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Gold in Germany!

Written by suburber on May 22, 2001 to .

Per and Marie’s current album “Room Service” reached Gold in Germany after six weeks! The album sold more than 150,000 copies even though it stayed “only” one month in the top 10 with a peak at #3.


No, that´s not right: They have changed it years ago! Selling 150,000 albums means the Gold award, 300,000 albums means Platinum!

no problem for me - sooner or later they will reach the platinum mark ; whatever 250.000 or 500.000 ...

oh thats super. hand got gold after 26(!!!) weeks.
but its true. i have here the official chart book by media control (“Hitparaden Jahrbuch”) for 1999 and it says that you get Gold for 150,000 units and Platinum for 300,000 units
for singles its 250,000/500,000

I thought in Germany they set the rangelist for gold and platinum down. Platinum with 250.000 copies and 150.000 copies = gold.?

Yes, Taschi, that´s right: I checked it very carefully: 150,000 copies = Gold, 300.000 copies = Platinum! Have a nice day!


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