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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Fanclub launches tour site

Written by roxeteer on September 27, 2001 to .

The Netherlands-based Official Roxette Fanclub has launched a new website dedicated to Roxette’s Room Service Tour. The fanclub is going to co-operate closely with EMA Telstar, the company that organizes the tour. They are also going to provide streaming content together with their partner Tiscali.

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cooooool !!! STREAMING !!!!

I personally don’t find that site neither very good nor informative.

Hmm nice pictures..nice interview..nice lay-out..let’s wait what else we get during the tour.

of course it’s not informative.... hahahaha.. tour starts tomorrow :-)

i like the interview very much! check it out! stay tuned and c.u. in vienna!

i think the page is great..... but i has something that i don’t like.... when we go to roxette’s shows in our own countries there will be no surprises.... cos we will already know what will happen

The site is great and cool but i´m so sad ´cause Roxette won´t come to Brasil!
I´m really sorry.

Great! I like the pictures!

so brilliant, interactive, and yet to mention so real!!, i love the chat!!


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