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Billboard’s Bronson says “Listen To Your Chart”

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on May 7, 2001 to .

NEW YORK - TDR reader Michael Braatz thought it would be a good idea to write to Billboard columnist Fred Bronson and ask about Roxette and the U.S. record deal (or lack thereof).

  Bronson, whose column is read by many in the music industry, has published the question and his answer in the online version of ChartBeat, and will probably include it in the print version this Friday.

  Fred, who along with his “on-air” partner Chuck Taylor are both honorary members of RoxNorthAmeriFANS, have played “The Centre of the Heart” twice on Billboard Radio. Once as their “Pick to Click,” and once when it became the #1 single in Sweden.

  “Wish I Could Fly” was also a Billboard Radio “Pick to Click” at the time that edel America started to promote it as an on-air single here in the U.S. Referring to Roxette, Taylor said “We love ’em around here.”


Hey Fred,

  Roxette has released a new single and album everywhere else in the world –
and both the single and the album are climbing the charts – already top-10
or No. 1 in many countries. With proven success in the U.S. (many top-10s
and even some No. 1s), how come the group can’t get a decent record deal and
some airplay? Or do you know of anything in the works?

  I hope to hear my favorite band on the radio soon.


Michael Braatz


Dear Michael,

  Listeners of The Billboard Radio Countdown have already heard the new
Roxette single, “The Center of the Heart,” first as a Pick to Click and then
as the No. 1 song in Sweden. Sometime back, Roxette signed with edel
America. The edel label is very strong in Europe, but hasn’t had a lot of
success in the U.S. as of yet (a few years ago, the single “Crush” by
Jennifer Page was a top-10 hit on The Billboard Hot 100).

  The single, as well as the album “Room Service,” was supposed to come out on
edel America, but now I hear the release is in doubt. If I hear anything
different, I’ll let you know.


I think it´s shame that Room Service didn´t come out in USA, because I think TCOTH would be, for sure, in the Top 10 on Billboard...

Well, as hard as it is to enter the us market i think they are just being too spoiled by not paying the attention roxette deserves....they had a huge hey-here-we-are entrance in the eighties and have been around since then, it’s not Roxette’s fault that the companies are just too blind as not to release such tremendous singles they have produced...i guess us market is all about sex, rapacious companies and homophobia....shame on you us!

This is a very typical roxette behaviour.
Try to adapt to it.

I think it is tragic the kind of unbearable music we have to endure, while great music goes unheard. The problem starts with the radio stations, who refuse to play Roxette’s new music, not giving the listener the chance to decide. There is still an audience out there for the great music that Roxette has been putting out, but the radio stations don’t want to have anything to do with it. RoomService is a great album and there’s no doubt that TCOTH would do well, in spite of the overwhelming number of people in this country that have poor taste in music.

To whoever that think RS is a dissapointment,
Well, most of us don’t think so. Do you like HAND then?

The point isn’t really if the album is good or not (I like it), the point is that a proven group with proven success in the US (and obviously in the rest of the world), can’t get a decent record deal. While former mouseketters (Britney, Christina, etc) who are unproven, untested, get huge deals and all the promotion they could ever need. Roxette deserves to have the album released and promoted in the US.

That’s why I wrote Bronson.

Wasn’t this going to be the great comeback?? Hmpf...


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