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Marie suffers serious head injury

Written by Jud on September 13, 2002 to .

EDITOR’S NOTE / UPDATE: - Since the publication of this article, The Daily Roxette has been in touch with several sources close to Marie. While — according to her doctors — she is expected to make a full recovery from the trauma to her brain and head, a close friend confirmed that “she has a very severe concussion” as a result of having hit her head on the hard floor when she fainted. Doctors today (Friday) at Karolinska Hospital have been running tests on Marie to determine the cause of the fainting spell, as it is somewhat of a mystery. Marie gets dizzy when she sits up in bed, or tries to stand, but she’s spent time on the telephone talking to her family and close friends and has received visitors. Per Gessle is among those expected to visit this weekend, although there is also hope that she will be released soon,  perhaps as early as this weekend. Marie knows that her fans are concerned about her, and received flowers today from the Fan Club on behalf of all of her fans around the world. “They’re beautiful,” she is reported to have said upon receiving the arrangement.

STOCKHOLM Marie Fredriksson, 44, has been in the world-renowned Karolinska Institute hospital since Wednesday in serious condition, having suffered a concussion as the result of a fall she took at her villa just outside Stockholm.

  Here are the few details mentioned in the accounts published in Swedish newspapers today:

  “She is really tired, but in a good mood,” says her manager Marie Dimberg. “She fell, I can’t say more.”

  She was taken to the neurology department in the hospital where doctors state she was experiencing a serious concussion. A concussion (the result of head trauma) can last for some weeks.

  “She has a really serious concussion, she is not feeling fine,” Dimberg said. Yesterday, Fredriksson was conscious and her manager could talk for a while with her. “I don’t know right now how long she will have to stay,” she said.

  Dimberg got to know what had happened Tuesday afternoon in a phone call from Marie’s husband, Micke, 45.

  Micke and Marie met in Australia, at the end of Roxette’s Joyride tour. Soon after that meeting they got engaged, and after a bit more than a year they had
their first baby, Josefin. In 1994, they got married.

  As of last night, her brother, Sven-Arne, was not really informed about what had happened. “I am shocked, it came so suddenly. I had not heard anything,” he said.


The FC has sent flowers to the hospital for Marie on behalf of all the fans, let´s hope she gets them soon! & she recovers soon!

Has Per been told about this??? there isno mention of a reaction from our Per...must have been a shock for him too, to hear this news!!!

GET WELL SOON MARIE.....!!!! You are constantly in our thoughts and prayesrs!!!


Dear Mikael, Josefin and Oskar,

Be strong for mamma and give her lots of love and kisses, ok??
All us Roxfans are sending our thoughts and prayers to Marie, we love her beautiful voice and kind smile...and cannot wait until she gets home to give you all a HUGE BIG CUDDLE!!!!

Tons of love to you all!!

we wish you all the best, marie. you shouldn’t work that hard. take care.

When I read the frontnews today it sounded like Marie was very seriously injured. My first thought was “OHH my god no more Roxette” I felt sick and I wanted to cry right there in the middle of the street.
I bought the newspaper and read the article. All I can say is that the newspapers are exagerating A LOT.

I hope and I think Marie will be okay.

Get well soon Marie, we LOVE you!

Please can we QUALIFY what serious injury is. If it is just concussion - then it is NOT serious. It is an accident that has stopped her from doing normal things for a while.

My brother was in a car accident a few years back and developed a blood clot on the base of the brain...THAT is a serious injury.

Whilst I wish marie lots of love in getting better really soon, I was there wasn’t so much sensationalism in the article on the on the front page of TDR.

Let’s get the facts first! It is almost as bad as the British Tabloid media!!!!

Both Marie Dimberg (Roxette’s manager) and the hospital spokesman used the word “serious.” Of COURSE there are degrees of seriousness (she is, after all, NOT in a coma)... but to suggest that we at TDR have exaggerated or sensationalized this story is simply not true. We’re reporting the facts as we know them. Marie has been in the hospital since TUESDAY. If this were “not serious,” she would not require hospitalization.

well nor TDR neither me are intending to EXAGERATE, we just wrote the facts as it is. Both Lars and the FC checked with the management and they used the word “serious” as Lars says, if it would be just a hit on her head, she would not be in hospital for 2 days already.

We will keep on informing you!


I just wanted to qualify SERIOUS. Marie is a media luvvey. Of course she is going to go into hospital if she has a slight accident. Her insurance probably demands it.

I didn’t wanna upset anyone by making my feelings known, but hey, let’s get SERIOUS here. We are all way too involved with Roxette to have any seriously objective opinions.

@lars. I am not particluarly singling out TDR - because I know that most of the stories on TDR are just lifted straight from other media - espressen, aftonbladet etc. Roxette have never given TDR an exclusive...but has.

If when it reveals that marie has scratched herself with her hair brush...will that still constitute serious? Does that justify the headline - that is for everyone to decide. But having worked in this industry for some time now, with bands as well, I know that it is a risky business.

I say it once again, I hope Marie is better soon. And if it is serious, then of course I wish her the best. I am not having a go at Roxette or anyone. I am just stating that we should not use hyperbole until we have serious facts.

I don’t care what you think of me, I just want the truth about Marie before I start to mourn her accident

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Daily Roxette has, over the *years* now that we’ve been reporting on Roxette, published many articles that have been either “exclusive” or “as first reported in TDR.” But I think your point is that Roxette themselves have never given us an exclusive. That too is simply not accurate. Feel free to read our archives. ;-) – LEO

I’m sorry - I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

I wish her the best for her health. WHY DON’T U TAKE THE REST OF THE DAY errr Month OFF? You do deserve errr NEED a brake.

Love u a lot marie!


I couldn’t believe why her the inspiration of our life.
I pray for Marie’s health and for her family (childrens and husband).
I pray to our dear Lord to take care Marie and bless her for many good thing that you’ve been given as.

I don’t want to paint my world blue without you Marie.

A concussion of the brain is already something bad and serious.

But I´m much more wondering about the reasons why she suddenly fell. Hope we´ll come to know soon and it´s nothing too serious.


Concussion is serious (usualy anything to do with a head injury is)....she’s probaly in hpspital beacuse they need to keep watch over her.

You can be feeling fine and still have its probaly just a precaution.

Get well soon Marie .

Oh my god! I’m shocked. I hope she’s getting better so soon.

Wish a quick recovery, crossed fingers everything’s ok!!

I was rather .... er... well.... crap. Distressed, disturbed, saddened are not words I’m looking for but will do in a pinch I suppose.

I was saddened to hear of Ms. Fredriksson’s incident, however, she is a very strong woman and will recover from this quite well, I believe. Provided she follows doctor’s orders and spends the necessary time recovering from this ordeal. Speaking of someone who’s tried to crack the coconut open one too many times, head injuries, while distressing can either result in a mild headache, or some form of brain damage.

I opt for the headache in this case and hopes she gets some rest so she is well to spend the time she wants with her family. Postpone NOTP for a bit, I think. Heal first, jet ’round Europe later.

Uhhh, quite too shocking news! I hope no thing like this will stress me again. We all love you Marie, and we will be with you till you recover and forever on!
Get well soon,

We love and need you Marie.

Like I have said before, STUFF NOTP, Maries health is FAR more important.

I actually agree with a lot of onlywhens comments. What constitutes serious?
My young nephew fell and cracked his head open, he was hospitalised for a full 8 days, because of dizziness etc. But was never classed as “serious”, even at his young age. Although, hospitalisation is advised in case of any underlying problems.

I hope she goes on to make a full recovery.
Get well soon Marie.

As I read, her brother got info from the babysitter.
The basical seriousness comes from the CAUSE of the fall, not the concussion.
Stop this fighting, pray for Marie’s health!

I think it’s none of our business to judge. We live normal life. She lives her special life. You, or your sister-in-law (even she is a journalist, which are different species) cannot see inside the walls. So, please, do not say things like that.

have to agree with denstandigareasan about NOTP. am soooo hoping this injury wont cause permanent damage... but oh well we should not think about that. i hope we know soon how things are turning out for her....

@LEO: how did you get to know she got the flowers?????!!!!! am dying to know... will explain in email :)

Oh God dont say that!!!
She will be ok, I hit my head every sat night.
All the best Marie from down here in Melbourne Australia.

“Anonymous 9/14/2002 23:02

This might very well be the beginning of the end for Roxette.”

- What a stupid comment!!!!!!!

Don’t worry anymore everybody! Here are some good news :

Bonne journée! -> Have a nice day!

hey does anyone remeber she was hit in the head during a show of the rs tour by per? i wonder if this has anything to do with it. Ihope she’s ok this is awful

Marie has a tumour in her brain acording to swedish press! It does not sound good at all.

Marie, my best wishes to you...hope that it all turns out fine!

brr i believe they miss-wrote it! she has a severe concussion. head injury.. but if she would have a tummor she wouldn´t be home?
I translated (hope it is +- right!!) the 2 new articles they r at

OJ!! i just read the expressen update RIGHT NOW and they say Dimberg said she has a tumor! i am going to translate the article asap!

Official press statement!



hope you get better soon marie x


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