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Compilation album includes two Gyllene Tider tracks

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 23, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - “Absolute Number One” is a new double-CD where the biggest hits through time in Sweden are collected. It includes 43 #1 hits from the Swedish “topplistan,” including two from Gyllenne Tider. This is the first of four volumes, and covers the period from 1975-83. Volume Two will be released later this year.

  Marketed only in Scandinavia, you can see the complete track listing at, an online store that ships only in Sweden and Norway.

Flávia Rocha contributed this item.

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Wow - a nice compilation as I see. I’ll surely get it... and all future volumes if they’ll be so fine.
Ang Gyllene Tider as a track number one ! Hehe...
By the way - on first two CDs only two groups have two songs - all other only one :)
And as for Roxette - their songs will surely be in the next compilations - coz they started in years which will be covered by further disks only :)

GT at 1st CD track - it’s great!
But Alex, there are three groups with 2 songs on CD :)
Happy Birthday!

Yes great!!!!
the next volume will be full with Roxette songs!!!!

the price is 159 kr for both cds==34 DM.Is it right???

Well, this is a very nice compilation. But didn’t you guys notice something? There are no ABBA songs included. This seems very strange as this time period was exactly when ABBA was releasing there many hits. I hope their exclusion is not a harbinger of bad things to come (Roxette not being included in future volumes).

It is from 75 till 83 : 8 years
So the next volume must be another 8 years.
Includes :POP , LS! and Joyride.

My Chioces:

1-Neverending Love
2-The Look
4-Dressed For Success
4-Listen to your heart
5-Fading Like A Flower
7-Spending My Time
8-Things will Never Be The Same

hhmmm, well, the math just doesn’t add up here. 75 to 83 covers 9 years, assuming it’s through the end of 83. Therefore, if they were to continue with that span, you’d have the following:

Volume 2: 84-92
Volume 3: 93-01
Volume 4: 02- ?

So, you get my meaning here? Either there’s only going to be 3 volumes or, more likely, volumes 2, 3 and 4 will cover shorter spans of times. Maybe something like this...

V2: 84 - 89
V3: 90 - 95
V4: 96 - 01

Unfortunately, even Absolute’s website doesn’t contain any info on future volumes.

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