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Marie reported to be hospitalized

Written by i_jera on September 12, 2002 to .

ANTWERP - Marie Fredriksson, who was supposed to make an appearance at a Night of the Proms news conference, fainted in her bathroom and was taken to a hospital according to a report by Belgian radio station Q-Music.

  TDR reader Cathy Carlier, who runs the Belgian division of the Official Fan Club, heard (or read) this report and contacted the station. She spoke with Alexandra Potvin who explained that Marie was supposed to attend the press conference this afternoon, but due to the fainting spell, she could not be present. The NOTP organization said it was nothing very serious.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We at The Daily Roxette, speaking – we feel – on behalf of all of our readers, join Cathy and the OIRFC in wishing Marie all the best.


Oh great..... i hope it´s nothing serious :(

get well soon, Marie....

Get well soon, Marie...!
We are with you!

It was not in the hotel but in her own house!

Pls read this topic in the forum, where articles from Expressen + Aftonbladet are translated meanwhile!

Dear Marie, get well soon!

i wish you all the best and take care of yourself, marie.

Dear Marie, please get well soon! We all love you so much!


Anyway - get well in no time, Marie. We all are looking forward to NOTP.

All the best wishes Marie!



hmm - seems like she has been working hard rehersing for the NOTP..
Hope it is nothing serious, my thoughts are with you Marie

Dear Sweet, lovely Marie!

When I told my little girl you had fainted, she said:”Please tell lovely Marie that we love her and that I want to cuddle and kiss her!!”
She is only 5 and loves Roxette to bits!!!
I share her sentiments...Get better soon Marie, try not to work too hard...we all love you dearly!!!Saluti to all of you and ciao Patty, a presto!!

Dear Marie,
I wish you the best and that you ’r getting well soon. I hope it isn’t that worse as it appeared in the article!

Marie you are my sun. Keep on shinning my love. Feel with U and pray to God to help U. Waiting in the first row on the night of the proms


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