don’t think you can imagine how much we love you. You are the sweetest person. Wish you and your family the best all the time.

André from Brazil.

Im sure everything will be alright! Just be strong, Marie...

We love you
~Andrea, from Argentina.

I’m praying the surgery will be a success and Marie will be back doing what she does best!

All the best Marie, our prayers are with you.

Sydney, Australia

I will pray to Our Dear Lord for you Marie, we love you, we need you.
You are our inspiration.

I don’t want to paint my world blue

Go Dear Marie,
We all pray and know you can make it!
And you will be fully recovered soon.
God Bless You!

All Love and Support,

I’m sure everything will be ok, you’ll feel the strength of all the people who admire you and love you and will be thinking of you these days.

Be strong Marie!!!

Marie, my thoughts and prayers are with you everyday!! I know that you will make a great recovery!!! Stay stronge!! Love Always! Starlet

****Starlight Starbright, Fist Star I See Tonight, I Wish I May, I Wish I Might, Have This Wish I Wish Tonight!****

Stay Strong Marie, Australia is Praying for you.


Praying for you, Marie -
come back to us.


Dear Marie...

Be strong! I will be thinking of and praying for you! I know you will get trough the surgery fine and be strong and healthy real soon! I will buy your new cd so that I can think of you even more!
I hope to see you next year when you and Per go on tour. Hopefully in the Netherlands too. But till thenn I wish you, Per, your family and friends all the best!!!


I wish u the best and i will pray every Time for you Marie!



last year i was on the great show by Per & Marie in @Ice [email protected] (Saint-Petersburg )/ It was the dream of last 10 years of my life - to be one of the crowd on the roxett’s show - since the day in 1993, when i for the first time listened for Queen of rain.
Now i want to say only one thing - the only one thing i asked from God at this moment - to save her ( Marie’s ) healthy, life & voice. It’s all we need now. Jisues, you may do it ...

You must be strong, Marie... Must be strong.

Russia with you
We’re praying for you
We’re waiting for you, your voice, your & Pre’s concerts in Saint-Petersburg, inside the future’s world tours

Remember - Russia with you. Youl never walk alone...

Dear Marie,

You have to be strong throught this terrible ordeal and I’m SURE you’ll get over it.

I’m delighted to see you again in Brussels for the third time. I really love you and Per. YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!

LOVE! All your fans all over the world are with you...You will never be alone. I think about you.

Stephan (Belgium)

Marie, please make a full recovery from the sugery. Praying for you everyday. Love Alison-Marie, UK.

I am a fan from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I wish all the luck in the world for your recovery Marie!
We miss Roxette in my country ! When will you becoming to Argentina again?


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