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Marie’s fainting caused by a brain tumor

Written by roxeteer on September 15, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - In an official press release sent to various media outlets including The Daily Roxette, Roxette’s manager reports that doctors have found a small tumor in the back of Marie’s head which probably caused her fainting episode earlier this week. The doctors will perform more tests before proper treatment can be determined.

  “[It’s] clear that Marie Fredriksson will have to cancel her commitments for near future,” manager Marie Dimberg says.

 The press release was sent out to help ease the intense pressure on Dimberg and others for information regarding Fredriksson’s health. Here is the entire text:

  On September 11, Marie Fredriksson fainted in her home in Stockholm and was taken to hospital. The fall caused a serious concussion and Marie has been hospitalized ever since. Several tests and X-rays have been performed in order to establish what caused her fainting.

  The results of these tests now show that Marie has a small tumour in the back of her head. More tests have to be performed before proper treatment can be determined. Information will be given when information is available and of course we are hoping for a positive process.

  It is however clear that Marie Fredriksson will have to cancel her commitments for near future. Marie is currently at home and under the circumstances in good spirits but it is of course a delicate procedure that lies ahead. On behalf of Marie and her family we kindly ask for respect of their privacy so that Marie, with the support of friends and family can proceed with her treatment and quick recovery.

Marie Dimberg

d&d Management


Oh my god!!!

I am speechless! Oh, Marie... ;(

OH MY GOD! Life is so cruel!
I’d never thought this could ever happen. I’ll pray for You, Dear Marie! Keep the faith and get well soon!

i’m feeling sick because i worry now so much.
why our marie??

life is too cruel.

Oh my god!!! I´m so sorry for this ... I wanna belive it´s all a nightmare. Please get well soon Marie. I´m so worried about you!! I´ll pray for you.

Dear Sweet Marie and family,

From the bottom of my heart, I am shocked and saddened to hear the news, but please take comfort that we ALL love you so much and you are in our prayes and thpughts always!l
Take good care of yourselves, please give Josefin and Oskar a big cuddle and kiss,
Marie and Micke, to you go the BIGGEST kisses and Hugs EVER!!

Tons of love and God Bless!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
BigRoxfan and family

:’( :’( :’(

Get well soon, dear Marie!
we all love you!!

What terrible news to read. My stomach started flipping since I’ve read the news. For some reason I got real nervous and I had to jump back online because I keep thinking the worst–God, please help Marie through this terrible ordeal. We all have been real selfish in many ways in the Daily Roxette and I hope something good will come out of all of this. I would rather see her get well than worry about another Roxette album or single or whatever. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. peace


hoping 4 the best, Marie!

love always

Is there any light shed on how bad or subtle this tumor is? Normally tumors in the brain are not good news for the victims in various ways. Although I thnk Marie is a fighter and will pull through.

@The Bigger The Better:

Even with news like this, there are still those sorry-ass pessimists out there who think that a brain tumour = death. It doesn’t. Hopefully the doctors caught it in time, and remember that Marie has access to the best facilities and treatment. This *can* be beaten.


This is awful...and of course we all wish that she will be better soon!

God Bless you dear Marie

Keep on fighting
We love you
You are our inspiration

We will wait for you ever.

Im positive our dear Marie will fight this and win. like someone said earlier, they may have caught it in time to save her..I pray for the best, we love you so much Marie..


First of all: QUIT the panicking. Good grief! Half of you have the poor lady buried already!!! I’d be OFFENDED if it were me.
Second of all: Take several steps back. This is not the end of the world! So what if Roxette disbands due to health reasons? Good Grief! You’re young, life goes on! You’ll still be able to enjoy their music because it’s on CD!!! I’m not the fan I used to be, but I still enjoy their music. Sure, I’ll miss hearing new music, but that doesn’t mean my life will come to a screaming halt.

To those that wished her well, good on you. You’re thinking of the person, rather than the music.

Lastly: My own comments.
Ms. Fredriksson - I am saddened to hear of what has happened. The road ahead of you is a long one full of many twists and turns and full of bumps. A tumour, any tumour, can pose a health problem. It can affect things like sight, speach, motor coordination, memory, or the basic functions. However, all is not lost. You have friends and family that love and support you and medicine has gone far beyond the leaches of the Dark Ages. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time and I wish you the best during this journey. If you find your spirits lagging, look to your family for the love and support that will help you through this.

My love, hopes and prayers.

Tara “Little Spooky” Hatch
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

#dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dumm#*Hums death march*...
Well, might as well, considering people on here and R2R have her, one foot in the grave already.

Me thinkies, there is a BAD case of foot in mouth going on...
Get your heads out of your a$$es people, and the cross out of Maries hands... don’t be so fecking morbid! Wait and see what happens.

Anarem I agree with you, thats why I said in various ways, her career or other things. Thanx for your support in my comment, although it speaks for itself.
Plus I have reworded it to sound better, please dont use the words death.

First Of all I must say that this are terrible news, but apart from that as a medicine student I have to tell all of you that this is not the end of the world. Brain tumors are always dangerous but it doesn´t mean that marie is necessarely going to die. Maybe it is something that can be healed with a surgery or chemoterapy. So everybody don´t be so sad, expect the best and pray for her. Love you all. JUAN MANUEL

I think this is the worst day of my life....but I know Marie is strong enough!! Maybe we can help her...I was watching Oprah and she asked everyone to pray for a little boy who was sick. He got better really fast thanks to the prayers. I’m not a very religious person but I’ll do anything for Marie...maybe we can all start a prayer chain for her? It’s the only thing we can do!

My deepest sympathy goes out to Marie and those close to her. Good luck on the road to recovery and stay strong!

Hugs from Canada

I am shocked!!
Praying she will recover soon..

Oh no!!!!!!!!! Well looks like we are going to have to pray for the best! I hope everything goes alright! And I hope she gets better!

Marie, I hope you feel better and get better!! My family and I wish you the best. You have been a voice, a way of life, and inspiration to us all. We love you and our thoughts and prayers go with you and your family!!

It is so teriible !
It affects me so much ... my thoughts, my hope and my prayers are with you Marie!

I love You

there’s not much to say.
lack of words.
i just wish it would turn out not too be so serious at all.
i’m simply speechless.
but i still hope you’re gonna be alright. i do believe you will.


We also pray for her.We now that everything will be alright.All Argentina is worry about Marie.
We are sad but we are strong because of her.We love you.
Laura y Jorge

“my friends keep telling me, hey life will go on”

C’mon people, this is not the end. Of course it’s very bad news but I’m pretty sure things will be better soon. Marie is in good hands.

There are so many people out there with a brain tumor who don’t get this attention.

Her family and friends are the most important people right now. Marie doesn’t need “shocking” words from hysterical fans.

Always look for the future. Hope for the best.


Hope you get well soon! South Africa will be praying for you.

I am so sorry :’(

But we all will think of you to send positive feeling and strength for you to get well as soon as possible, I think this is the best we can do for you.

So Marie, I wish you the best, I hope to see you on stage in the future and you are strong enough for this...

I want to sing along “Äntligen” with you!!!

small brain tumors are cured. i’ve read lots on cancers and consequences of treatment. during the chemio and radiotherapy there are many side effects but they dont occur in every patient. besides each person reacts differenlty to medicines. however, if side effects occur, they are temporary, they dissapear after some time. in case of radiotherapy for head, one of the side effects might be the loss of voice, temporarily. Marie has got best care, best treatment and most of all, she stays optimistic what’s most important.

And i’ve got a friend who had an OP in june to cut out the braintumour she’s had .. nothing happened, she just had headache for weeks, but now she feels fine, she can jump around, go out, sing, laugh, cry, dance .... like anyone healthy can do, too!
So stop posting such bad messages without mentioning that a tumour is a bad thing but can be cured easily.

i am so shocked!


i send all my love to you!!!

lets not jump to conclusions it may not be cancerous and may be operable

I believe that Marie will be healthy soon.
We all need her and most of us Josefin and Oscar of course.

But I an really furious with Expressen and Aftonbladet.
They had the articles in a part of the newspapers called “nöje” (fun).
Do they think it is a fun to have a brain tumor or we have fun while reading it?
I have sent a mail to them already.
Maybe more can do that.

I thought “nöje” is the same as “news”. Don’t know what’s wrong with that.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Marie. Get well soon.

All the best, Ken.

@ Denstandigerresan!

We are not signing her death warrant, just wishing her a healthy and speeedy recovery, we miss her lovely voice....remember, we love when she does the hocus pocus to us??? the way that you touch(us, Marie)you GOT THE POWER TO HEAL and believe me she will!!

Per is really upset abut all this and to the best of my knowledge, does not wish to talk about it! Heck of course, they are llike soulmates!! Soul Deep!!!

Let our thoughts and prayers make Majsan stronger than ever!!
Saluti a tutti
BigRoxfan xxxx

I will pray for you and hopefully you will get better soon.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
lean not on your own understanding
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and
He will make your path straight”

Wim M
The Netherlands

To Pascal
News means “nyheter “on Swedish.
Nöje means fun.

God bless you Marie.

You’ll get over it, I’m sure.

Best wishes from Belgium.
We love you.

Oh my God! such a bad news! i can´t believe it, and it happened on September 11! damned date!
I´m so worried about her.
I really wish Marie a fast recovery.
She derserve all the best.
All my best wishes for you, Marie.
Eva (Spain)

I pray for Marie in every second of my life.

Shit happens... Not a good news...

Oh my god. I´ve got this bad information when I worked. I can´t believed that. I´m so shocked and sad. Marie I´ll pray for you and I know you´ll stand it. Love you, Andrea

Here in the United States, we are shocked and saddened by this!

I can hardly imagine music without Roxette.

We want to help in any way we can.

Prayers and wishes to Great Marie!!!!


Dear Marie,

I hope you will get well soon.
I also want to wish Micke, Josefin and Oscar the best in this difficult situation.

It is tragic that this is the only story I have heard about Roxette from the UK media in some years. I echo all the messages wishing a wonderful person the speediest of recoveries.

Get well soon, Marie - jag tänker om du.
(Is that right? Been ages since I’ve done any Swedish...

To Silver Bloo.
Do you mean “Jag tänker på dig” ?


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