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Love’s Gold: Remastered albums to be released as box set

Written by daniel_alv on May 30, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - “Kärlekens Guld” is the name that’s been given to a box set of remastered Marie Fredriksson albums that will be released by EMI Sweden (on the Capitol label) as early as June 10th. The name means “Love’s Gold” in English.

  The set, to be packaged in an attractive slip cover, will include her five original albums – remastered using state-of-the-art equipment – along with the live recording of the Stockholm “Äntligen” concert that was previously included as a bonus in the DVD package. Each of the five albums will include bonus tracks.

  Li Eriksson, who managed the project for EMI, said
“What we’ve done is basically taken care of Marie’s catalog, which obviously is a treasure, and remastered her solo albums. During this summer and fall they will be available in this box ’Kärlekens Guld’ and further down the line as separate albums.”

  “This procedure is not unusual at all,” Eriksson told TDR. “Most artist’s back-catalogue is being remastered to get the soundpicture updated. It’s something record companies
do to preserve their artist’s history.”

  In the spring of 2000, after a relatively long period of silence as a solo artist, Marie and EMI selected her biggest hits and released them on a compilation album called “Äntligen” (which means “Finally” in English). Eriksson says this album has now sold about 290,000 copies making it one of the best-selling albums in Sweden last year.

  “A big summer tour followed, and solidified Marie’s standing as the biggest Swedish female artist,” said Eriksson.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Click on the cover photo to see what the promo poster will look like. If you would like to have a hi-res file sent to you (so that you can print your own mini-poster), write to [email protected] The front of the actual slipcase cover will not include the thumbnails of the previous albums as shown here.

According to EMI/Capitol, these are the bonus tracks that will be included:


Two extra tracks: Natt Efter Natt / Rickie Lee


Three extra tracks: Helig Man / Skyll På Mej / Det Finns Så Mycket Man Inte Känner Till


Three extra tracks: Varmt och Djupt / Ut Ur Skuggan, In I Solen / En Stund


Four extra tracks: Sparvöga / Ann Katrin, Farväl / Felicia – Adjö / Veronica


Two extra tracks: Tid För Försoning/ Herren Ber För Dig


Den Bästa Dagen / Efter Stormen / Så Stilla Så Långsamt / Sparvöga / Om Du Såg Mej Nu/ Ett Hus Vid Havet / Ännu Doftar Kärlek / Bara För En Dag / Så Länge Det Lyser Mittemot / Värdighet / Mellan Sommar och Höst / Tro / Äntligen / Den Sjunde Vågen / Så Skimrande Var Aldrig Havet


oh ummm.... so hmmmm i think i need to sell the albums I already have... so i can buy this nice sweet and interesting box :))

Sounds nice! Now if only EMI will do this for Roxette albums as well. But that of course is asking for too much! I forgot!

This part is wonderful:
“The biggest Swedish female artist”
I think it’s absolutely right.

Hey! People in sweden! Do you think the same?

does IETSV need to be remastered?
can they improve on perfection? ;)

Waaaah so this means I have to buy the same five albums I already have...and later this year I have to buy the same Roxette songs I already have too?? *sigh* emi might not be very good at promotion but they are VERY good at taking money from fans!!

definitely agree with sparvogamarie :)

Sparvögamarie is right, yah:)

And of course I’ll buy that box!

Nobody is forced to buy anything. If you´re stupid enough to let them fool you with such propaganda actions...

Hopefully those CDs won’t be among those idiotic copy-protected ones so they couldn’t be played on computer...

EMI hasn’t started that - yet...

what comes next? a greatest hits of the GT greatest hits?
btw, does this boxs**t come with some new stuff? maybe some old songs that were never published but that are there or .. well.. something that could make it a bit more.. worth buying?

actually emi did start the copyright protection system along with sony

I think the music is more important, Of course every fan would love to have everything relationed with Roxette, but If you already have the CD’s It’s not necessary to buy It again.

I really HOPE that EMI will include Sparvoga (Instrumental), Varmt Och Djupt and other B-Sides
onto this compilation. Unless it’s absolutely not worth buying.

ABBA did...

@Antimario: we an still hope but something in the back of my head tells me it is just wishful thinking :)

Yep, dreams seem to come true!

Still no Sparvoga (Instrumental) & Ingen Kan Som Du :(((

woooow, then it is just grrrreat! I am so happy :)

Haven’t heard of the song: Det Finns Så Mycket Man Inte Känner Till”.
Would be intersting to know how much this all will cost....I’m sort of angry! For new fans it’s nice. But I also like my “old” original pressings the same time I’m a collector. I wouldn’t buy the box if there are just the albums again....hmm anyway....I already sponsored a hotel for Per, two Ferraris....So Marie-honey..what’s your birthdaywish? Do you need another boat? Or is EMI that bancrupty?

I agree completely with the people who mentioned it’s EMI´s marketing “non-fair play”... At least we, Brazilian fans, deserve to have access to these materials... by internet or thing like that....
It would be a pleasure for me to say I wouldn’t buy the CD’s again...but Brazil has been being forgotten by EMI... All of Brazilian fans are sure that’s one of the main reasons for EMI to be seen as “weak” in worldwide music market...

If anyone of you know how I can buy this package, please warn me: [email protected]

Thanks in advance!

on “kärlekens guld” costs 49.90e.
so that means it can be even more expencive in stores...
but i’m gonna buy it anyway.

I’ll prolly still buy it cos I’m missing Het vind/Efter Stromen&IETSV.

Still A Live concert from the 80’s or 90’s would have been nice, also a rarities cd.

Still nice to have.

P.S. i’ll be pissed off if they do the same for GT, I’ve alrrady got Kompacta tider.

Hee, isn’t Rickie Lee from Per’s soloalbum “scener”?
If it’s the same version, then it’s a duet with Per.
So that one isn’t new. That leaves 3 new songs...

@ antimario: “Ingen kan som du” is from Per’s bonusalbum “demos, 1982-86” (can be found in his boxset “På väg”) and Marie is nowhere to be found on that song. So, do you mean “Innan du går, kom tillbaka”. The last one was written by Per and Marie and Marie does the vocals.


whoops...that 1 was from me :)

frankly said, I don’t understand the bonus thing either. What kind of Bonus is Natt after natt, Helig man, etc? I mean if you have the original CDs, you have the songs too, it is nothing new. There are 3 songs I am looking forward to though :)
The price isn’t decent, but okej to pay, I guess. So Raisa honey, I will join you in my shopping ride :))

There’s a lot of complaining about this new box set. Actually, I like what EMI is doing. The material is remastered, so I think that’s enough to buy it (at least for me).

raisa, please, could u explain to me if this price is in US dollars? If not, how much would it be in US Dollars?
Thanx a lot!

there is a thread in small talk about the price.
I forget how much cause I will never get it.
lookies, Lars picture would of made a better
cover! I thought you were “Lois Lane” not
“Jimmy Olsen”! ;)

About a year ago, I bought Room Service. I was delighted with the Songs. As I work in a Radio Station I played the Songs much more than other Stations would. For example Real Sugar got played about twice a day, Kylie’s Songs, Can’t get you out of my head, was played about 5 times a day. Still, at the weekly charts my 1.4 Million Listeners Voted Real Sugar Number one with 150.000 Votes. Kylies Song only got 92.000 Votes as Number two. She got the most airplay, but never made it Number one, as Real Sugar was Number one for 6 Weeks. Isn’t that the Proof, that Good Airplay makes Roxette big? I also know for a fact, that the Cd Stores here in my town had sold out all their Rox Room service once we had much more Roxette airplay... isn’t that proof enough? I live in Hamburg, and in Hamburg alone Room Service sold 80.000 Copies. That was really good. If it would have been sold like here in all Germany, it would have been sold about 4 Million Copies in Germany alone! It would have been one of the most succesful Cd’s released here ever! But why did it not work like that? Because they did not get the Airplay they deserved all over Germany! All over Germany they only sold about 420 Thousand Room Service Copies.

i’ve always loved roxette, especailly marie. too bad they’re not popular here in the usa like they are in sweden and the rest of europe. i wish the box set was available here. i can’t wait to hear marie’s solo cd’s. if you have seen her in concert, you are so lucky. i would give anything to meet her or at least see her live in concert.


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