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“Charm School” tracklist revealed

Written by Jud on December 7, 2010 to . Source: Musicserver | Per Gessle.

(Updated) - Yesterday, the Czech website published the tracklist of the new Roxette album "Charm School", which was then confirmed by Per Gessle on Facebook shortly afterwards.

The tracklist goes like this:

01. Way Out
02. No One Makes It On Her Own
03. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) (first single)
04. Speak To Me
05. I’m Glad You Called
06. Only When I Dream
07. Dream On
08. Big Black Cadillac
09. In My Own Way
10. After All
11. Happy On the Outside
12. Sitting On Top Of the World
13. (iTunes special) It Must Have Been Love (live)

Furthermore, the iTunes version of the album will contain a bonus song and the new single "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)" will have its radio premiere on January 4, according to Musicserver.

Update December 10: According to Swedish site Ginza the deluxe double CD will contain 10 live tracks recorded in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Abysmo contributed to the article.

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Like the titles... Just hoping that I’m Glad you called is not the leftover from Party Crasher, because if it was hard for them to find songs that is better than that one then I don’t have high hopes for the album

They do sound like tracks Roxette would record.I am in heaven waiting for another Roxette gift package to get to my hands. I am sure we fans can count on nice dance pop songs and beautiful ballads.
I also hope they remix many of the tracks here cos Roxette songs at discos kick ass!
Gotta learn the lyrics soon too cos they will play these songs during the tour and (hopefully they’ll come to Peru) I don’t want to miss on any word they perform live

I love “I’m glad you call” and if it’s sung by Marie (hope!!).. just go and listen to it again and you’ll see :O
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

@tender4u20: And what about dynamic danceable pop songs with guitar solos, bridges, electronic effects, some special instruments and great orchestral ballads. :)

So “Only When I Dream” is finally out there... I would also say that “In My Own Way” is the song recorded by Jill Johnson in English and by Niklas Strömstedt in Swedish as “En gång i livet”.


— january 4th 1999 > wish i could fly
— january 4th 2011 > she’s got nothing on

the big different will be: i won’t use a cassette-player to record the song this time ;-)

yeah i meant that but you added all the extra adjectives :)
They rock!!

Radio premiere on January 4th? Single release just 6 days later on January 10th? I hope, one of these dates is wrong, because it sounds crazy. WICF and TCOTH had 5 weeks airplay when they were released. Apart from the fans, nobody will know the single after only 6 days of slowly starting airplay.

Oh Mr G

So nice of you to name a song after me! (Okay, this was the rumoured title of a song ages ago, and I loved it - so thought that would be my username) so glad it’s now finally seen the light of day, and you have dedicated it to me!


@ingo: i think it’s right to release the single just a few days after the first airplay ... times have changed ... nowadays if i hear a new song on the radio i like, i want to get it as soon as possible ... i mean it’s better to get a song quickly and official via itunes then download it in low quality somewhere illegal.

Just wanted to write the same. And I guess we’ll have to wait until January 14 (Friday) for the release in Germany, at least the hard copy.

Agree. Airplay should start the same day as song is released (at least digitally) to prevent illegal downloading. That’s it, the whole problem. Fans don’t want to wait a month to get the song. And they don’t wait! So recording companies should not blame fans for their own stupidity. :)

Great tracklist! I just wonder what songs the deluxe version of the album will contain as it will have a 2nd cd if I’m not mistaken?

good! But I was hoping to hear the first single before January 4, but no matter, a month passes quickly.

In the article about the new album there‘s a comment about the song “In my own way”:
“The sensitive ballad “In My Own Way” for example, is a rediscovered gem from 1984, when the dream of international recognition was still just a dream. “
So it will be this song sung by Marie and Per. ;)

In My Own Way

I gathered a mountain
An ocean of teardrops
A castle of break-ups
To hide myself in

I’ve waited a lifetime
For someone to find me
For someone to reach me
Somewhere to begin

Now I’m a woman
I can tell by the look in your eyes
We’re no strangers
I can tell by the way that you smile

I’ve painted the sunsets
The dawnings I’ve missed you
The hours I’ve kissed you
To keep my heart alive

It’s the heat of your breathing
The way you are whispering
The urge of your wanting
I can’t leave you behind

Now I’m a woman
I can tell by the look in your eyes
We’re no strangers
I can tell by the waves in the night

You bring a little hope, bring a little love

I don’t want to own you
I don’t want to lead you
I just want to love you

In my own way

So many news...! I just wanted to say, having a piece of news almost daily is like living in a dream. It feels like a flashback. I love it! Thanks Visa, Tev, Jud, Lars, Colin for keeping alive this corner of the internet all this years!

el blog de cHagHi

Loving the song titles!! great stuff


with all the daily news, roxette could have made an advent calendar ;-)

Well, I must say, the new cd even has better tracklist than Room Service!! hahaha
I don’t like the songs with people’s names in it. Although my 2 dogs were named after Roxette songs from “Room Service” - Jane and Cooper. 2 Girl doggies!! haha

I already pre-ordered my copy of “Charm School”, but what bothers me is that the single is nog available yet. Does anybody know where I can pre-order the first single????

I booked a copy of “charm school” at But where can I buy the single?

She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)??? , what is about? is Per singing the lady gaga´s song sung in 3er person??,´s the same!

A song with almost the same title was recorded by the metak band Pantera in 80’s, so I guess this could be Per’s inspiration...

Hi Wicf!

yep, it sounds more like Per... but about the gaga´s song, is exactly the same, but in 3er person... reallym i can´t wait to listen to it!

The CD already available por prebooking in is the “extended” one that Per mentioned? Or is the regular release?

el blog de cHagHi

@Chaghi My guess is that it is the regular release. That’s why I’m waiting to place my order until I can book the deluxe version and know for sure that’s the one I’m getting.

Why are some of you so crazy about pre-ordering?Neither the single, nor the album will be sold out on day one. And it’s still more than 2 months until the album is released, so IF I want to preorder, I can still do that in two months time! And anyway, it’s far better for the sales if you do not preorder the CDs on bengans or wheresoever, but buy it in a local store!

@roxina: so true. please people, buy the album in a store in your city (if it is offered), except you don’t want roxette to be in the charts in your country ...

@Roxina Since I live in Sweden it doesn’t matter for the sales if I preorder in an onlinestore or go and get it on the releaseday in a store. Anyway there are not that many CDstores left here were I live, so the best chance to get it on the releaseday is to order it online. The reason why I want to preorder it is not fear of the album selling out. It’s just for the fun of knowing that it will come down in my mailbox on the releaseday without further effort. And also, it’s much cheaper online than in a store.

@Roxina unfortunately, I live in Argentina, and the releases of the local branch of EMI (“EMI Odeon”) are total crap (in the quality of the booklet, for example). Apart from that, and based on previous experiences, the local release -*if* there will be a local release- could be in stores a month (or more!) after the release in Sweden and the rest of Europe. And I can forget about getting the extended or deluxe or whatever version in stores here. So if I want the album in good quality, and I want it in mi home more or less the same week it’s released, my one and only chance is to preorder the album from a webstore abroad, like Bengans. And I think this is more or less the same for any fan in Chile, Brasil, Peru, etc., etc.

It’s usually the same with the UK, all our purchases are registered overseas.

Nice track list......looking forward to hearing them live in the UK :)

@Roxina.....Girl, it’s none of your business why people want to pre-order!! It’s not the fact that it’s so much a pre-order than the mere fact that everybody is SO excited, they can’t wait. So, don’t be bitchy, okay!!

I always buy from Bengans, since I always buy 2 different prints of EVERY Roxette album. I have a South African print and the EU print of all my albums. That’s one reason why I already put my order in. Then, EMI SA does NOT release Roxette singles. And EMI SA does NOT release 2 disc editions of Roxette albums, okay?, do you understand why we buy overseas?????

In any case....I just listen to mp3’s of Roxette’s show in Russia recently. I want to ask dear Mister Gessle.... WHY did you go and change Joyride and The Look??? They sound terrible. I know every artist want to improve and change their songs to show that they have variety, but Mister Gessle (I’m gonna give you the biggest compliment you will EVER get...haha), why try to improve PERFECTION?????? We want the old Joyride with the WHISTLING and the guitarwork from old.

You changed those 2 songs so much, I felt like they were the worst songs on the show.

In any case - why listen to someone who has millions of Roxette cds in his collection??

I just can’t WAIT for all this Roxette stuff to happen. If anybody knows where I can order the first new single, let me know!!

@tevensso what beautiful words this song has. I am already in love with this song . I can’t wait. I need something to do to take my mind off this because it’s been such a long time since we didn’t have a rox album. I can already imagine Marie singing this beautiful song. This is for sure a ballad .


There are not only “hardcore fans” out there. The “usual” pop music lover maybe also buys some Roxette singles or albums. You think 1 week airplay is enough? You don’t seem to know that every airplay starts slowly and climbs from week to week. Its not as every new single enteres high in the airplaycharts after 1 week. Not all radiostations will bring the new single from January 4th in heavy rotation. It doesn’t work this way. It takes some weeks. So after one week, not many people will know a new song. If they don’t know it, they can’t buy it.

At least in Germany and the UK, it is very important that a song is very well known to a wide audience, because usually in these countries singles often enter at their peak positions and fell down the following week. I would rather have a high first week position (Top 40 or Top 30) than having slowly starting airplay and the single 6 or 7 weeks in the singlescharts, but only between rank 70 and 100 ...

bonussong - “Monster Hangover” ? ;)

@Ingo: Don’t understand your point of view. What’s the problem with fact, that airplay and download starts the same day? Hardcore fans needn’t search for torrents and can buy it immediately. And others? You don’t need to be a hardcore fan, but if you like new song, you’ll try to download it. Why should you wait 4 weeks for official release? If you check Google or torrents, you’ll get the song immediately. And will you buy it then after 4 weeks when it’s released officialy if you are not (as you wrote) hardcore fan and you already got it?
If I can sell something what I have right now in my hands, why should I wait 4 weeks, even when there’s an certainty that my product will leak to internet today and many people who will download it will never buy it then? People are hurry, they don’t like to wait. It’s 2010. There’s no borders, no licences, no regions, no publishing contracts on the www. You can get almost everything you want. Right now. That’s the fact.
Why was SOAP released in Sweden in Nov 2005 and in rest of Europe in March 2006. Every Czech fan had already his/her copy from Bengans. Then in March was album released in Czech republic. Do you know how many copies has been sold? Less then 50. Does it make sense? Sometimes I think EMI don’t want our money.

@Chaghi: Sorry, but your statements are all wrong. The releases of the local branch are total crap? Since when? Maybe you’re right if you are talking about the very early releases up to Don’t Bore Us (1995). Since then, all the albums were released in the same standard of the ’European’ printing. HAND, for example, had a glossy booklet just like the CD made in the Netherlands. To be sincere, I have both the local issue and the European one of the “Roxette Hits” (2006) and it’s almost impossible to find a difference. The same goes for the Marie compilation released in 2008 (let me say the local issue has an even better printing quality, regarding the photos). On top of that, all the Roxette albums have been out the same day of the ’international release’. Where did you get the local relased could be in stores a month (or more) later? You should speak according to the facts, don’t made up sensationalist lies.

Last but not least, deluxe editions are usually released in a couple of countries. Ask fans in South Africa, Australia or Brazil if they got the double editions of “Ballad” and “Pop Hits”. The answer will be NO.



It’s not the problem that people maybe don’t want to wait 4 weeks between airplay start and single sales date. What I mean is:

only 1 week airplay = not all radio stations will have the song already in heavy rotation (at least here in Germany with over 150 radio stations) = not so many people already know the song on the day the CD single is released = only the people who have heard the song in it’s low first week radio rotation could buy it = not such a high chart entry in the first week

4 weeks airplay before the single release = higher possibility that on the release date of the CD single many people have already heard the song a few times, because meanwhile all radio stations have added the song to their rotation lists and it has already strong airplay = much more people would buy it in the first week oft the single release

For me its simple:

longer airplay = reaching more people and make the song well known

For me its also simple:
Longer airplay = more people will download it from torrents, sales will be (in total) lesser.
How do you mean this ’make the song well known’? Do you think that radios will stop playing the song when it’s released? Fact that the single is already released have no connection with airplay. Contrary. If sales are good, radios play song much offen, cos they know that song is popular so they can sell more advertising time.
Sales are falling down since the end of the 90’s (with internet boom. And why? Because all these managers fell asleep in 1994. High prices, DRM, regional and national sales restrictions, 4 weeks waiting, etc, etc, etc.

Please correct me if I’m wrong:

Here in the USA, CD singles have all but disappeared. So, I assume that these days the physical release of a single is largely for collectors. Seems to me casual radio listeners head off to iTunes if they simply want the song they just heard. Only the hardcore fans buy the physical single as only they will care about the art and the b-sides.

At least that’s the direction the U.S. has gone over the last 10 years. Is it different elsewhere?

@Rox-USA - I feel it’s the same here in Sweden. It’s hard to find a store that sell singles, and when you do, they have only a few. If I want a single I buy it in an onlinestore.

“Furthermore, the iTunes version of the album will contain a bonus song “

Does this mean that people who want to buy the CD in a regular store (or an internet store), but not on iTunes,
will not get this bonus song?
That would really be a pity.
It means that you almost are forced to buy via iTunes if you want to have it, but if I understood correctly,
with iTunes you just download the songs and don’t get the jewelcase, the booklet and so on.

But I never bought something from iTunes, so I could be completely wrong.
Maybe one of you can inform me?

You can buy just the bonus track normally.

tevensso: Thanks!

Whenever I’ve pre-ordered a CD from a store I have only once recieved it on the day of it’s release. I would rather go to HMV and pick up a copy so I don’t have to wait upto 3 days later. Saying that, I will probably download it from itunes as soon as it becomes available as well.

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

On dec 1st he talked about a special version with extra cd... Thats what Im interested in now :-) Tracklist of that ?? :-)

Quote PG.: ” Just decided.... there will be a 2-track single. And a vinyl-LP, folks! And an exclusive version of the album incl extra-CD..... Hey, it’s xmas!!”


And the bickering begins :-) Didn’t take long did it?

And people wonder why “Small Talk Forums” were banned.

I think it’s not so serious. :D No bickering, just exchange of views. People have different opinions, naturally.

yay! the old TDR-discussions are back!! ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
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TDR-team: Good luck in the coming months :-)

@tevensso: Us here in good ol’ South Africa can’t buy from iTunes....Where will we be able to get the extra song legally?

Don’t know yet, we’ll hopefully find out.

We neither can buy from i tunes.
The music industry makes everything possible to encourage piracy ...

I don’t like the title of the single
too long ,too messy
Yes it’s a smart game with words i english maybe, but they will try to sell it worldwide...
And Roxette is about love ,not just simple world game.

Let’s see if “she’s got nothing on ” is a song for stripper or love song , but for now “In My Own Way” looks more Roxettish.

No one has mentioned Big Black Cadillac. I have an idea this song is going to be like Make My Head Go Pop. Probably wrong, but I think we can pretty much guarantee this will not be a ballad! Not really a fan of MMHGP though...

Can’t wait to hear Way Out - their opening tracks are always brilliant!

I’ve got a few big things happening over the new few weeks, so hopefully the time will pass quick :-)


Also, I’ve been digging round the net for any signs of the single or album getting a UK release. As expected, I found nothing! Will keep looking though.


Best sign so far is that they were announced at – so Roxette are not totally ignored by the EMI headquarters (UK).

I imagine Big Black Cadillac being a sharp chorus rhyme. Hopfeully no MMHGP sounds on the album! :-P

’No One Makes It On HER Own?’ Does that make sense?? I guess we’ll have to listen to the track, hey..


I agree :-)

If there is a “Make my head go pop” sound on this album I may have to shoot somebody lol

@Spinster - as Lars posted somewhere else: It’s proper English (and not a typo). “Her own” just places a gender on the song (while “their own” would be genderless). There’s an implied reference being made here that Marie made it through her health crisis with the help of family, friends, and fans who kept her in their thoughts and prayers.


A wallpaper to celebrate the upcoming releases:


Thanks clerk!! :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Thanks for sharing, clerk! Very nice!

Here’s hoping “Big Black Cadillac” is more “Harleys & Indians” or “Crashing Guitars” than “Make My Head Go Pop.”

For what it’s worth: “No One Makes It On Her Own” is proper English *not* because of the gender identification. It’s proper English because “No ONE” is singular. Using “their” is used when the subject is plural (i.e. “No PEOPLE Make It On THEIR Own”). People say “their” all the time to be genderless, but it’s actually not correct–we’re just used to hearing it that way. Proper genderless English would be “No One Makes It On His Or Her Own” which sounds silly, so people change “his or her” into “their.” As for the song title, it seems clear it’s about and/or sung by Marie, a singular female person, therefore it’s: No ONE Makes It On HER Own.

There. All those English classes in college have finally paid off! ;-)

not sure if you have seen this: - En gång i livet by Niklas. Lovely!! One of my favourite from the album (Niklas’)!

Leandro has uploaded it in English too :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I’m looking forward to this very, very much! It’s taken 10 years since the last album, and now finally! I’m two times ecstatic!

Totally by chance found out about lady gaga’s “nothin on but the radio” track. what’s this??

A different song with similar title. There’s even more. That’s because the phrase is based on a comment by Marilyn Monroe. ;-) tells us a little information about the Deluxe edition.

According to their website the deluxeedition will contain 10 live tracks from St Petersburg.

169 sek for a double album is a real bargain! Ginza always has the best prices, I’m glad I have my contacts who can order it there for me :-D

PS: I hope Wish I Could Fly is NOT one of the 10 tracks, since it will be also available as a B-side on the first single.

10 tracks of 19 played isn’t too bad.

Hopefully it favors tracks that weren’t on the “Gessle Over Europe” album. I particularly hope “How Do You Do” and “Silver Blue” are on it!

I think I hope for this 10 tracks.

Dressed For Success
Sleeping In My Car
Opportunity Nox
The Big L
Perfect Day
Silver Blue
How Do You Do!
Listen To Your Heart
Church Of Your Heart

@ tev... thnx for posting ’In My Own Way’ lyrics.. Per at his absolute best.. and it definitely reads like a ballad. It’s been so so long since the last Roxette album.. I know many of us are anxious and for a good reason.. we never thought this day would come.. and here, a few years later..we’re getting everything that we prayed for. I’ve always truly connected with Rox’s closing tracks.. For me those are the true ’gems’... not the ’commercial’ records that get overplayed. ’Charm School’... can’t wait!!! Woohoo!

I really like the lyrics to In My Own Way. Thanks Tev :-)

Could this be the next big LTYH or IMHBL?!?!

I’ve listened to the Jill Johnson’s version of “In My Own Way”, recorded in 1996. Nice ballad, but I don’t think it’s up to LTYH, IMHBL or WICF. Just a personal opinion. Don’t know what will be the sound of the Roxette’s version, that’s crucial as well.

I think the next big singlebalad will be No One Makes It On Her Own. A new Milk And toast And honey?

“En gång i livet” sounds like a mix of M&T&H and “I love how you love me” :)

I think people will be excited about the new roxette material. There are so many people who love their music!
Roxette is still a BIG Name, at least in Germany.

I hope that “She´s got nothing on (but the radio)” will be a runner!!!

And i am curios about “Big Black Cadillac”!
In my imagine it is something in the style of Jefferson :)

I wonder if Emi australia will release it? torrent file while 2 versions are in the mail ill say,,,

oh this is a little off topic but can someone start a “we need more roxette song packs on singstore” page on face book i tried, but it keep comming up with an error on my page. that would be cool get a few thousand members on FB and emi will go, oh shit thats some easy money just like the 25 gt and rox greatest hits albums we have pimped.

@tevensso: Hey! I know this is also off-topic, but since you can speak directly to Mr G.....Can you ask him if EMI have any plans to EVER release “DANCE PASSION” on cd???? Would be great to have those awesome remixes on cd.
I do have a bootleg, but just doesn’t feel right. Haha!


I just received an email from the Promotion of EMI Australia and this is it what they had to say.

Hi Brett…..EMI Australia will release on Feb 11.


Darryl Bailey

At least there is some good news for Australian fans and maybe that is what P&M are waiting for to see how sales of the CD goes.

I’ve heard that before for RS and I think TBH or TPH, only to be waiting a number of weeks longer.

Hopefully they do release it on Feb 11 as i’d rather buy locally, but not if they’re going to stuff around for a month.

When I saw Big Black Cadilac the first time, the first thing I was thinking was... Sounds like someting Cliff Richard would sing about

If you ask Per I’m sure he’ll say they never recorded Dance Passion! :D

So the same answer as for Fireworks? ;-)

Yea, I guess “Dance Passion” doesn’t have the best remixes, but I still find them entertaining. You have to begin somewhere....

As for “Fireworks” - I LOVE that - I think it’s one of their best songs EVER. I love the little sounds in the background.

But I hope dear Mister G will think about an official release of Dance Passion

The last thing I want to do in my life is listening to the “Dance Passion” remixes again. Even if officially released on CD (which I doubt), I don’t think I’d buy that. The mixes are awful. Besides that, who else would buy it, beside 20 or 30 fans?

Have I misunderstood something, or isn’t some of the tracks from dance passion included on the 97 re-release of POP?

No, there aren’t any Dance Passion tracks on PoP ’97. A couple of demo’s and a few other mixes.

Oh, I have always thought that those remixes came from Dance passion.

I would buy it for sure!! It’s part of Roxette’s past and would mean a lot to my collection. I like the remixes...Would even buy more than one copy of the cd, just to be spitefull. hahaha

@daniel: The remixes on PoP ’97 are German 7 and 12” remixes. Actually much better.

Probably not the right place to post - but I gave Per a mention in an article in the UK....

countdown to listen the new roxette single!
- 22 days!

From “The Look For Roxette”:
The remix versions of I Call Your Name that are included on this 7” and 12” were remixed by Frank Mono and are only available on these releases. The 7” remix was eventually included as a bonus track on Pearls Of Passion - The First Album in 1997.

Then, the 12” version of “I Call Your Name” (5:52) never got a proper CD release (and to be sincere, I’ve never heard it). The other version included on PoP ’97 is the 7” remix of “Neverending Love” (also by Frank Mono).

Great mixes, indeed. A million times better than the dreadful ones included on DP.

The 12” is quite OK, basically the same but longer, typical ’80s style.

Great titles....especially “No one does it on her own” and “Happy on the outside”....Let’s see how does the album do, not only sales wise but also quality wise....Somehow it’s my perception that if we look back at Roxette work, there were lots of music effects, great imagination involved but Room service lacked much of Roxette intellectualism....I don’t know may be the trends have changed but albums like Look Sharp, C! B! B! , Tourism, Joyride and Have a nice day are masterpieces..........


Good points there @Coolbluez - I wonder if this new album will have richness/deep feeling that the older Rox albums had. Like you say, this was missing from the majority of Room Service.


@Pwbbounce: Thank you.....let’s hope for the best.....


- 20 days!

The only outstanding track from RS was The Centre Of The Heart and Entering Your Heart would an another one, had it been included on the album... There is something wrong with Room Service, Roxette said that it was return to Joyride days, but I can’t see anything similar to Joyride on this album... the ballads are definitely not power ballads, there are no guitar solos in fast songs (I wish that emebrassing piano part in Jefferson had been replaced by some decent guitar solo...) even HAND is closer to Joyride in my opinion. Roxette songs from 2002 are fortunately better than RS song. About songs from 2006: OW includes very strange keyboards that I don’t like very much, while Reveal is boring and the only good thing about it are its remixes... I’ll go grazy if Roxette new songs are as bad as RS and 2006 songs!!! :-p

You’re very right....In my opinion even The centre of the heart (Yoga remix) is far times better than the original one, Entering your heart is defenitely superior than songs like Jefferson, Try and Fool. HAND is masterpiece in terms of lyrics, music and quality of work, one thing that HAND lacked was good videos. Room Service had very few good songs like MATAH and Looking for Jane....One wish is also not that good but to me Reveal is fine. Songs like ATAY, Everyday, Breathe, Bla Bla Bla and It hurts are far times more better and should have been included in the album.....this 12 track thing scares me of possibly being similar to RS.....Joyride tint really is not at all reflected in RS.......

I was wondering if they (EMI Australia) would promote it. They havn’t been very helpful when it comes to Roxette. My idea was to buy the iTunes version and then when I am in Japan, Europe and USA, go to the record shops and see if they have limited editions. That was how i picked up a copy of Rareities in Japan back in 1995 when I was exchange student :)


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