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News of Marie’s condition spreads worldwide

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 16, 2002 to .

NEW YORK - As news of Marie Fredriksson’s accident and the resulting discovery of a brain tumor speads, reports have appeared yesterday and today in newspapers, and on radio and TV programs, in locations around the world.

  In an indication of just how well-known the singer has become as a result of her amazing career with Roxette, the story has been picked up by the major international news services, including Reuters, UPI, BBC, and CNN.

  The subscribers to The Daily Roxette reside in locations around the globe, and these reader-reporters have spotted stories in locations as far away from Sweden as Argentina, Brazil and Australia.

  While it would be impossible to cite them all, we’ve selected a few representative articles that you may wish to take a look at:


As I was reading CNN News as usual, I was shocked reading this article. They never ever talk about Roxette here in North America. At least for the past few years they haven’t. Here’s the link to the CNN News:

I haven’t heard anything in Oz as yet....we’re usually late over here anyway (thanks TDR for keeping us updated!!)

This is a link to an article in Dutch:

A very nice article from one of leading Russian paper.

Here another one from Quebec in Canada.

Mr. Anonymous: If you are a regular TDR visitor please register yourself and try to login before posting so that we could know WHO u r.
Secondly.. I am not read what u said there at all. I know me being glad or not doesn’t makes a difference but still if THAT is what ROxette needed for attention... I wish it never happened even if Rox go to #1. Think about Marie and her mental/physical pain and u will know what I mean!!


Here’s the link for the MTV Brazil article:
They’re talking about her every hour on MTV, and they said that doctors see that her recovery is going to be speedy.

Hello all!!

After reading all the is intersting to note that the only songs these people give Rox credit for is The Look, Joyride, and It Must Have been if to say that they have not been around since!!!But we Roxfans know better!!!!Even though these songs were really big...there is SO MUCH MORE TO ROXETTE than they are aware of!!!!Hehehe

Keep the prayers up....God Bless Marie, reach out and touch her and heal her so she and Per can make magic music together again!!!
xxxxto all, saluti

@Anonymous (an idiot too lazy to sign up for a real account, or a sorry-assed coward?)

*Temporary* pain and discomfort? This is a brain tumour for crying out loud, not a rectal examination. You are such a stupid, inconsiderate moron.



I am a girl. And you are still a moron. Point final.

And furthermore, a friend of mine died from a tumour. She underwent chemo, radiation and other treatment. For a while, we thought she was going to be fine but she suddenly took a turn for the worst. I’m not saying that the same thing is going to happen to Marie, but an operation to the brain is a very serious procedure.

Don’t presume I don’t know what I’m talking about.


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