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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Cape Town sold out

Written by Heidi van Rensburg on January 26, 2011 to , and .

CAPE TOWN - A reader from South Africa lets us know that both Roxette's concerts in Cape Town have been sold out.


not surprised their visit to africa during the cbb tour was huge....they’d sell very well in the states too

so say we all

Can anyone tell how many seats in total?
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

It should be time to move the concerts to bigger arenas then :D

So at the moment 3 shows are sold out in South Africa - two in Cape Town (so about 14-15,000 tickets are sold) and one in Sun City. More gigs should be added I think as there is still a lot of space in South Africa tour.

At the moment 7 shows are sold out :)

Cool! Maybe they could move to bigger arenas if the schedule gets tight.


Just requested 10 tickets for the golden circle and the tickets was available... so they are not sold out

I’ve made contact with the sponsors KFM radio and they’ve replied that the promoters Big Concerts gave them this info. Might be a communication problem with promoters and sponsors. Will update as soon as I know what is going on!

One show in Cape town and one in Sun city is sold out, and has been for a while.

which ones because according to there are tickets available for all the shows and I may buy

I just got word from Big Concerts, the official promoter in South Africa for Roxette world tour 2011, that the both Cape Town shows were sold out and due to popular demand, 500 extra tickets were released.
They will inform Roxette management as soon as the 10th of May show is sold out, but I expect that would be soon. Keep in mind no real promos or anything regarding Roxette has begun yet in South Africa! (and tickets are flying)

Sold-out concert never means that it was sold-out in 100%. It needs around 80% to be called sold-out sometimes. It helps to build a common interest in having a sold out sticker on the posters and some people who are interested will purchase their tickets faster than without this sticker on. So it helps to promote a gig in other words. The same was with Gothenburg one - I don’t think it was really sold out but after all we are here for a good promotion and that really helps.

Yes that is true as people always want something they can’t have!!!! Annoys me when they ’play this game’.
Hopefully EMI etc will start doing their jobs soon and start promoting. Seems that fans are doing it for them nowadays and they just cash in on the deal.
Nevertheless the two remaining shows in Cape Town & Johannesburg will probably sell faster once Charm School is released and become 100% sold out soon.

@ DEFAULT_GREEN It looks like there are tickets to all the shows. But if you try to book tickets for the 10th, 11th and 14th you will get this message: “PR2D:( The performance is sold out. Please, try another date.” I have tried them from time to time and the 11th and 14th had this message for a while now.

I know it’s not the right topic but yesterday my ordered single of SGNO arrived and it’s sleeve is violet like it appeared some weeks ago on interent. Does anybody know what has happend to the original red cover? Are there two versions of the physical single? Maybe the red cover is just the non-physical cover for the internet release?

Btw I noticed a funny mistake on the CD itself. It says:
01 Published by Jimmy Fun Music
02 Published på HipHappy

Hey! Sorry for changing the the topic for a little while but I need to tell you something.
I’m from Argentina. Roxette announced two performances here in Buenos Aires on April 4th and 5th. The second gig tickets are still not being sold and in the official site of the stadium ( and in the ticket selling site (, the only gig that appears as confirmed is the first on on April 4th (almost sold out).
Makes me think of two chances: 1- They’re gonna release the tickets later, near the date, or 2- The show might be cancelled.
I’ve read other fans posts in several websites worried about the same... If it’s cancelled, there are gonna be lots of Argentinian fans who won’t be able to see Roxette live... Strange ah?

Keep on rockin’


what is the reason for not selling tickets for austria yet?
some show are already sold out.. thanks for advising

This is disappointing and I hate that I waited to buy a ticket to one of the Sun City shows. It appears that both of those shows are sold out too. :( I’ll have to keep an eye out if more tickets are released. Daniel

I bought 3 tickets yesterdy via computicket website

The concert in Prague is SOLD OUT too.
No tickets available now ( ).

Just tried for 1 general admission ticket for either day in Sun City and received the “Sold Out” message. If you’ve got an extra ticket to one of the shows, let me know but from what I’m seeing the GA section is sold out.



I bought mine for golden circle Cape Town

For the moment all the 4 concerts in South africa is sold out. And according to they have added another gig in Sun city at the 13th.

The new date is May 13th! Anyone know when it will go on sale?

Let’s see what computicket has to say.....confirmed 4 sold out concerts????
WOW! 5 ROXETTE CONCERTS IN SOUTH AFRICA! I can hardly believe it!!!! This goes to show that Roxette’s music is still very much alive in South Africa and to be quite honest I did not think this at all.
Guys in Joburg - you are soooo lucky. Wish I could attend there as well :) At least I will see 2 shows in Cape Town.
“Speak to meeee!”

4 outsold concerts even before the album has been released, and almost 4 months in advance. It’s great!

Bought my ticket to Sun City! Now I’ve got to plan my trip! What’s transportation like from Johannesburg to Sun City?

hahaha transport from j’burg to sun city is not a fun trip... why do you think I chose the Cape Town concert ;) but anyway enjoy

Can anyone help me with buying a ticket for the Göteborg show on july 24th? I’m from Germany and tried to purchase a ticket via But something does not work with the payment by credit card. I did send them an e-mail four days ago, but they did not reply.
Is there an alternative way to purchase a ticket?

Try again to purchase it at If you don’t succeed the homepage sais that you can call their Callcenter at +46 77 170 70 70. Good luck!

They have added another show to cape town on the 8th... check computicket

@ daniel_alv: Thank you very much for your help! Well actually I tried it on, because when you want to purchase at, they forward you to the homepage of I now tried again directly via and it didn’t work either. So I’ll call them up tomorrow.
Thanx anyway.



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