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Per Grammis nominated

Written by tevensso on December 6, 2007 to and . Source:

STOCKHOLM - Per Håkan Gessle has been nominated for a Grammis in the category "Live Act of the Year" together with the following:


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wow, that’s per, per will win all the prizes jejejdoes anyone knows where channel it will be broadcasted?

Go Go Gessle! Great news!

I’m not familiar with the rest of the acts though. What are his chances to win? Big, medium, small?

Per’s chances to win in this crowd are minute. The Grammis is a very PC (political correct) thing, and Per just isn’t right in these circles. My bet goes to Winnerbäck, Lekman or the Hives.

Per will not win “all the prizes” because he only got ONE nomination. This is strange, isn’t it? No “album of the year” or “song of the year” this time.

Looking at that list, the chances of him winning are minute. Better start bribing them Per! ;-)

well he should win all of them :D, the only band that i know besides per areTHE HIVES, and i can’t remeber their last hit.

Roxju, don’t be so bloody daft! I highly doubt Per would win the ’Heavy Metal of the Year’, ’Jazz of the Year’, and ’Classical Ensemble of the Year’ awards, hmm? If he did, I’d be investigating for fraud...unless Per ever decides to move into those fields of music (I hope not :-S)

who’s are the other names in this list besids per? i never heared about them,i think per would win:) hehe

Benny Andersson = former member of ABBA
Lena Philipsson and Peter Jöback are well-known singers too. Believe me, Per is NOT the only one that deserves to win. Some people still think he’s the only artist they have in Sweden, don’t be so unfair.

......AND THE WINNER IS....... PER GESSLE!!!!!!

@ket ket

Well, if you think that Swedish music is only ’Per’, so you’re really, really wrong. I think The Hives will win, cos their concerts are amazing. Even better than Gessle’s :)))))

I know that Per’s competitors are strong, but we can help Per by voting for him :D So let’s get to voting!!!

PS I was just wondering: should you press “1” or “3”if you want to give Per more points?

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

I would have voted if I knew how

@thefirstgirlonthemoon: just press Grammis word in the article, then choose Live-akt. And here you are :)

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

2 AURYTE: Thank you, I’m gonna try, NOW!!! It’s cool that people outside Sweden can vote too. People it’s a crime not to take advantage of that!!!

@thefirstgirlonthemoon: it’s always a pleasure to help :) And I totally agree with you: everyone should vote for Per :P

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår


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