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Norwegian website features “I Do Believe” info

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on November 15, 2001 to .

Paris performed on a TV-show called Sone2 in Norway on Monday afternoon. She gave a brief interview, in which she reveals being a huge Roxette fan. You can listen to the interview yourself, or read the English translation of it.

  On the same show, she performed “I Do Believe” in an acoustic version. You can listen to it yourself and read a brief history of “I Do Believe” on the Norwegian charts at the Chuch of Our Hearts website.

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i wish Per would keep songs like this for Roxette...

I think the same.

I just heard the song, the guitarrist plays awful... so does the bass player..... eww

A great song, really...

Actually I believe that the song has no’s one of those like Real Sugar or The Centre Of The Heart...the music and words are perfect, but if you read the words the songs SUCK!!

I think it’s a wonderful b-side or otherwise song for an album, but it will only be successful in her mother country and perhaps other surrounding countries.


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