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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule


Written by roxtexanet on February 8, 2011 to , and .

MONTREAL - Roxette's Charm School will finally see the light of day in Canada on March 29, according to EMI Canada's website.  As yet, it is unclear whether the CD release will be the regular or deluxe version, but the vinyl LP will be released the same day - the first vinyl release for Roxette in Canada since Look Sharp! in 1989!  As everywhere, the lead single is "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" which has already aired on Montréal's largest radio station, CKOI.  This is the first major Canadian radio station to play a new Roxette single since "Wish I Could Fly."  Listeners can vote for the song on the daily top 6 at 6 by visiting their website. "Radio" is also getting airplay on KIX 106 in Alberta. Can a Canadian tour date be far behind?!


It would be great if they could return succesfully in Canada. It was one of their strongest markets until 1995. The first 8 Roxette singles in a row were all Top 10 hits in Canada, an achievement not even done by ABBA, Madonna or Michael Jackson. Their last big hit was “Sleeping in my car”, which peaked at #2 on the singles charts. “Joyride” and “Look Sharp” each were certified 6-times platinum in Canada, the highest certifications for these records outside of Sweden. Good Luck for a Comeback!

@Ingo: “The first 8 Roxette singles in a row were all Top 10 hits in Canada” True! Unless you include “Soul Deep” of course :-D I would add that “Church of Your Heart” and “How Do You Do!” just missed the Top 10 as well, so you could perhaps say that Roxette’s first 10 singles reached the top 20 here. Ah, the good ol’ days! I think I’d keel over dead if I heard “Radio” on my local stations here in Regina...!

I hope you Canadians are lucky! The comeback should explode globally.


@Ingo: “Joyride” was awarded 6 x platinum in Argentina, as well.

I figured the CD would end up released here but vinyl also? Fantastic!
Hopefully something can be worked out in regards to the tour...

jag vill känna tro

my 2 cents for a happy omen: a new Roxette promo tour poster/postcard ;-)


Well “Church of your heart” reached No.11, “How do you do” No.12. So saying “the first 10 singles were Top 15” sounds even better :-))

Roxette really need to release the new album here in the United States, there are many people who love their music here, I still hope that this might happen and while it does not happen I’m content to hear them on the radio and my blackberry and see ’em by any television station. Think about it!!! I trust in the power of their music and I’m sure #charmschool album can reach the top #1 here....

This is GREAT news... I encourage everyone to help Per and Marie by keep this the Canadian Momentum moving... there is also a Facebook Group set-up for Canadian and US Fans to sign up and show their support for a release in Canada, as well as sign up to say, “We Want Roxette in Canada”! Thanks to all those who have already....

“BRING ROXETTE TO CANADA” on Facebook link here:

It’s the same catalogue-number for the regular version like in Europe:!/release/5099907142727

How awesome is that? Keeping fingers crossed that a stop in Winnipeg will happen– 19 years is a long time between visits! :-)

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

@Anarem: If it does - see you there!

P.S. I miss Curve FM - I bet they’d have played “Radio”!

so this will be like rs era everyone under the sun but the usa :(

so say we all

@roxtexanet: You’re a Winnipegger, too? But I thought you were from out west? Regina? Howdy, neighbour, at any rate. :-) Curve 94 probably would have played “She’s Got Nothing On”, now I think it would be Clear FM or maaaybe Hot 103. Maybe... :-)

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

@Anarem: Nah, I’m in Regina (originally an easterner, but I’ll deny it if anyone asks :-D). But I’d WALK to Winnipeg if it meant I’d get to see Roxette! It would be great to see them at the Burton Cummings Theatre... I saw Garbage there, excellent venue (and awesome gig!). I don’t remember what station it was, but when “The Centre of the Heart” was released, one of the Winnipeg stations picked it up - as far as I know, the only one in the country. It would be SO nice if “Radio” got into rotation on a few stations here (although regular rotation on CKOI is already a huge accomplishment). We’ll see, I guess!

For those of you in Canada that aren’t willling to wait to purchase “Charm School”... it is available for purchase on

@roxtexanet Q94 played Centre Of The Heart... I used to work there :)

I cannot believe how much this album is making me act like a teenie bopper. I’m 28 and I still sincerely love this band. I didn’t get the chance to see them the last time they were here and was all geared up for Room Service when 9-11 happened. I’ve already emailed the major radio stations here in Toronto asking them to start spinning “radio”. I hadn’t read this post today so when I went to HMV I was so distraught when they told me C-S wasn’t even on their release list. So I came home and bought it on e-bay! I’m not waiting until the 29th. Perhaps EMI Canada does not understand how pivotal this is that Roxette (the band stopped their last world tour after 9-11, whose singer survived brain cancer and who’d released a statement saying they’d officially broken up) came out with a new album!

You better believe I will help sell out any concert that comes to Canada.

every time i see you, oh, i try to hide away. but when we meet it seems i can’t let go.

Much love from “The Great White North”


Just FYI: there was never a statement released that they had broken up. :)


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